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   Chapter 51 Epilogue

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Apparently the best time was during a moment of jealousy.

Even now, twelve years later, Cameron flinched upon recalling it. It had been the most awkward, emotion-filled moments that was never going to happen again. But in his defense, Sharon had practically egged him on. There was no way she had done all that without knowing how he'd react. There was no way.

"What are you thinking about?"Sharon asked, coming behind him and scaring the living hell out of him. He would've jumped if he wasn't holding onto something precious. There wasn't a lot of things he held dear but a platter piled high with ribs was one of them. Scowling at her, he put down the platter and wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"Nothing. Just remembering the proposal, "he said, kissing her briefly before helping her. She had her hands full with a baby in one arm and a platter of pasta salad on the other. Without fail, she hit his shoulder the moment he took the salad off her hand.

"Why would you even think about that? Why did you bring that up?"she cried, setting their son in his baby chair. A sudden shriek caught their attention and they immediately turned to find the source.

"Your kids are up to no good, "he murmured, sighing when he spotted two children pushing each other in the distance.

"Why are they my kids when they're doing something wrong? And why are they your kids every other time?"she shot back with a glare. Battling a smile, he waved his hand at the fighting kids and their spectators.

"Look at them. Clearly, they're yours."

"Right, "she said, blatant disbelief in her voice. "I have blonde hair and gray eyes. I mean, they all have some variations of that. They're definitely my kids." He didn't see her roll her eyes but her voice was rife with mockery.

And he couldn't blame her. Of all their children, only two managed to inherit some semblance of her colouring. While the first couple of kids were because of love, the subsequent kids were more of a fight between the two of them. It was to see who would come out on top. Or that was what drove her. He was just happy that she wasn't so affected by her pregnancy weight. But he still couldn't help teasing her.

"Come on. Look. Derrick has your eyes and Cynthia has your hair. They look just like you, "he said, pointing them out. The two of them were, incidentally, fighting each other. He didn't have to see her to know she had a look of disgust on her face. Then she stalked away. "Thank you. Brandon, your mommy is quite a vulgar woman." Picking up their son, he then blew a raspberry on his exposed arm, making him laugh uproariously.

Watching her pull the kids apart, he couldn't help but smile. This woman was vastly different from the woman he'd first met. Having seen her change and grow, he felt immense pride. For a woman who once let her mother walk all over her, she had gained a reputation as a strict but gentle agent.

And she was also hardworking. He co

be inconspicuous but the boys saw her and they stopped to try and dissuade her.

"I want to go, too, "Dawn wailed, tears streaming down her face. Daniel and Samlooked uncomfortable but Derrick and Richard were used to this. They were unfazed by the show of tears. Instead, that made them firmer.

"Dawn, you can't follow. It's dangerous, "Derrick warned fiercely, being both a responsible brother and a boy looking for his own adventure. Then he must have seen Sharon because he had an expression of great forbearance, much to her amusement.

"Hi, boys, "she said, pulling Dawn into her side and patting her back. Amelia's sons greeted her but had a shifty look in their eyes. And she couldn't help eyeing her eldest son. While she saw glad that Derrick knew the risk, she was still unhappy that he still planned to go on this adventure of theirs. Involving his cousins, no less.

"Hi Mom, "Derrick and Richard mumbled, both of them looking upset.

"Where are you going?"

"Nowhere. We just want to walk around, "Derrick said smoothly. She couldn't help raising her brows. Then she turned to Richard. He was never able to withstand her stare. And he proved her right when he turned away.

"We want to go to the creek, "he said.

"Richard, "Derrick cried, hitting his arm. Then he looked up at her with guilty eyes. "Sorry."

"You can go if you ask one of the older boys along, "she said after thinking about it. Their face brightened. But she couldn't let them go just like that. "You have to bring Dawn and Stephan. And I expect you to be back as clean and dry as when you left." That dimmed their enthusiasm slightly but they would bounce back soon enough.

"Yay. Thank you, Mommy, "Dawn cried, hugging her before running after the guys as they rushed to comply with her instructions.

Watching them, she was so happy. She never thought she could ever feel this happy. But, looking at her gregarious husband, she wouldn't trade this for the world.

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