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Stunned from the sudden topic, it took a while for Sharon to respond. She didn't know why but it felt like an attack towards them. There was nothing in her sister's tone but she felt quite defensive. Maybe it was the effect of being in town the past few days but she couldn't let it go.

"Yeah. What about it?"she asked belligerently. But the moment the words came out of the mouth, she wanted to take it back. Despite her best effort, the defensiveness came out.

"Nothing. Just didn't think he'd fall for you. He's always so obvious in his choices. Tall, big ass, big breasts-"

"So what are you trying to say?" That was a bit too much. As much as she wanted to hold back, her sister was making it quite difficult. And she couldn't even tell whether Amelia was trying to pick a fight with her. There was no change in her expression. She looked as cool and collected as ever. Well, as cool and collected a pregnant woman could look while battling constant nausea.

"Nothing. I just want to know more about your life. You know, making conversations"

"Really. Then I have to say that you're about as good at it as Mom. Which is great, of course, since you're going to be spending so much time together. Now, excuse me while I immerse myself in some music for the rest of the flight." There was no use getting mad with something she couldn't change. She should just ignore it. About to put on her headphones, something stopped her. Or to be more accurate, someone.

"Wait." Amelia had her hand on her, halting her from getting to her music. Glaring at the hand on her wrist, Sharon tried hard to hold back from lashing out. One reason was her pregnancy. Clearly in her early stages, this was a very fragile time for her. She shouldn't give her any undue stress. Not that she should just give in but she should hold back.

But the most important factor was her pride. She had such high hopes. Back then, she thought they were finally getting closer. When Amelia had defended her and with the offer to return together, she thought they could patch it up. But this just made it clear how impossible that was.

"I didn't mean it that way-"

"Oh. And what did you mean?"

"I'm just surprised. The woman before were so trashy. I didn't think he'd see what a great woman you are."

"If you're going to lie, at least pick a more believable one. Mom was much better than this. Not that she's ever done said anything to me but I've seen her at work, "Sharon snorted while rolling her eyes.

"I-it's not you. I mean, you're a great. Wonderful. I was even going to introduce you to some guys. But he's not the most discerning man, "Amelia said earnestly. A shuffle from across the aisle caught Sharon's attention but she soon returned her eyes to Amelia. It was just Cameron shifting in his sleep.

She couldn't deny that a part of her felt charmed. This was the most anyone had ever praised her. And either her sister was a good actor or she was really sincere. And yet, her wariness held her back. Dumb as she had been, she wouldn' t fall for the same tricks twice. Once was bad enough. There was no telling what Amelia was really aiming for.

"W-why are you crying?" Sharon was flabbergasted. Tears had suddenly gathered in her sister's eyes and began flowing down her cheeks. Her mascara was streaming down her cheeks and

earlier. And now that she was reminded of it, she lost the will to do so. Was this a good idea? Amelia wouldn't have recovered from her nausea so soon.

"Listen to me, "Amelia cried, suddenly grabbing her upper arms. Sharon had to give her sister her full attention. She had no choice. Amelia had an intense, implacable look behind her tears-filled eyes. "Hit. Me."

"What?"she asked in disbelief. The men echoed her, both showcasing varying degrees of shock. And both of them moved closer to the women. Sharon was briefly distracted at the way Scott was hovering at her back, ready to pull them apart if needed. But the tight, almost painful, grips on her arms reminded her of the real dangerous person. She was really caught between a rock and a hard place.. "Ames, think about it. I can't do that. Putting aside that tough talk just now, I can't hurt a fly, much less you."

"B-but I did so many bad things. I mean, I know it's bad but I didn't know how bad it was until I got back. When I saw how bad the group treated you, I clearly stepped over a line back then."

"W-well, yeah. But you didn't know. Right?"

"But I still hurt you."

"No sweat, sis. We can just ignore all of that. You need to rest until we touch down. Then we'll go our separate ways-"

"No! I don't want that. I want you in my life and I want to be in yours. I don't want to fight anymore."

"I mean, I'm not fighting with you-"

"Because you don't care, right? You don't care that I'm here. You just want to get off as soon as possible and we can just get out of each other's lives, right?"

"Ames, that's not what I'm talking about-"

"Alright. Then hit me. We'll be even after this, right? I just have to serve some penance."

"And I'm saying you don't have to-"

"Just do it." At this point, Sharon was willing to do anything to get out of this ridiculous situation. WIth her sister shaking her at every word, she was getting dizzy. And Scott's menacing presence at her back made a headache develop on top of the nausea. But was hitting her a good idea? "I know it. You still hate me-"

"Fine. You asked for it, "she shouted. This farce had gone on long enough. Then without thinking much about it, she slapped her.

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