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"Would you like something to drink?"

Looking up at the beautiful stewardess, Sharon blinked in wonder before shaking her head. Was this how it was like here? This was such a posh cabin that she had a tough time relaxing. But it was great that they were finally heading back to New York.

After the hair-raising debacle that was her exit from the town, she could finally breathe a sigh of relief. She still couldn't believe what had happen. Her mother slapping Amelia? That had never ever happened. Did she hate her, Sharon, enough to harm her golden child? The one who had gained international acclaim?

Luckily, Amelia hadn't been too affected by that. Her sister had a tougher skin that she expected. After checking up on her, Sharon was glad that she barely cried. Instead, with an implacable look in her eyes, it felt like she was saying goodbye to this town. Just as she was.

But even though she felt like they were getting closer, Sharon didn't expect them to do this.

"It was nice for Scott to do this, "Cameron said, his hand coming across the table to cover hers. Flashing him an awkward smile, her shoulders moved up in an awkward shrug.

"I guess. But it's my first time in a private jet."

Yes, they were in a private jet. Scott's to be exact. They had all been heading back to New York today. And having met them at the airport, for some reason, Cameron and her had been strong-armed into going back together. Well, she had to be strong-armed. Cameron looked very comfortable, relaxing into his seat with a Scotch by his side.

"Really? It's great. There's so many opportunities to, you know, get in the Mile High Club, "he whispered with a saucy wink.

"Oh. And are we speaking from experience?"she asked with raised brows. Watching him jump and sweat was the highlight of this trip.

"O-of course not. You know, you hear things in this business." It was times like this that she was reminded that he was a famous athlete. Wondering whether she wanted to go down this line, she was distracted by movement on the other side.

On the other side of the aisle was her sister and her husband. Scott was making use of the table before them, spreading out the papers and his laptop on top of it. Clearly, he had missed a lot of work if the calls that kept coming in were to be trusted.

And across from him was her sister. Sharon unconsciously tensed up just thinking about her. Amelia had her eyes closed and appeared to be sleeping. But she could see her moving around the seat and sweat was practically dripping down her forehead. Clearly she was far from comfortable.

As much as she hated her for doing this, Sharon couldn't help being concerned. Amelia was always cool and collected. Never allowing the surrounding chaos to touch her, she always presented her best foot forward. For her to be visibly sweating and fidgeting, that was unprecedented and alarming.

"Why don't you go and talk to her?"Cameron suddenly said. That was unexpected. She thought he was going to keep his silence. Wondering whether she should trip him up again, her cheeks flushed when he winked at her. Embarrassed to be caught staring, she turned to the window.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about, "she mumbled.

"You are practically staring holes into her. Just go, "he urged.

"I don't see why I have to-"

"Then wh

o can help open the door. That was when the door swung open and a glaring Amelia.

She didn't say anything, just stalked out and walked back to her seat. Sharon couldn't say anything. When facing her sister again, the ability to talk mysteriously left her. Conversely, there were so many things she wanted to say but they were all stuck at her throat. Simmering in frustration, they walked in silence.

There was a moment of hesitation and uncertainty when they found Cameron sitting at Amelia's place. With the lug sleeping, he wasn't shifting anytime soon. Without any other option, they shifted to the other side of the plane. And the awkward air followed them, as if it was a cloud, hovering above their heads, barely present but there nonetheless.

The silence continued. While Sharon was glad the Amelia looked much better than earlier, just her presence felt like a weight on her. She wasn't even doing anything. She was just sitting there, flipping through a magazine and drinking water.

Sharon couldn't help fidgeting listlessly. While she had been more than happy to ignore her when she was across the aisle, with her right across the table, it proved difficult. In fact, it proved impossible. She was extremely aware of her every movement. From her fingers flipping the pages to even her breathing, Sharon felt like everything was amplified.

Which she found inexplicable. This was barely the first time they've spent time in silence together. Their childhood was peppered with such moments. And it was something she enjoyed. A part of her even found it comforting.


But now, she was at the edge of her seat, thinking of a way to break the silence. That or escape. But looking around, with the men in their own world, escape was not an option. Wracking her brain, she ignored the topic that was on her mind since she had first heard about it.

Literally feeling like she was pushing a door against an enthusiastic giant, she had to consciously steer away from the forbidden topic. She had no right to ask, much less bring it up. Wishing that barricading her thoughts were as easy as barricading a door, she was surprised when Amelia spoke.

"So, you and Cameron, huh? I didn't see that coming."

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