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Sharon couldn't move, couldn't speak. Anger gripped her hard. It was taking all her control to keep her hands to herself. In her mind, she kept telling herself "Assault is punishable by law" but as much as she wanted to leave without any other incident, there was no telling what she was going to do. She was literally shaking.

A part of her was surprised by the strength of her rage. This was the angriest she had ever felt in her entire life. Nothing had ever come close. Not even when she found out Tony had been seeing Jasmine behind her back. Not even when she found out everyone around her knew and had kept it away from her. Not even yesterday when she had been boxed in and harrassed.

But knowing how these people were, she knew releasing her wrath wasn't going to do much. She might feel a sense of justice and satisfaction but this was just going to create more problems. That was not to say that she wasn't already in trouble, she reminded herself after hearing a disgusting sniffle. Flicking a look at Jasmine, she had to roll her eyes at the way she was acting like the biggest victim.

It was almost vomit-inducing how she was surrounding herself with those bridesmaids of hers. They were like a barrier, keeping the princess away from anything that could harm her. When, in actuality, they were like vipers, whispering poisonous nonsense to the weak-minded. Sharon couldn't help overhearing snippets of their conversation and her lips lifted at how they were all demonizing her. It was comical compared to their behavior just minutes earlier.

But remembering how she had been, she couldn't help but cringe when she recalled how she hadn't been much different from them just months earlier. Back then, it hadn't mattered if she knew what exactly happened or who was involved, she would always side with Jasmine. It was disgusting to recall how blinded she had been.

"It's time to go, "she said, looking up at Cameron. Just being back her was bad for her. She needed to distance herself from this unfortunate memory.

"Sharon Tilda Ashwood, you are not going anywhere."

Not even her mother. Ignoring her mother's shrill cries once again, she looked up at Cameron. Only to realise he had gone down the deep end.

"Your middle name's Tilda?"he asked, mirth in his eyes. Ignoring the way her cheeks heated up at that embarrassing name, she scowled at him.

"Not important right now. Go and start the car, "she said, waving her fingers to shoo him away. Ignoring his laugh and glad that he was feeling much better, she waited for him to get in. The car was already unlocked but she didn't dare to go in right until they were about to leave. There was no telling what this bunch could do.

"Jasmine. Oh my god, what happened?"

She was surprised to hear a familiar voice but thinking again, that was expected. What husband wouldn't want to know what happened to their missing bride? And now that she was the very picture of despair, who wouldn't run to their bride's rescue? Sharon didn't hear what Jasmine said, caught int her husband's embrace but her voice was full of tears and her mascara must be streaming down her face.

But in this case, the bride was the one who went out of her way to make trouble. It wasn't like Sharon was the one to look for her. She was here, in the parking lot of the bed and

r voice unwavering in her conviction. He wasn't able to do anything but watch her head to the group. Then she surprised him. Instead of confronting her mother, she went up to Scott and Amelia. He wasn't sure what she said but Scott relaxed slightly, his face softening, and Amelia smiled, finally moving and responding. As small as it was, he believed they had mended the fences slightly. Then while the two of them went off to their car, she headed back to him. "Alright. Now we can go."

"Where are you going?"her mother shouted. He sighed. When was this going to end? Clearly she was unhappy but he didn't know why. And frankly, he didn't even want to know. He just wanted to get out of here. "I didn't teach you to run away from your problems-"

"You taught me nothing, "Sharon returned, turning in his arms and facing her mother. He could feel her vibrating from her fury and he couldn't help but pull her deep into his arms. This felt like the final confrontation. "My father taught me everything. And I'm glad he left me this legacy."

"He's dead."

"And I'm glad he's dead. Then he won't get tot see the disappointment that is his wife. Bad and rotten to the core. And it's sad that Jasmine is going to turn out just like you. But you chose her, Tony, and that's on you."

"Wait. I didn't mean to. I mean, she wasn't like this earlier. I only got together with her because of one stupid night. She got pregnant after and I just, I just didn't know what to do-"

"Pregnant? She can't be pregnant." The certainty in her voice piqued everyone's interest. He could feel everyone's eyes on her.

"Shut up. You don't know anything, "Jasmine shouted. It was clear there was some truths to Sharon's words from the way she was straining against Tony's arms, as if trying to stop Sharon from saying anything else.

"What do you mean?"Tony asked suspiciously. Clearly, he wasn't stupid. He must see that there was more to the story. And Sharon was happy to oblige.

"Well, you need a doctor to be exact but she got some virus that makes it impossible for her to get pregnant."

Then after releasing that bomb, she got into the car and waited for him. Not knowing what else to do, he started the car and left.

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