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Separating gently from Cameron, Sharon ignored the chills running down her spine. Their presence was not unexpected. She had an inkling that their delay was due to this. But as she stood there, unable to move, she realised she'd misjudged their hold on her. Because no matter how much she wanted, no matter how her brain signalled her muscles and limbs, they didn't move. Not a quiver, not a shiver.

Frustration pounded at her. This isn't the place to show any weakness. They would pounce on any crack and maul her until they're bored with her. No, not today. Both her pride and sense of survival told her to face them. She had to be prepared, see where the attack was coming from in order to defend from it.

But no matter how much she told herself to move, why was it still so difficult?

Tears gathered in her eyes at the sense of hopelessness. As much as Cameron's words last night had been a revelation, no matter how much strength she drew from them, it wasn't enough. This was something else. One night wasn't enough to erase years of indoctrination. Her fear of them was too great, the wound too raw to face another beating. And there was no illusions that this was going to be another beating. They wouldn't come here otherwise.

"What are you doing here?"Cameron growled, his arms coming around her shoulders and pulling her into his body. Warmth filled her. It was as if he was sheltering her from them. That brought her out of her shock and her body finally obeyed her commands. But before turning to face them, her hand came up and touched his heart, to get some strength.

This ambush was affecting her so much. She was trembling so hard that her hand was visibly shaking. The moment she touched him, though, it stopped. It felt like a connection between them was established, clicking into place that very moment. It was a lifeline between them, a direct line from him to her at which she could draw comfort and resolve. She could feel all of that transmitting to her, bolstering her, making her feel she could face anything. He was like a stoic bulwark, ready to stand at her back.

"Oh, look at her dog, baring his teeth at us, "Jasmine sneered, making weak growling sounds. That returned her back to the present. "He's all brawn but no brain. Right, girls?" The group that came with her laughed. Sharon recognised those laughter. She would know them anywhere. And just like that, they were chasing away the warmth Cameron had given her. They were the same group that had trapped her inside her mother's house. And they scared her.

She could handle her mother and Jasmine. They were bad but manageable. But these bunch was ruthless. They took one comment and made it worse. They reminded her of a pack of wolves, circling around weakened prey, looking for the moment of weakness to swoop down and give the final blow. The blow that ended it all.

"You know, I had such high hopes for him but maybe it's true that all football guys are idiots, "one of the wolves said snidely, making the group laugh again. For a moment, all Sharon heard was white noise. She knew the group was throwing insults left and right. But she couldn't believe that they had just said that.

Rage flowed through her. It was fine when it was just her. Barely batting an eye when they threw tur

splayed out on the ground, her monstrous wedding gown turning ashy from the filth in the parking lot. Then Sharon climbed on top of her, laying it onto her.

The other women tried to help but one sharp glare from Sharon made them step back. And if he had been on the receiving end of those eyes, he would have stopped short too. She looked so scary right now that he was also hesitating to approach her.

"You stupid bitch. I left, just like you wanted. Alone and my tail between by feet. But what did you do? You just had to follow me and rub my face in your life. Why can't you leave me alone? Stupid, fucking bitch."

Then that must've been the end of her outburst. Not a minute after, she got off the comatose Jasmine. A slightly scuffed up Sharon made her way to him and leaned into him, pulling his arm over her. All the tension that had gripped her was gone. The difference between that ferocious woman and the clingy woman now was so jarring that he didn't know whether he should move. A wrong movement could bring trigger another outburst. He wasn't sure whether that was a bad idea.

"I think it's time to leave-"

"Y-you're not going anywhere until you clean up your mess, "Mrs Ashwood said in a trembling voice.

The group was surprisingly subdued as they helped a whimpering Jasmine to her feet. The bride looked terrible, her once pristine white gown in grayed and tattered. Her face was swollen in a few places with her makeup being smeared and her updo was starting to come down. He didn't know whether to feel satisfied or sorry for her.

"What time's our flight again? I think we're going to miss it." Cameron was spared her a glance but Sharon was so eager to leave that she was dragging him to the car.

"Sharon, you are not moving an inch until you apologise. Do you hear me?"

"Cameron, time to get this show on the road. We don't have much time."

"Sharon, listen to me. You are not leaving." That must be the end of her patience. Apparently, Sharon's mother wasn't used to being ignored. Marching over to them, she was intending to physically restrain them but Sharon turned to her with chilly eyes. That stopped her in her tracks.

"What do you want?"

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