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The setting sun was shining into the room, lending a golden glow to everything it touched. It was the golden hour of the day where day was turning into night. Most people in the small town would be heading back home after a tiring day's work and preparing for dinner. But not Cameron. He wasn't even paying attention to the beautiful sunset.

It wasn't that he didn't know how late it was getting. His eyes darted to the clock often enough that time felt like it was crawling by. He knew how late it was. With every minute that passes, the band around his chest tightened and the breath left his lungs faster and faster. Pacing around the room, he felt like he was slowly losing his mind.

As dusk turns into night, there was still no news from Sharon. He was descending into madness. He had returned in late afternoon after spending the entire morning and afternoon with the group of boys. He had been so focused with them that he hadn't really noticed the length of her absence. But now, as stars began twinkling in the sky, there was still no word from her. Worry had a tight grip on his soul.

Night was darkening. He wanted to go out and find her. Anything was better than waiting int their room. But that was impossible. For one thing, she hadn't told him her address. Being new around the area, it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

But there was one other reason that made him want to tear his hair out. It was such an annoying hindrance he wanted to be like all those famous people and throw a huge tantrum. That would be a good outlet compared to this churning whirlpool in his chest. Basically what he was alluding to was the staff in the bed and breakfast.

He didn't know why there was such a big change. They had left a great impression on him last night when they'd checked in. And Sharon had been there with him. Maybe the person working the night shift didn't know her infamy. But now that the people in the know knew h was with Sharon, their treatment had noticeably worsened. It was tough enough to get things done. He had to flaunt his fame before they'd move. But if he didn't ask for anything, they'd noticeably left him alone.

He wouldn't care about but when they wouldn't answer a single question about Sharon and her family, he felt the overwhelming urge to do violence. He just wanted to know her address. This was a small town. Someone obviously knew and was keeping acting like a dick. They were acting like Sharon was the person to be wary about instead of her mother and "friend".

They were another reason he was still in this room. He didn't know what he was going to do if he met them but he knew it was going to be bad. Even with his self-control, just thinking about them was enough for his hands to curl into fists and his shoulder to bunch up. He was worried about Sharon right now. He didn't have time for anyone else. So that left wandering around town out.

Then where did this leave him? He was suffocating. It felt like there was no air in this room. His feeling of helplessness was enhanced. Every muscle in his body was so tense that a wrong gust of wind was going to make him jump like a cat. He was doing that even now. He jumped at every sound and pounced on his phone at every notification. Time stood still while he checked it out but upon realising that none of them were from her, the anxiety returned ten folds.

ull out interrogation. Even so, while she was lost at this change of track, in contrast, delight was fast increasing as well. Clearly this had been a fortuitous encounter for him. He looked much brighter than before. It was like he had found a new lease in life. Curious, she prompted him to continue.


"They kind of made it fun, playing the game, talking about the sport at a fundamental, basic level and just having fun. I liked how they seeked guidance from me. I don't get that much in the team even though I am the captain. It was nice to see them improve from my help. Like, like correcting their flaws and trying new ways to make it work."

"Sounds like you want to become a coach." She had to smile at how much energy he had. It almost looked like he was bouncing even though he was kneeling on the cold bathroom floor.

"Not really. I thought so at first. But then, I realised the source came from meeting them and spending time with them. It's like suddenly finding gold. You see some tiny gold stones and when you dig into it, you realise you've found diamonds in the rough. Makes me feel like I want to explore and visit all the schools and meet them."

"So like a scout? But not really?" She was confused. He talked about gold and then diamonds. She had no idea where he was going with this.

"That's it exactly. That's what I want to do. Scouting and just travelling in general."

"Then what about family?" Apprehension filled her. While she was glad that he found his passion, it sounded like he was going to be a nomad.

"I always need a base, don't I? I mean, that isn't much different from life during the season but having a base is a much needed relief from the travel fatigue and a safe place to unwind." From his confident smile, it was clear he had thought about everything. She was both relieved and glad for him. "Thank you for bringing me here. I know it's tough but I really appreciate it."

Hearing that, she had mixed feelings. A part of her was happy that he had this revelation but what happened this afternoon was unforgettable. He had just reminded her of this afternoon. This time, since she wasn't guarding against it, the force of her emotions rammed right into her.

And she burst out into tears.

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