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"Are you sure about going alone?"Cameron asked Sharon as they left their hotel. He looked her over in concern but was only met with eyes that questioned his intelligence.

"Oh my god, for the last time, yes, Cameron. I am a grown woman. I can go back by myself, "she said, exasperation evident in her voice. She tried to exude confidence and reassurance but he wasn't convinced. But she wasn't giving him any room to worry. As if this was a normal day in their lives. But it wasn't. They were here, in her hometown. And knowing who was here, he couldn't help but worry.

His lips were pressed together in frustration. If this had been in New York, he would let her go wherever she wanted to. Within reason. But this was different. This was her hometown. She had bad memories about this place as it was. Combined with the fact that her mother was also in town, his concern skyrocketed.

That wasn't all though, The memories were not only confined to her. Apparently the entire town an axe to grind against her as well. That had been evident when the two of them came down for breakfast. The people working int the dining area recognised her. The receptionist recognised her. The owner, who had specially come out, recognised her. And they were all incredibly hostile.

He hadn't expected that. He knew this was a small town And with any small town, everyone knew everybody. But having lived in cities all his life, he hadn't seen the implication of a small town network. But he had witnessed it that morning and it made him more than ready to wash his hands off them.

Because the warm, professional people who had greeted them that night had disappeared. The warm smile, helpful demeanor and general professionalism was gone upon setting eyes on her. And he was revolted. He wanted to leave the moment that happened but Sharon was digging in her heels. She absolutely had to get her mementos and nothing was going to stop her. Not open hostility nor common sense..

Because she clearly didn't want his concern. She didn't want his worry. He had tried, multiple times during breakfast to let him accompany her. Something that was going to bring him some peace of mind. But she refused. It was like she was shutting him out of this part of her life As if she felt that she had to deal with this herself.

She was closing her ears on sound reason and he was running out of ideas on how to convince her. Short of physically restraining her, he couldn't stop her. Watching her drive off felt like he was sending a defenseless lamb to the lion's den. No matter what happened, she was going to get hurt.

As much as he wanted to prevent that, he decided to comply to her wishes.She brought him here to get out of town and, come hell or high water, he was going to do so. But first, he had to fight the urge to follow her. It was tough but he managed to do so.

WIth the sun shining obnoxiously over his head, he decided to walk around town. But even as he complied with her wishes, he was determined not to enjoy himself. He had to be miserable to show her that he couldn't stop thinking about her just because

from the Giants?"

"Right. Yes." From the way they all jumped and looked at each other with bright eyes, their excitement was palpable. He understood how they felt. He had felt the same way, too, when he came across his favourite player back in the day. Now, he felt like so jaded and hardened compared them.

But he couldn't help smiling when they began clamoring for autographs and pictures together. He was more than happy to oblige. Being surrounded by them made him feel that everything had been well worth it.

Then when that was over, they all began talking about football. Be it past players, current players, the future in football for them or just about the game, he had a great time. His body and mind felt recharged and refreshed. It was great that he could impart some of his wisdom to these young boys, most of whom were still in high school.

Inexorably, he was pulled into playing a game with them. He tried to get out of it, citing his attire and his injury, but their collective might and pleading pulled him onto the field. And when he was on it, it was like their energy was contagious and he felt like he could wipe the field with them.

He realised the fallacy of that when he collapsed at the edge of the field, panting as if his lungs were trying to come out. What they lacked in experience and technique they more than made up for it in numbers. Even though they had been split into teams, they were all gunning for him. Even his teammates. His pride had made him stay on the field a bit longer but he had to tap out when his vision began blurring.

Relegated to watching them play again, he couldn't help laughing softly. They had really helped him with his decision. Even though Sharon had come here for him, he hadn't believed it was going to do anything. He had come here only for her.

But no one had told him that he'd have this fortuitous meeting. Or that he'd meet great boys with so much love for the game. They reminded him of simpler times and brightened the path of the future for him.

What could he do for them in return?

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