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The office was bustling with people moving in and out of the meeting rooms. Some were meeting clients while others had a discussion with their peers. Sharon had just had one of those discussions and was heading back to her desk.

A long breath escaped her as she dropped onto her chair. The afternoon had been so busy that she barely had time to think, much less breathe. Now that the day was almost over, she could finally catch a breather.

Spinning lazily in her chair, she looked around her cubicle listlessly and caught movement around her peripheral. Ignoring her colleagues, her eyes were continually checking on the time. She couldn't wait for the day to end. Meeting Amelia in the middle of the day was a mistake. She had just spoiled her entire afternoon. Why had she even agreed to do that?

Cursing her brilliant plan, she stopped the spinning. Her eyes happened to land on her phone and her curiosity was aroused when she saw the notification light. Wondering who was trying to contact her, she was reaching out but stopped.

It occurred to her that it could very well be her sister. A lot of things could be said about Amelia and persistent was one of them. Hesitant, she was thinking about checking it later but her curiosity, once aroused, wouldn't be ignored. Disgruntled, she hurriedly unlock her phone.

What greeted her made her pause. It made her question her eyesight. She was surprised. No, shocked was a better description. There was so many missed calls. All of them were made some time during that afternoon. If that wasn't enough, they all came from the same person. They were all from Cameron.


In his empty apartment, Cameron stared unblinkingly into his ceiling. He was in his room, laying in his bed and hadn't moved an inch since he'd returned. He had stayed in the same position for hours. And while, usually, that would cause some body aches, his mind was elsewhere. It was drifting in a sea of nothingness where thoughts of his bedroom ceiling and Sharon would sometimes emerge.

Speaking of Sharon, his hands moved in a familiar pattern. He no longer had to look at the screen. He had done this so many times this afternoon. As he had done before, he was tryng to call her.

In these moments, he would be suffused with hope. Hope that she would finally pick up, that he could finally hear her voice, that he could finally talk to her. Hope which had been dashed so many times before. But that didn't stop him. Nothing would stop him. Not when he was desperate for her.

Resting his phone on his stomach, he put the call on speaker and allowed the ringing tone to fill the room. Even though he was hopeful, he was also anxious. He both wanted her to pick up and not. He both wanted to hear her voice and not. He both couldn't wait to talk and didn't. He didn't know what to feel.

As he was struggling with his emotions, the call ended without her picking up. Relief and cripping disappointment both fought for dominance while he placed his phone back on the bedside table and turned on his side.

He knew he was being contrary. But he couldn't help it. His mind was hiding a deep internal turmoil. And this was changing the very core of his being. This was making him question himself. This was making him look at himself.

Hugging a pillow, he wondered why this news had

omach growled and he felt like a ravenous bear. Now that he was done, the warmth of the dishes settled in and he was slowly getting sleepy.

"Sorry I didn't pick up your calls earlier. I was in meetings the entire day, "she suddenly said, grabbing his attention. He couldn't help but to sit up.

"It's fine. I understand." He was slowly tensing up and he couldn't help it. She was clearly uncomfortable but from the way she was looking at him, he felt her resolve.

"So Matt told me what happened. Do you want to talk about it?"

He knew what she was talking about and a part of him felt like turning her away. He could handle this on his own. But as he was opening his mouth to gently reject her offer, he found himself telling the entire story.

From the moment he found out to getting back and now. His thought process, his sorrow, his fears. By the time he stopped, he was in her embrace, hiding from the outside world and the uncertain future. She had come over to him and he just surrendered to her. It also helped that she was just so soft and cuddly.

"Everything's going to be fine, "she kept saying as she stroked his hair and back. Eventually his turbulent emotions settled down. Even so, he didn't push her away. He needed more time. Then she threw him for a curveball. "I'm thinking about heading back to my hometown for a while."

"What?"he asked, looking up from the abrupt subject change. She looked like she had just swallowed the most bitter medicine in the world. "I thought you hate going back. Your mom and Jasmine are there.."

"Well, yeah. But I still want to get all my stuff before Mom throws them away. With Jasmine's wedding this weekend, she'll be too busy. This is the perfect time." He wasn't buying this. She was being too forcefully, sounding too perky and bright. Something was up. Then she sighed. "And I thought it'd be a great idea for you to get out of town for a while. I mean, you helped me when I needed it. So maybe this can help, too."

At first, he was going to reject her outright. Clearly, this was going to be a painful trip for her. But when she earnestly explained the reason, he couldn't bear to do that. She was trying and he couldn't turn her away.


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