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Watching Cameron eat the dinner she cooked, Sharon couldn't help the smile pulling at her lips. It had been so long since anyone had eaten her cooking that she had almost forgotten this pleasure. But he was reminding her of that and she couldn't be happier.

This was the first relationship she had where she didn't feel inferior. Cameron was both her friend and lover. There was no distinction between the two. And she knew it wasn't just him. She, too, had changed. No longer was she so subservient. She wouldn't hold back from voicing her concerns and opinions. It felt too ideal to be real.

Playing with the food on her plate, she looked down and wondered why there was a deep well of guilt for feeling this happy. It wasn't as if this was a spur of the moment decision. They had talked about it and spent that night together. Although their talk had been rushed, they were on the same page.

After that night, they had reverted to how it was before Holly. For the most part. Yes, they were together. Yes, they were slowly fitting into the other's life. But it wasn't like everything was smooth sailing between the two of them.

There were a few hiccups along the way. That was to be expected, though. They had changed so much between their separation that it was like getting to know a new person again. For the most part, they were doing well. There was more openness in this relationship now.

Having dinner wherever possible, they would head to whoever's place was closer after. And there, they often had late night conversations over dinner about work, life and the meaning of the universe. And when either of them was too busy, they would have a phone call until someone fell asleep.

There was one exception though. One area where they couldn't see eye to eye on. And that was their disagreement with her new role at work. As that was a major change in her life, she had had to restructure her life to accommodate it. That meant that her working hours were much different to what they had been. Basically, she couldn't leave at the same time as before.

And he hated that. He was so used to her old working hours that he would throw a tantrum when she had to work late. Or he'd pout when she had to take call about work. It didn't help that with her mentor being who he was, she was helping to manage mainly male athletes.

Not that she saw them as anything other than clients but in Cameron's head, they were all trying to get into her pants. She didn't know where he got that idea. Nonetheless, she tried to correct him. But the more she tried to convince him otherwise, the stronger he had held onto that conviction.

It wasn't until he brought this up with Matt that he was finally convinced. She hadn't even known they had a meeting this afternoon. There should have been some gossip but it must've flown over her head. She had been busy running in and out of the office for one client of the other. It was only when she was suddenly summoned into his office and saw Cameron there, looking sheepish and embarrassed that she knew.

Thinking back upon it, she had to smile.


"Matt, you wanted to see me- Cameron?"

Sharon was taken aback to see him there.Having just returned from settling some discord for her client, she had barely taken a seat at her desk before she was called to Matt's office. She had thought that it was about work but seeing her boyfriend there, this felt more personal.


him immediately.

"Took you long enough, "Amelia snapped.

"Good evening, Amelia, "he said woodenly, looking down at the street. The lights from the cars, restaurants was a good distraction from this call. Like a rash that wouldn't go away, she had been pestering the two of them once news about their relationship spread. While he commended Sharon's firm refusal, he wished her sister would take the message. "What a nice night we are having. I just finished dinner. Have you had yours?"

"Shut up. I don't care about that. Tell Sharon to answer my call." At least she's direct, he thought, trying to find a silver lining. But that was hard to do when she was so rude.

"Look. She doesn't want to talk to you. And stop making me your errand boy. I helped you once and she almost left me. I'm not going to do that again."

"Come on. This is the last time. I just need to apologise and we can go back to how it was."

"It's not going to be that easy, Amelia. She's been hurt too many times for a simple sorry to work."

"Then what will? I want to mend this but she won't give me the time of day." She sounded so morose that he felt a strong urge to help her but he had to remain strong. This was just a front. He knew what this woman could do. She had cut a fellow model to shreds with her tongue. Even with her pregnancy, she was still capable of that.

While he was contemplating that, he heard the sliding door moving. Sharon joined him at the railings with her wineglass as he took another sip. This was bad. He didn't want her to get the wrong idea. The call had to end fast. Suddenly, she filched his phone from right in his hand. Startled, he could just watch as she spoke into the phone. Then she handed the phone back to him.

"You're meeting her? Are you sure?"

"Yeah. As long as she understands that that doesn't change anything, I can see her as many times as she wants. But don't let her bother you so much. This is between us sisters."

"It's because I know she's your sister that I take the call. I don't do this just for anyone, you know, "he returned, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. Feeling her shivering, he pulled her closer into his side. Knowing how hard this was for her, he steered her back into the living room. "So what should we watch tonight?"

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