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His mind in a haze, Cameron vaguely knew Sharon had just asked him a question. He could see her mouth moving and heard a soft mumble but nothing registered in his mind. He had other things to focus on. He had to get his hands on more of her skin. Her soft, smooth skin.

Having pulled her clothes off, he was revelling in her exposed skin. His hands were everywhere, curious to know more and eager for her reaction. Her little gasps and jerks urged him on. It was so much so that he didn't care of his own pleasure.

His lips on the crook of her shoulder, he was about to unhook her bra when she began pushing him away. Surprised, he sat back on his haunches. He would never force himself against a woman. Then, as the cold air brought reason back to him, he was worried that he was rushing her. They had been talking about something before he had jumped on her like a barbarian. Fearful that she was going to run away from him, he was about to get off the bed to cool down when she suddenly sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Confused by the mixed signals, he looked down at her in question. But she wasn't looking at him. Her eyes fixed on the middle of his chest, her wet lips and half-lidded eyes almost made all questions leave his head. The only reason he held onto his sanity was the tiny furrow between his brows.

"What's wrong?"he asked in concern, his hand coming down to nudge her up, make her look at him. Then, as heat rushed through his veins again, his hand grabbed onto his bed cover. He wouldn't be able to listen if there was any skin contact.

It was made even harder when his eyes caught on the white bra that was barely containing her breasts. It was tough to tear his eyes away. And the person in question made it even harder, as if testing his patience. While looking like she was searching for the words, her fingers were playing with the hair around his nape.

"I know it's a bit too late now but what are we exactly?"she asked finally. His heart had begun beating fast from the suspense that her question was kind of anti-climactic. But he couldn't understand what she was saying. He didn't know if it was the lack of blood flow in his brain or whether his brain just didn't comprehend.

"Wha-" A shiver ran down his back as her sly fingers continued tracing lines along the back of his neck. That was not a part of his body that had ever been this sensitive. Taking a deep breath, he told himself to focus and tried again. "What do you mean?"

"It's a simple question, "she said, looking resolutely at his chest. He didn't have time to wonder though as she continued. "What are we? Are we friends? Roommates? Or former roommates?"

"Do you do this with just friends? Or with a roommate?"he asked incredulously. He already knew the answer but this was just ridiculous. Why did she doubt him now?

"Of course not, "she responded in outrage, her fingernails digging into his back. He was surprised by the pain and had to hold back a wince. Then, as if seeing his reaction, she released him, much to his relief. She turned a sour expression to him. "I know that. I know you know that but I need you to say it. Or else I'll always second guess us."

Sighing, he recognised the truth of her words. Her words resonated with the part of

become overcome with her orgasm both thrilled and frightened her. She was barely holding on as it was. She feared what he was doing next. And she wasn't wrong.

As she was recovering her breath, he began to push inside. She absently saw the silver foil that indicated a condom but there was no time to absorb that. Her eyes had fluttered close as her wet channel slowly stretched around him.

Although this wasn't her first time, this was a first for her to take a man of this size. She wasn't even sure he would fit. It was great that he wasn't rushing through but she could see from his eyes, he was really pulling at the reins.

"You're so tight, "he growled, making it sound like a big deal. She glared up at him even as her hand tightened around his back.

"Well, I'm sorry for being so tight. It's been a long time, "she returned, gasping as he hit a sensitive spot. No one told her sex was going to be this good. Especially those other guys, none of which had been this great. She was literally panting from Cameron entering. She couldn't imagine how it was going to be when he actually moved.

But there wasn't much time to wonder as he soon bottomed out in her. Then he withdrew slowly and thrust back into her. A long groan escaped her as he continued. She couldn't believe how powerful the force was as he established a rhythm.

She had to hook her legs around his hips to hold on. And the delight that was shooting through her made her eyes want to roll back. Her body was continually wracked with pleasure as one release after the other ran through her.

Before she knew it, he became more urgent. His thrusts became more erratic and his grip on her hips tightened.- Unable to comprehend what was happening, she was just following the rough currents of the river. Then, after a particularly powerful thrust, she heard him groaning into her ears and was thrown off another waterfall.

As heat filled her, her arms came around a languid Cameron. She had finally drifted to a calm lake. Looking at the sleeping man, his soft breaths filling her ear, she shook her head in amusement. He was such a guy. But as sleep pulled at her limbs, she wasn't able to say much else.

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