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"What are you doing here?"Cameron demanded. He still couldn't believe this was happening. He felt like he was in a dream. A dream where his ex-girlfriend was chasing after him. Because from the way she had been shouting his name, he felt a strong urge to escape. And he would have done so if he could do so with his life intact.

Then when he had realised she was looking for him, he had stepped out of the kitchen and immediately regretted his decision. She was in the hall, clad in a skimpy baby doll lingerie with stilettos on. As a tall blond, the lingerie only reached the tops of her thighs, leaving a lot bared for the eyes. He didn't know where to look.

"Cammy, "she cried cheerfully, ignoring his question and trying to jump into his arms. He knew she wanted to wrap her arms around his neck but that was the last thing he wanted. Wanting to avoid that, he took a step back and felt like he'd bumped into something.

Hearing a yelp, he turned around and immediately put his hand out. The something he'd felt was Sharon who had fallen down after he had run into her. But before she could reach out, his hand was pulled away.

"What are you doing?"he asked, exhausted. She was holding his arm against her body. He didn't know why but he could guess that it was a bid for him to not help Sharon. And she was holding it so tightly against her chest that he could feel her pebbled nipples rubbing against his arm. But he was done with her. And now that he thought about it, he truly wondered whether it had been a good idea to get involved with her.

He knew she had been chosen in a moment of weakness. It wasn't that she was an unattractive woman but he wanted Sharon. He wanted her then, he wanted her now. But at that time, he had been running away from those feelings. He had been scared shitless and the only solution he'd though of then was to use Holly as a barrier. But when he realised how strong his true feelings were, he had broken it off with her immediately. He'd thought it was over. Apparently, he was wrong.

"What is she doing here?"Holly demanded, her eyes shooting daggers at Sharon. Sharon had gotten up on her own and wasn't even aware of the poisonous gaze. Even so, he found himself shifting so that Sharon was protected by that hostile gaze despite his arm being trapped against Holly's body, From the sudden tears in her eyes, she had noticed his action. Apprehensive, he wondered what she was going to do next. Then his arm was released and the belligerence was turned on him.

"You're disgusting. Why are you protecting her against me? I'm your girlfriend, not some woman who had the luck of being your roommate. A lot of people would want that. And, I mean, look at me. I'm definitely sexier than her. What else do you want? Do you want to fuck her instead as a comparison? Or do you have a chubby fetish?"

"That's enough, "he growled, his anger flaring in an instant. He was taking a step forward to berate her further but a touch at his back brought him back to his senses. Shaking his head to clear his anger, he noticed that Holly had shrunk back, fear filling her eyes in that moment of mindless rage. Sighing, he was racking his mind on how to rectify this issue when Sharon spoke.

"I should leave the two of you alone."

"What? No, "he immediately rejected, turning around and gripping her shoulders. From the uncertainty sur

to be wondering about that. She was about to go on a rampage. "How? I know you haven't slept together. You don't look like you had. On the other hand, we have. Many times. So many that I can't even count. So why are you so comfortable with that fat fuck?"

"Holly, "he roared, getting to his feet. This was the second time she had insulted Sharon and he was not going to let it slide. Not this time. She stood her ground, defiantly glaring up at him. Looking down at her, he tried to wrestle his raging fury into submission and barely managed to keep it under wraps. "I know you're lashing out because I hurt you. And you are more than justified to scream or hit me. But this is between us. Leave Sharon out of it."

"And now, you're defending her. Great, "she said, throwing her arms up. "What did she do? Place a spell on you? I'm sure it's all that food she's feeding you. I mean, why else a gorgeous guy like you would even look at her?"

He was speechless. Where was this vitriol coming from? She made it sound that Sharon was undeserving of his attention when it was the other way around. He didn't deserve her. He had thrown her away when he had her and now, he had to fight to get her to even look at him.

He wanted to correct her assumptions but his tongue felt too thick. It was difficult to speak. The words were stuck at his throat, wanting to come out but encountering a barrier. It was frustrating. This had never happened to him. Words usually came to his lips naturally.

"I knew it. You just had a fetish. Wait until everyone knows about this-"

"Miss Holly, "a cold voice came from the door. Their heads whipped in that direction and they saw Sharon there but she was different. Her eyes were cold, her body was tenses yet relaxed but he could see the aura of ruthlessness around her. She was dangerous. "Please note that your clinic is currently treating Mr Ballard. Any news that comes from you will adversely affect your employers. And what do you think is going to happen to you?"

Realising the truth of her words, Holly just screamed and stomped out of there. But before she could leave, Sharon left a parting shot.

"I have recorded this outburst. If any news about this appears, we will show this to your clinic."

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