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The sun was high in the sky. The streets were thronging with tourists and office workers. Both of them were on the search for quick meals to tide over the afternoon. Sharon, of course, was eating lunch at the diner again. As usual, it was busy and loud, enticing scents were drifting into her nose. As usual, she was shoving food right into her face. And, as usual, Cameron was eating right in front of her.

Now that she was settled into her new apartment, she was able to establish a routine similar to when she had been in Scott's apartment. It had been tough at first as she had to squeeze in a morning jog as well. She had to exercise but it was difficult to do it as she had used to. There was the lack of equipment and funds to actually join a gym. But slowly, she was making it work.

With that out of the way, she could fully focus on her job. Returning to office after literally being dragged out by Cameron, the office had been looking at her in suspicion. Many were questioning her credentials as it was clear that she was close to Cameron and Logan. They were watching her every move, listening to her every word, judging her every action.

At first, it was unnerving but she eventually got used to it. And it helped that Cameron came by to accompany her for lunch every single day. Without fail, whether it was rain or shine, he would be waiting for her at the lobby and they'd head to the diner. While she was admittedly peeved at his insistence at first, she got used to this arrangement. It gave them the time to talk, like they used to. Although time was extremely limited, this break was much needed.

Only now, as the third week of them doing this rolled around, she was beginning to get concerned about his health. Since they were only meeting for lunch, the only meal she knew he was eating was lunch. She had no idea what he was eating for his other meals. Knowing him, though, she had a feeling it was similar to what he ate during lunch. Greasy, artery-clogging rubbish. She wondered whether it was her place to worry but she worried regardless.

This was the fourth day he had accompanied her. It had all started the day after they returned from the short trip. Even though she knew it was delicious, they wouldn't exactly be the poster boy for healthy eating. Knowing what she did now about the way athlete's trained, she wondered whether this was going to affect him.

As much as she enjoyed this time with him, she still wondered what he was doing there. Trying to keep the frown from her face, she had thought that they were done after her clear distrust that afternoon. On top of that, after that unexpected visit from her sister, she had been more than ready to cut off anyone related to her. That also included Cameron.

But as much as she wanted to chase him away again, she just couldn't. She'd wanted to when he had followed her the past few times but the words died in her throat. Was it because of what he said in Atlantic City? She had no idea.

Even though she wanted to forget about him, in the depths of the night, those words always came back, as if haunting her. And she couldn't help the longing that filled her. Despite what he had done, she had never stopped liking him. Her feelings were just buried under all the bad things that had happened in a bid for self-preservation.

But they couldn't stay buried for long. Even though she was mad at him, he was alway

artment. I mean I'm the guest. Why am I evne doing this? Why are you making do this? And, and some of the shelves are too high."

"Didn't you come here to cook for me?"he reminded even as he took the bag from her and continued where she left off. She just huffed and grabbed a can of soda before leaving to the living room. Smiling, he looked around his messy kitchen.

It was weird to see his shelves and fridge being filled with food. He rarely came to the kitchen apart from using the microwave or getting a beer. And he had been fine with that.

But after living with Sharon, he had gotten used to seeing food behind whatever he opened. There was the added perks of her frozen homemade meals. He could eat delicious meals whenever he wanted. It could be said that he had gotten spoiled.

There had even been a huge surge of envy when she told him of her homemade dinner. Of course, she would be cooking for herself. It was just that he missed them so much. And now that he was going to get some, his mouth was watering endlessly. Shaking his head, he resumed the work. But he couldn't help looking around. Finding the whole chicken in the sink and the ingredients set aside, he was already picturing what she was going to cook.

While he was fantasizing about dinner, the chore became much easier and ended much faster. He was that eager to have her start cooking. Then he began taking out some of the appliances that he had. It wasn't much. Wondering how she was going to make it work, she entered the kitchen.

"Hey, these are all the things that I have. I don't know where I got them from or when I last used them but I think they're fine. But are they enough for you?"he asked.

"S-sure. I'll make do. But, ah, Cameron, is there someone else here?"she asked. The fear in her voice grabbed his attention and alarm blared in his head when she said that. He knew she wasn't given to flights of fancy so this was a legitimate question. What made her say that?


"I don't know. I just heard something from your room. Not like something falling or anything but something moving." There was a tremble in her voice made him more alert. Wondering whether he should investigate or call the police, a female voice suddenly shouted.



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