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Returning to the city, Sharon was reminded again of the difference between New York City and Atlantic City. While Atlantic City was slower and quieter, allowing her to unwind, New York was a fast-moving city where everyone was impatient to get to their destination. Hearing the horns blaring right and left, she was quickly becoming anxious. She wanted to go back. Almost clawing at the window, she was returned to the present when Cameron spoke.

"So what's your address? I can drop you off after getting past this crazy traffic, "he said through gritted teeth. Looking over at him, she couldn't help but narrow her eyes on him. He was focusing so intently on the road that he was practically hunched over the wheels. They had been in many congested traffic but this was the first time he was this tense. He looked so funny that she had to hold in her laugh.

But, thinking over his question again, the laughter quickly dissipated. As much as he had helped her, she was reluctant to let him into her life. It wasn't that he had done anything bad. He had been great, making their night at Atlantic City was wonderful.

Even though she was still peeved that he had basically kidnapped her, she had enjoyed their walk along the Boardwalk, much to her chagrin. Looking past the accidental feeding incident, they managed to enjoy themselves. And part of the thrill was avoiding his fans.

After extracting him from the mob, she thought he'd want to head back. With social media, she was sure everyone knew he was there. He already looked like he just had the life sucked out of him with that group. But once they were far enough away, he was as energetic as ever, busy deciding on the next store to visit.

Curious at the comeback, she asked him about it. He just looked at her askance. It was like it never occurred to him to leave. Which, when she thought about it, was logical. Being approached by fans must be a common occurrence. If he left everytime that happened, he wouldn't be able to have much of a life.

Deciding to go along with him, there were still some changes that needed to be made. He was determined to visit all the shops and no fan was going to stop him. There was no way she could stop a big guy like him. Exasperated, she made him wait while she bought some disguises for him. That was when she finally had some breathing space.

With a sweatshirt stuffed under his shirt, simulating a beer belly, they were able to walk around in peace. There were moments where he was stared at intensely by suspicious fans but they managed to get away unscathed. Sometimes, they'd have a giggle when passing by some fans that were obviously on the lookout for him. She felt bad for tricking them but it was so much fun.

Smiling at the memory, she was tempted to let him in but a part of her refused. The part of her was wary. She had been burned so many times, by her mother, by Jasmine, by Tony, by Cameron, by Scott, by Amelia. She was just so tired of letting people into her life and getting screwed over. Even with Cameron's confession, the fear was still there. She was scared. So scared.

"You can just drop me off the closest station. I need to buy some stuff for the apartment anyway, "she said brightly, looking out the window. From her peri

t mean it. All that is crap. Because, ultimately, her feelings boils down to hatred. I don't know when or how but she does. So there is no way you can help me without Mom getting mad. Or vice versa. This is just a case of you can't have your cake and eat it-"

"That's just ridiculous, "Scott cried suddenly. "You're family. Surely you're not going to let one disagreement split you up."

"You stay out of this, "she growled. Just as she wasn't close to Amelia, her relationship with Scott wasn't great either. It wasn't until her trip here that they began talking more.

"Don't say that to Scott. And this is just a one time thing. I mean, Mom didn't really mean it-"

"It's not a matter of just one time thing. And she meant it. This has been going on for years and I'm sick of it. You were gone most of the time so you didn't see it. But I was there and I know what happened, "Sharon screamed at Amelia. Then taking a deep breath, she tried to compose herself. "Going back to what I was saying, I am going to say this once, and once only. After this, you can do whatever you want. There's just going to be some consequences. I might be the one who cuts the ties. Or I might not. It all depends. So anyway, listen clearly. I don't want anything to do with that woman. Nothing. Nada. Not even a secondhand connection. So if you want to make nice with Mom, just forget about me, alright? And, I don't know, maybe this would be great for you. You don't have to be stuck between the two of us anymore."

"I can't do that!"

"Why? Why do you have to drag me into this mess of a family?"

"I'm pregnant and I want my baby to know my family. All of them."

"Well, tell your baby that you're an only child but don't worry, Grandma will take good care of them, "she said sweetly. It was difficult to ignore her sister's crestfallen face but she had to do this. Through the years, she had learned the hard way to put herself first. No one else was going to do that so she was the one who had to prioritise herself. Then, getting to her feet, she headed to the door. "Now, if that's all you want to say, I will ask you to leave. Because I have nothing else to say to you."

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