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Jerking awake, Sharon looked around in confusion at the unfamiliar room she was in. In the middle of a giant bed, she was surrounded by rich, cream-colored walls and a floor-to-ceiling window that had an ocean view. There was a dresser and closet as well. Rubbing her eyes and yawning, she got out of bed and trudged to the seats facing the scenery.

She knew she should be worried about her sudden relocation but, even in her half-asleep state, the ocean called to her. It looked so calming and majestic at the same time. The water undulated before her eyes before crashing into the shore. There were people walking along the beach and her focus changed to them.

It was interesting to see them, living their lives, doing their things, from so high up. Captivated by the lights by the pier as well, she was content to just sit by the window when a voice and words entered her ears. Realising she wasn't alone, she examined the room closer.

There was no one around. But she was sure she heard a voice. Brows furrowing, she tried to find the source. The room and bathroom was empty. Then, she tried to look outside only to realise there was another room. Peeking into the other room, she found Cameron on the phone.

It wasn't that she was surprised to see him but as she had just woken up, her body wasn't up to speed and her heart jumped before calming. Still feeling lethargic, she took a seat at the sofa to wait him out. It appeared to be a very heated conversation as he paced by the window arguing with the person on the other. It was difficult to hear him as he was whispering into the phone. That didn't last long as he raised his voice and shouted into the phone again.

"Well, you can take that concern and shove it up your ass. I saw none of that during the lunch today and I have to ask whether you even care about Sharon, "he said, lowering his voice when he mentioned her name. Wondering at that volume change, it was answered by what he said next. "Anyway, Sharon's sleeping and I don't want to continue this pointless conversation. I just called to let you know where we are. Control your manic wife and- Ah, I'll call you back."

"H-hey, "she said, when their eyes connected. Feeling awake, it suddenly felt hot under the collar. She wondered what to say or how to feel. She had just witnessed him defending her so gratitude was there. But the anger and indignation at his high-handedness had returned, raring to pounce on him. Before anything else though, there was an important question.

"Where are we?" From the way he looked away, she knew it wasn't going to be good. "Cameron."

"A hotel."

"And why are we at a hotel?"

"You know, we got here so late that it's impossible to drive back." She had to take a deep breath to keep from exploding. He was answering her questions and being evasive at the same time.

"Okay. Then what time are we going back tomorrow?"she asked, still suspicious. It felt like the other shoe was going to drop.

"We don't have to go back so fast. I mean, I talked to Matt and he said to take a break." And there was the other shoe. Unable to say anything, she grabbed the nearest thing she could find, which was a throw pillow, and approached him. "You can come back next week- Now, Sharon, you're going to hurt yourself, "he said in a calm, soothing voice.

"As long as you are hurt as well, I don't care. Cameron, how could you? That's my boss. He's supposed to be impartial about this kind of things. I just

s thing for her. Something she did naturally. Her eyes were not fixed on him or anything. They were instead roaming around, looking at the stores and the people. She had even returned to her food. Only now, she was occasionally feeding him as well.

He still accepted the food but confusion reigned within. The first question that popped into his head was why. Why was she doing this? Did she do this because he didn't have any food? And then, next was what. What did this mean? Was she doing this for him specifically or would any man do?

As these questions ran rampant in his mind, he observed her further, wondering whether he should attach a deeper meaning onto this. Suddenly, she looked up at him when his teeth jostled the fork a bit more than usual. That was when her eyes widened and her face reddened. Hurriedly finishing the food, she threw away the container and walked away.

He was stunned. What just happened? She had run off like a bat out of hell. And without a word to him. Not knowing where she had gone to, he was about to give chase when he heard his name. When he saw that it was a fan, he wished that he hadn't. He wanted to be incognito.

Greeting his fan, he hoped it was a simple request for an autograph or a photo together. His eyes were in the direction of where she had disappeared to but at this rate, he was going to lose her. But this wasn't a simple interaction. And this was not the only fan.

When one came, more people noticed him. And before long, he had attracted the attention of others and a crowd had formed around him. Realising it was getting out of hand, he was frantically thinking about what to do to get out of this when Sharon came back.

In her professional mode, she swiftly made a path for him, answering questions with a non-answer and ignoring the openly disgruntled fans. Some of them were openly cursing her, promising some kind of retribution. He had to catch himself from hitting those disrespectful idiots. The only time she faltered was when a female fan practically threw herself at him. He made sure to catch her before she fell before letting her go and keeping his distance.

Hoping Sharon wouldn't misunderstand, they managed to walk around a little bit more with no other encounters with his fans and he enjoyed the time they had together.

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