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Her chest hurt, her eyes stung, her pride was smashed to the floor. Sharon was having a miserable day as it was. She didn't need to let anyone else bring her down. Barely holding in her sobs, she controlled the need to run and walked calmly out of there. Or she would have if someone hadn't grabbed her wrist.

Not again.

Tears filling her eyes and making her sight blurry, she immediately turned back and tried to break his grip. She knew it was Cameron. Who else would grab her just like that? But she had held so much in for the past few hours, beginning with the meeting from him.

And now, after this lunch, her breaking point was just a hair's breadth away. Feeling on the cusp, she wanted t get away as far as possible. There was no way she wanted to have a break down here where the others could see her.

So why wasn't he letting her go?

Instead, ignoring her push and tugs, he pulled her effortlessly into his embrace and kept her there until she stopped struggling. There was no use fighting his strength. She just had to wait until he let her go. Sullenly staring into his chest, she waited for him to speak, regretting ever agreeing to this lunch. Even now, as she waited, her tears had lost the battle and were now streaming endlessly down her cheeks. Resentment for him grew.

"Hi. Can you bring around my car?"he called out to the valet. She couldn't help kicking him. Was his car so important that he couldn't let her go first? She didn't even ask for his help. And now, his hand was rubbing down her back, as if to soothe her. Which she hated with all her heart. Which she wished she could shake off. Which she was never going to admit, not even under torture, that it indeed made her feel better. She was startled out of her thoughts when he spoke softly. "Let me take you back. That's the least I can do since I brought you here."

That was nice of him, she thought icily even as she refused to answer him. Turning her head away, she was going to pout and keep her silence when she saw some onlookers looking at him. At her. Alarmed, she returned her gaze to his chest but now, she tried to get out, pushing at his chest. But his arms only tightened. And, if she was not wrong, he brought her deeper into his arms, as if to hide her.

Hearing a car coming to a stop, she assumed it was his and was waiting for him to loosen his embrace but he didn't let her go. Confused, she looked up at him and was startled by the intense look in his eyes. And then, he walked with her to her side of the car and stood by the opening until she was in. Only then did he go to his side and drive away.

"What was that about?"she asked, pulling her seat belt on. He was looking particularly grim, weaving around traffic and ignoring the other road users.

"There were some paparazzi around. I didn't want you to be photographed by them."

"What? Oh no." She was distressed. Her relationship with him was no longer just roommates. Working with Matt, there was a professional distance that she had to keep. He was one of the agency's clients and it would look bad if one of the agency's agents was seen with their client in an intimate setting. Her mind racing, she took out her phone. "I have to let Matt know and clarify it with Holly-"

"Why Holly?"

"What do you mean "why"? She's your

go. He had stopped speaking to her, meeting her, for weeks. Months. And he thought he was fine. He had enjoyed himself, living in his own apartment, getting a new girlfriend. But he hadn't expected the gnawing pain and loneliness. Even when he had been surrounded by people or just alone with Holly, it felt like something was missing.

It was only when he saw Sharon again that he knew what that something was. At first, he had been against the very thought that he needed her in his life. He had even flaunted Holly in front of her. And hurt her in the process. Something he was very aware of even while doing it. And everything was fine.

But it took the call from Scott for him to realise that he needed her in his life. He had been frantic to know where she went, calling people she knew and on the verge of driving all around the huge city to find her. None of that seemed ridiculous. Not at that time. Not even now.

And now that he was alone with his own thoughts, he found out something interesting about himself. And that was the only reason he was able to stay away and find a girlfriend was that he knew where to find her. Sharon was always going to be at the apartment. No matter where he went and what he did, he could always go back to the apartment and find her, ever willing to entertain him.

But when he had received the call and went to the apartment, it was like a wake-up call. As he was progressing in life, she was also living her own life. According to what she had said during that photoshoot, their paths were diverging. And, if he went along that logic, they would one day just be strangers.

He didn't want that. He wanted them to always be close, always be together. And that feeling was so strong, much stronger than his feelings for Holly. Realising who was more important in his life, he had quickly made a decision.

It hadn't been easy to break up with Holly but he'd gone through with it. Holly hadn't taken it well. She had started throwing things at him, some of which were hard enough to hurt. But even as his arms and shoulders throbbed, he would gladly go through that again.

Because now that he was free, his desire for Sharon had grown even stronger.

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