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Sharon rushed out of the meeting room. She didn't want to say that she ran but if anyone saw her, they'd say she ran. But she couldn't help it. This meeting had been ambushed upon her. And, not only that, it was one of the most uncomfortable meetings in her life.

Before this, she had been doing her job, minding her own business, the usual stuff. That had been when Matt's secretary suddenly called her in. Having no idea what that was about, she felt like she had been sprung a trap by Matt.

Going in, she had paused at the doorway. Apparently, the meeting was about Cameron and his progress with the physiotherapy. That was fine and she would understand the reason for her presence. She was the one who had the latest update about the physiotherapy from the agency. But within the room, apart from Matt, the client himself and Bryan, there was also his girlfriend, Holly.

His girlfriend!

If it was not uncomfortable enough seeing Cameron again after their last confrontation, she had to endure Holly's presence. She had had to steel herself and present the most professional front she could. Luckily, he didn't say anything to Matt. But she couldn't relax.

There were eyes on her the entire time. Eyes that were both hostile and furious. Focusing on the front the entire time, she didn't know who was doing what or if it was just one person. But it was disconcerting and she wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

Which explained her speedy exit upon the conclusion of the meeting. Not even sure about what the others were discussing about, she just wanted to put as much space between herself and the meeting room as possible.

"Sharon, wait." A hand caught her wrist, pulling her to a stop.

"Mr Ballard, how are you doing? Is there anything I can help with?"she asked, turning coolly to him. There were other unpleasant words at the tip of her tongue but she had to hold it back. This was still her office. But her eyes were shooting fire at him. Of which she was sure he was immune to.

"Ah, I need to speak to you. Do you mind if we talk over lunch?"

"About what? If it's about work, we can just talk here-"

"It's not about work. Do you want me to talk about it here?" From the look in his eyes, it was clearly about her sister. Cursing Amelia in her mind, she was about to refuse when his furrowed brows showed how serious he was.

Feeling backed into a corner, she shook her head reluctantly. She was trying to minimise her interactions with him but that was failing miserably. He knew how and when to push her, something she wished he wouldn't use against her. But of course he'd use it to get his way.

"Oh look, "she said tonelessly, "I have some free time. I'd be happy to have lunch with you, Mr Ballard. Let me grab my purse."

"I'll cover for it-"

"No, no. I can't possibly let you do that. Please wait for me here, "she said firmly before leaving for her desk. But as she walked away, she couldn't help but notice the hostile glare from Cameron's girlfriend.


Inside Cameron's car, Sharon wondered what she was doing. He was weaving through traffic in some unknown part of New York. All she knew was that she was in the richer part of the city. A part where she had never been to. A part she never wanted to be to. It felt too much like the world Amelia was in.

Having a bad feeling in her stomach, she wished she had asked him where they were going.Oh why had she simply gotten into this guy's car? Her initial assumption had been that they were going to the usual diner. Which, now that she thought about it, was no reason to get the car if it was that

g left out. "They were nothing more than co-workers but she misconstrued it to be more than that-"

"Jasmine, stop, "Tony said. That was the first time he had spoken during the lunch. It was clear that he held the pants in the relationship. One word from him and Jasmine kept quiet. And it was like everyone on the table was holding their breath. But he had a feeling that it wasn't due to the show of dominance.

Suddenly, with a clatter of cutleries, Sharon stood up. Like a spell breaking over the table, everyone just looked silently at her.

"Amelia, Scott, thank you for this unexpected treat. But I have to get back to work, "she said before grabbing her purse and walking out. Startled, Cameron was about to go after her when Jasmine called out to her.

"Running away? Again? Is that the only thing you know to do?"

That seemed to strike a chord with Sharon because she stopped and turned to glare at the woman. This was a different kind of glare. A glare that was hot enough to set someone on fire. And if he had to venture a guess, this person would be to Jasmine.

"I'm sorry that I don't have a rich fiancé to support me, like you. That means I have to work to live. And, I have to say, I like my job. I get to meet other famous people. You know, the kind of famous people you are dying to meet? Yeah, I see them every day, "Sharon hissed, spewing all the suppressed anger at a convenient target.

"Really? And what is your job exactly? A high-class call girl?"

"Not even that. Maybe just a prostitute, "Alicia snorted, supporting Jasmine. Cameron was both shocked and outraged. That came out of the left field. Like what did she have against her daughter? And Sharon was visibly shocked as well. Her jaw slackened before she regained her composure. And all emotions left her face.

"Alright. Whatever. I don't have to deal with this. I didn't ask for this. I definitely didn't know about this. And I, for sure, don't have to stay for this. So thank you again for the meal. Hope to see all of you never. Just for the record, Jasmine, an ugly puppy is so much cuter than a man-grabbing slug. And since I know you're too slow to get it, you're the slug I'm talking about. Good day."

"I think- I'll just make sure she's alright, "Cameron said, barely sparing the table a glance before chasing after her.

It was only when he was nearly out of earshot that he heard Jasmine's angry screech.

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