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"Mr Ballard, I would appreciate it if you can please let me go, "Sharon said through gritted teeth.

She was mad. She was boiling mad. How dared he question her as if she'd done something wrong? As if he had any liberty to do so when he had decided to shack up with some woman without telling her. She hadn't gone all bonkers on him then, like he was now. It wasn't that she didn't want to but held herself back. She had been perfectly aware, and reminded herself multiple times, that they were nothing more than roommates. Close ones but not anything that would prevent them from doing their own things. Or date other people. Or move out, in this case.

But his worst offense was siding with them. How dared he took their side? That was the worst betrayal of all times. And that was the major source of her anger. That was the reason she was so close to losing her cool.

But, as the two of them glared at each other, she reminded herself of what she had done and achieved so far. There had been so much growth and changes. The person she had been when he left and the person she was now were worlds apart. This was not the time to revert back to that woman.

"Mr Ballard, I will not say it again. Please let me go, "she repeated slowly.

"Then tell me where the hell you have been, Ms Ashwood, "he responded, his voice gravelly and low. Which, for some reason, pushed her buttons. Ignoring the shiver of pleasure that ran down her spine, she kept her eyes strictly on him.

"I do not see how this is relevant to your treatment. I apologise that my sister got you involved in this family disagreement. I will speak to her regarding this. But, if it is about work, I can always be contacted via the office. With the treatment, I have spoken to your physiotherapist and he was optimistic about your progress." She had to pause and take a deep breath. It was difficult to maintain her professional tone. It was like she was unravelling just by being near him. "Now, I have to return to my mentor- Ah, ow, Cameron, you're hurting me."

"I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry, "Cameron immediately let go of her before running his hands through his hair. It was clear he was frustrated by her and a part of her enjoyed being so reticent. This was like payback. For all the days of worry when he hadn't contacted her. For leaving it to the media to break it to her that he had moved out.

Even so, a larger part of her wanted to revel in his concern and care. She had missed this. He had been the first person she would go to when there was any problem. Or it was more of him forcing the truth out of her. And even when there weren't any, she could still talk. Share the stories of what happened that day.

But, as she sternly reminded herself, he had a girlfriend. He was happily in a relationship, as evidenced by the displays of affection last week. So she, Sharon, had no business being attracted or entertaining any attraction to him.

"I'm glad you're done with all the Mr Ballard."

"I do not know what you're talking about, Mr Ballard, "she said woodenly, suppressing her smile. Then her heart sank. Just when she had told herself to keep her distance, she did this. It was like talking to a wall. Feeling like banging her head against the wall, she was taken aback by Cameron's next outburst.

"Damn it. Just tell me where you are staying. Is that so much to ask?"he suddenly demanded, striking his fist

way Matt would allow them to use his office for a personal issue.

So he had been excited to know that she was at the set. But when he had seen her being surrounded by all those boys, something in him snapped. Having no recollection of what he did, he only came around when he was next alone with her. Then, not knowing what got a hold of him, he began shouting at her.

Thinking back, he was curling into himself in shame. He had hurt her physically, he'd let out his anger on her and he'd made her cry. His mother would whack him if she knew what he did. And his father would beat him up after that. He wouldn't blame them.

But at least he knew where she was not. The only reason he knew was because he'd overheard some of the younger players discussing how Sharon and Logan were connected. Apparently they had hung out at Logan's place once and she had been there, consuming tubs after tubs of ice-cream.

The corners of his lips kicked up. She must've been nervous. It was always difficult to control her intake when her feelings got the better of her.

Unlike Holly, who was unfailingly logical and always passionate. It was oxymoronic but she used logic to justify her passion. But sometimes he found her too logical and passionate. They didn't meet as often as when they first started going out and Cameron was fine with that.

Now that he was comparing how he felt with Holly and Sharon, he suddenly realised there was a distinct difference. His brows furrowing in confusion, he wondered why. He knew he had feelings for Sharon but surely they wouldn't be that strong. They were just friends.

And he did like Holly. She was a great person to be around but not necessarily someone he wanted around all the time. That was why he didn't like his physiotherapy sessions as much. She was always hovering around somewhere. Just thinking about it made him suffocated. But if Sharon was there, he knew he'd want to be at his best behaviour, show his best side. It was like something ingrained in him.



It sounded like he had more feelings for Sharon than he did Holly. Like Sharon was more important than Holly. Like Sharon's impression of him mattered more than Holly's.

In that case, why was he even dating Holly in the first place?

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