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"Hey, Share-"

Sharon didn't let Scott even finish his greeting. She was too fired up by Amelia. How dared her sister kick her out? Didn't Amelia know why she came to the big city in the first place? Was all that sympathy a front? She must have sold her out. That sneaky bitch.

"Scott, do you know what happened? Of course, you know. I mean, you guys are there together. Just talk some sense into my sister. Why is she even talking to them in the first place? They are the worst of the worst and she's letting them use your place for god knows what. This is your place in the first place. Let them know you don't allow this and get them to find their own place-"

"Sharon, Sharon, hold up, "Scott shouted, making the barrage of words stop. She was stunned. This was the first time he had raised his voice at her. The normally soft-spoken Scott had shouted at her. The one other person she thought she could trust. It felt like the world was collapsing around her.

She couldn't help the tears filling her eyes again. Was she losing everyone close to her? Feeling herself falling into a deep pit, she was unprepared for his voice came back on the phone. She hadn't even realised the call was still ongoing. "Alright. I've calmed down your sister. Now, she's going to cool down elsewhere. Back to your concern- Sharon? Are you still there?"

She was so surprised that her voice was not working. Only some unintelligible noise came out in response. She was trying her best to keep her bubbling emotions under tight lid but everything was going to come out at one wrong move.

"Are you alright?"

"No, "she squeaked. Her throat felt so tight that she could barely squeeze a word out.

"Look, I know that you are not happy about them coming but my hands are tied."

"What do you mean? This is your apartment-"

"Yes, it is. But this is my mother-in-law coming. I can't just reject her."

"And you can reject me?"

"No. I am not- We are not rejecting you. I mean, we've opened the apartment to you when you came. Now, someone else needs it and-"

"I-I understand. I'll have to make room for them, right? I have to leave, right?" Her eyes had dried up as the conversation had progressed. They were as dry as the desert but she was far from fine. It felt like her entire chest was getting sucked into the black hole that was her heart. Everything was coming at her and she could not process it. Her brain was just taking in things she could process and segmenting everything else away until she could deal with them at a better time.

"Share, that's not what I mean. I know you have something against them but Amelia doesn't so-"

"So don't make it difficult for her, right? I get it, I get it. I'll get out of your hair. Don't worry. I got promoted at work so I have the money to get an apartment on my own. I'll clear everything out in a couple of days. They should get a pristine apartment when they arrive. Oh and about the rent I owe you, let me get an apartment first and work out my finances."

Ignoring Scott as he tried to call her back, she ended the call. Looking around her room expressionlessly, she had no more room within her for thoughts or emotions. Anger, despair, sadness, none of them had a place right now. All she knew was that she had to leave. And to make sure she wouldn't meet the

ed and his eyes flared bright upon seeing everyone's gaze on him. Her heart beating in alarm, Sharon knew he was going to do something reckless. Something that was going to make this worst.

Grabbing his tense arm, she smiled up at him.

"Mr Ballard, thank you for your timely assistance. I was about to be suffocated being around so many men. I mean, who would be used to such a thing, right?"she said in a totally unironic way. It's not like she was used to being around the a lot of guys. She was just used to being around these guys.

This group of guys were around Logan all the time. She had met them since she ended up staying with him until her apartment was ready. It was surprising but she was also close to quite a few of them. But that didn't mean, she thought as she warned them away with a glare, they could encircle her like a pack of wolves surround their preys.

Only in this case, she reflected with a grin, they looked more like puppies who had just been scolded but she didn't care. Her focus right now was Cameron. Serving as a proxy to Matt, she had to make sure he didn't make a scene.

"This reminds me. I need to discuss something with you. About your treatment." She steeled her heart. Everyone in the room knew this was a sensitive topic for him. But she didn't have any other topic for discussion.

"Alright, "he said woodenly.

"Great, great. Let's find a quiet area." Leading him away, her eyes connected with her mentor and he indicated he'd take care of things in the area. Nodding her understanding, the two of them left.

Rounding a corner, she was about to ask about his girlfriend when he pulled her into an alcove she hadn't noticed. Her back slammed against the wall while he looked over her. His face was twisted with anger. So much rage.

"Where? Where hell have you been? Don't you know how worried everyone is? What's wrong with you? Why are you avoiding Scott and Amelia? Do you know how much they have called me? And where are you staying? I got to the apartment as soon as I got their call but you were already gone, "Cameron demanded.

And even while fear momentarily engulfed her, it was immediately replaced with anger.

How dared he question her?

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