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Scowling up at Cameron, Sharon had to hold back the urge to touch her lips. The last thing she had expected this morning was a hot, hot, hot kiss. It was, honestly, the hottest thing she had done in her entire life. Nothing could compare. A shiver ran down her spine. From the way Cameron's eyes became half-mast, she could tell that he'd noticed. The air between them became more heated and she felt herself moving closer but common sense intruded at the last moment.

Regretfully tearing herself away from him and moving to the centre of the room, she grabbed her sweatpant for a lack of better things to do. Stabbing her legs into the holes, she took the opportunity to calm her heartbeat and breathing. Her mind was still scrambling but at least her body was cooling down.

She couldn't help but wish that this was just another normal day. At this point of the morning, she would usually be getting ready to head out that door, putting some finishing touches to dinner, grabbing her purse as she ran out of the door after Cameron. Today would have been different regardless, since Cameron had moved out, but she would still have gotten ready for work. For a fact, she knew she would have been in the subway by now; she had set an alarm for an hour earlier to make up for her new fact of life.

However fate decided to throw a wrench in her plans. She had been seconds away from getting in between a brawl and had recently been drawn into the steamiest encounter in her life. Her panties were sticky from residual arousal. As much as she wanted to do it again, though, she needed to get her life back on track. Or as on track as she could make it.

"Look, Cameron, I don't know what's going on with you. Or with Logan. Or with that date last night. I don't know what you are thinking when you climbed into my bed last night. Hell, I don't even know what you're thinking about right now. But I've had enough. I don't need this right now. I have more important things to worry about. With Matt being gone for the rest of the week, the both of us has to wait for him to be back and the anticipation is going to kill me. So what I need you to do is to get out of here. Get out of the apartment-"

"And leave you with that pansy-ass son of a bitch? I think not, "he growled, directing a glare in the general direction of the kitchen. That was what he mattered? The only thing he got from her brush off? Sharon gaped in astonishment before she let out a growl of frustration. She didn't know what to do about this and wasn't going to spare any more energy on this.

"Fine. Whatever. He can go too. I don't care. Just leave. Both of you. One of you. Flip a coin, why don't ya? All I care about right now is getting to work on time and going about my usual day. My day has already gotten such a fucked up start that I need some normalcy in my life, "she grumbled, throwing her hands up. Propping her arms on her hips, she waited for him to move but was taken aback when he walked up to her, stopping at her feet, and gripped her shoulders. Her head had to fall back to even see him a


"As if that would hurt you. Look at my hand. Look at it. I think I broke something, you lump of rock, "she cried.

"Well, you shouldn't have hit me in the first place. I did you a favour and this is how I get repaid. The manners of people these days, "he said, forcing his smile away when she began sputtering.

"Oh yeah? You didn't have to do this in the first place. Logan would have gladly sent me. Right?"

The both of them turned to him and he held his hand up. It looked like he was trying his best to press against his door and be as small as possible. Not that it worked since he was so massive and all.

"Leave me out of this, you guys."

"Alright. I am done with this-"

"What do you mean?"he demanded, fisting his hands so that he wouldn't grab her and make her stay in the car. He knew he was doing this wrong but he couldn't help himself.

"What I mean is that I am going to work right now before the security guard comes checking up on why the car isn't moving or why no one has disembarked. The two of you can carry on with you day and I will meet up with Logan later-"

"Uh, I have something on, "he wisely cut in and said. Cameron always knew the kid had some brain in him.

"Ok, whatever. You, Cameron, can carry on with you life and I will carry on with mine."

"I'll come and fetch you later, "he said, his voice and face implacable. She didn't skip a breath.

"Fine. See you later, then. Bye, Logan. Don't forget what we discussed." Cameron grabbed her arm when she was about to open the car door.

"What about me?"he asked with a pout. Her lost look was adorable.

"What about you?"

"You didn't say goodbye to me."

"Um, goodbye-" She wasn't able to finish her sentence since he had buried his hand at the back of her head and drew her into a kiss. A short, hard kiss. He loved the dazed look when he was done before a frown replaced it. "You have to stop doing that. Now, good. Bye."

The two men watched as Sharon entered the building. Then Logan turned to him.

"So what do you have planned?"

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