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Cameron had been in a bad mood all day. His shoulders ached, his stomach grumbled and his head ached. Ached so bad that he had the strongest urge to bang his head on the wall. But he continued down the hall, barely resisted the urge. Just barely.

The worst part was that he didn't know what caused all of them. It was certainly not because of the therapy. He wasn't doing any strenuous activity, unless sex counted. He was even sleeping early most days. But still, they occurred.

All of them had slowly started a couple of months back and he had no idea what caused them. At first, they were not noticeable but now, as they increased intensity over time, he was driven up the wall with discomfort. Not even having sex helped.

And now, he had to go back to the clinic on a free day for some check-up or something. He really didn't know what that was about but, still, he was there. Truthfully, he had planned to skip this. But there was a loud voice that drove him out of his apartment to honor the appointment. And the voice sounded suspiciously like Sharon.

Sharon who was right in front of him.

Feeling as if he was in a dream, he had to blink twice to make sure that it was her. It wasn't that he had forgotten what she had looked like but she looked different. For one thing, she was smaller. Wait, smaller was not the right word. It was more accurate to say that she had slimmed down. Slimmed down drastically.

Was she not eating? Was she not taking care of himself? Had his absence pushed her over the edge? Worry and concern filling him, he called out to her

And all his bad mood disappeared when he saw her smile. It was like a breath of fresh air in the smoggy city. He could even smell the flowers in the corridor.

"Cameron, "she responded brightly. "I thought you won't be in for the day." Approaching him with her wide smile, she stopped mere feets in front of him. Uneasiness filled him. He wasn't sure but it seemed like she was keeping a distance from him. Her next question distracted him. "So what are you doing here? Meeting your girlfriend?"

"Right. My girlfriend. Ah, I'm not here to visit her. We kinda keep our work and personal life separate, "he responded quickly, his heart beating fast and sweat dripping from his back. Guilt was twining all over his body and making him panicky.

But there was no reason to be guilty in the first place. He knew that. Yet the feeling persist. Was it because he had moved out without a word to her? Well, technically, they weren't officially living together. He was just squatting at Scott's apartment while she lived there at the same time. Speaking of which, he wondered how she was doing.

"Oh. Right. Of course. She has to professional at work, right? Since you're a client and all." Sharon's reaction was suspect but he wasn't able to concentrate on the conversation. His eyes were checking her out. Travelling left and right, up and down. There were so many changes that he wasn't sure if he wasn't dreaming this up.

The next change that he noticed was her outfit. It was a pant suit, pale pink blazer with silk inner top and pale pink pants. The suit fits her much better now, hugging her curves and chest. Her huge chest that was out for everyone to see. Alarm flashing in his head, he wanted to wrap her in a blanket and throw her deep inside his closet. Keep her hidden.

Knowing that was ridiculous, he shook off that feeling. Then his eyes travelled down to her feet and he was further assailed with shock. She was wearing heels. Sharon who had sworn off heels.Sharon-- who sneered at other women who wore hee

quite softly. But if she wasn't wrong, Ams actually sounded like she wanted Cam to be there.

"So what's with the call?"

"You know, I have some guest coming over the apartment the next few days. They'll be sharing the apartment with you but don't worry. They won't be there much. They'll be out and about shopping for a wedding."

"A wedding? That sounds nice. Who are these people?" Usually Sharon would take it at face value. Usually, she had nothing to worry about. Especially from her sister. But, this time, something about Amelia's tone made her wary. Waiting for her answer, it felt like stones were gathering in her stomach. Why was she so quiet? Was there something she wouldn't be comfortable with sharing? Sharon had just asked about who was coming- Her heart almost stopped beating. Something had occurred to her. Surely her sister wouldn't- "Amelia, who are these people? Are they people I know? Ames…. Amelia!"

"Alright. Fine. They're coming. Just to shop around. They won't be at the apartment a lot so you can pretend they're not there."

Sharon shot upright, her ears still couldn't believe what she was hearing. Was her sister telling her to live in the same apartment as those people? Those people who had made her life miserably? Those people?

She refused to take this.

"No. Let them go to another place to shop. I won't stay under the same roof as them."

"Come on, Share. I had no choice-"

"No choice? They gave you no choice? What exactly did they do that you felt like you didn't have a choice? And that doesn't matter. I'm offended that you would even consider letting them stay here-"

"Well, it's my apartment and I get to decide. If you don't like it so much, move out."

"Fine. I will! And just so you know, you're the worst sister ever."

Not bothering to listen to Amelia's retort, Sharon ended the call. She got to her feet and looked around frantically. What should she do? Pack? Find an apartment? Cry? Her mind was a mess, her eyes filling up again, her heart a big, giant open wound.

Why was all of these happening to her? She barely recovered from this afternoon and this bomb just had to be dropped that night. On the verge of another crying fit, she almost dropped her phone when it vibrated. Thinking it was Amelia again, she was reluctant to answer until she saw the screen. Then she couldn't answer it fast enough.

"Hello? Scott?"

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