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"Hey, what are you doing here?" Sharon asked when Logan joined her at the dining table. It had been a surprise when security had told her of his presence but she welcomed it. Anything to get her mind off the emptiness in the apartment. And since he had been there before, she hadn't felt the need to meet him at the door. Apart from the fact that she could see the entrance from where she was sitting; she now adored the open concept which had made her feel so exposed before.

"I'm just worried, "he responded quietly, taking a seat across from her. She didn't have to ask what "it" was. Since she was helping him, she was well aware what he was talking about. Running her gaze over him, she could see how the uncertainty was taking a toll on him. His lips were red and chapped, probably from him chewing on them, and he was paler than usual. His posture was also worrying. It was very different from the bright man that had driven her to work this morning. Worry replaced the moroseness that had almost overwhelmed her a few minutes before.

"Did she contact you again?"she asked, leaning forward so as to look into his downcast eyes. When he physically turned his body away from her, she knew she had her answer. "What did you say?"

"I can't tell you anything, Share. It could get you in trouble, "he said, his voice the most tortured thing she had ever heard. She could tell that he wanted to tell her but, somehow, that bitch had instilled a sense of fear in him. That ignited her anger.

"I don't care about that. I care about you. Even though we don't really know each other that well and you made my lunch miserable yesterday, this morning changed my mind about you. I'd even consider you my friend, "she told him, taking a hold of his hand. He was still stubbornly not looking at her. Sighing and complaining about the male ego under her breath, she moved to sit beside him, seated such that she was facing him. "Look, I don't care about what anyone in that office thinks about me. Aside from the fact that I just don't care about the industry, I've learned, from past experience, that caring about other people's opinions will never make me happy. And while I am learning to let the comments slide off my back, I would never take a step back when someone I consider a friend is in trouble."

"And I'm your friend?"he said, trying to be male and sound dismissive but the joy pierced through.

"Why else would I be touching you all over?"she said with a snort, lifting up the hand that was entwined with his. She was, honestly, quite surprised by the ease with how she was touching him. It took her a while to be comfortable with holding hands with her ex. She had thought that he had been mindful of her discomfort when he hadn't insisted on any touching when they were in public. B

they spent the rest of the night. Ironing out some details, like how to stall Kathryn until they could speak to Matt and what else they could do.


What was that noise? Sharon felt her brows move together in her sleep but the fog that was filling her mind refused to release her into the world of the wakefulness. Not even that godforsaken shrill was going to disturb her rest. Aware of her arm sweeping out, with her eyes closed, and pushing something off her side table, she was just glad that that noise had stopped. Now to return to the sweet bliss of sleep.

Snuggling into her blanket and the warm pillow beside her, she was momentarily nonplussed when her nose felt like it was hitting a hard surface. But she was too comfortable to care. With the arm around her, this was the most comfortable she had been in New York. Her eyes still closed, she moved closer to the pillow and found herself groaning-

Wait, that sound hadn't come from her. She could never make any sound that low. And where had the arm come from? Her eyes shot open even as her mind was processing that question, she was shocked to find a bare chest before her. So shocked that she began moving away before that realisation could sink in. Moving away so far that she had reached the edge before she knew it. A scream escaped her before she could stop it.

And the way Cameron jackknifed up was so fast that she found herself shutting up.

She was barely registering his presence through the pain when her door crashed open and Logan came in in his boxers and a pillow in his uplifted arm. When he saw Cameron, he lowered his hand with a distinctly confused loo. On the other hand, Cameron looked angry. This was the most angry she had seen him.

"What is he doing here?"the both of them asked.

And Sharon wondered when her life had gone down the rabbit hole.

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