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Fiddling with the sugar packets on the table, Sharon tried her hardest to distract herself. Looking around the diner, her eyes followed the food but, unfortunately, not with the usual intensity and obsession. She used to get so absorbed and interested in all the different food. But not today.

The word "agent" kept popping every few minutes. Looking at a milkshake, "agent". A burger passed by, "agent". A couple passing by, "agent. That word was not leaving her alone. Roughly gathering her hair by the side of her head, she felt like tearing her hair out. That word kept echoing in her head.

Groaning miserably, she crossed her arm on the table and rested her forehead where they intersected. Banging her arms with her head repeatedly, a question kept going around her head. Why? Why? Why?

Why her? She wasn't interested in sports, which was practically impossible for someone who wanted to be in this field. She didn't have the skills necessary, which should be a serious mark against her by any hiring manager, much less the owner of the company. And, most importantly, she liked her old job. She didn't hate it. Not as much as Cameron made it out to be.

So why? Why was she told to be an agent?

Yeah, told. She wasn't even told to consider it. Matt might have said to think about it but she knew what he wanted her to say. His eyes had transmitted his true meaning to her. The serious, serious eyes.

Moaning when the words "agent" and "why" began doing the cha-cha in her head, she jerked upright when the table shook violently. Her eyes widening when she caught sight of Cameron settling into the booth across her, she didn't have time to say anything. A flash of red from her peripheral had her moving.

Her hands shooting out, she tried to catch the red mug of coffee that was knocked off balance. Fumbling with the spoon and mug, she thought, inevitably, the mug would overturn and coffee was going to be everywhere. But, by some special alignment of the stars, she managed to keep the coffee within the confines of the mug.

Heaving a sigh of relief, she narrowed her eyes on the laughing man across her. Putting down the mug, she blew out an irritated breath and waited for him to stop.

"Y-you were like an acrobat. A bad one. More like a three-year-old holding her first real cup of water. I-I mean how bad must your grip be to let the mug slip through. Not just-just once or t-twice but THREE times. I've seen old people better than you."

Rolling her eyes, she left him to his own amusement and called for the waitress. Her stomach had let its presence be known and it was protesting its emptiness. She didn't have breakfast and lunch had slipped her mind even though she was in the restaurant. Looking at the time, it wasn't a wonder why her stomach was growling so obnoxiously. When the waitress arrived, she gave her order and ignored Cameron when he slipped in his own order.

Sitting back when the waitress left, she waited nervously for Cameron to speak. An entirely different aura now surrounded him once they were alone. Her hands couldn't help but reach out to the sugar packets again.

"So, you're going to be an agent, huh? Big news, "he finally said. A rush of anxiety and anger crashed into her. No matter how she wanted to run away from this, there was no escaping it. It wasn't that she had forgotten why Cameron was there, why she was there, but was there any reason to talk about it?

"To my dismay, yes, I am." Her jaw was clenched so tightly that she had a hard time getting any words out.

"That's great. Right? I mean, you get to meet athletes. Not many people get to say that, "he said, highlighting one of the benefits of the job. Some of the anger left her, being replaced by mirth. This reminded her of when he tried to sell her to job the first time around.

I didn't expect to see you tonight. Weren't you going to stay in your room the entire night? Like last time, "he said defensively.

"Aww, don't pout, "she said in a sweet tone. As if speaking to a baby.

"I'm a man. Man don't pout." Gnashing his teeth, he felt like snapping under her scrutiny. Suddenly aware of his lower lip jutting out, he hurriedly composed himself. "See? Not pouting."

"Right, right, "she said as her eyes transmitting the fact that she didn't believe him. Unable to come up with a suitable comeback, the conversation lapsed and silence reigned.

"So, ah, do you want a beer?"he asked for lack of anything better to say. The quiet was wearing on his nerves.

"Sure, one would be great to end this day I've had."

Glad to have something to do, he rushed to the fridge and took out two bottles, one for him and the other for her. Helping her with the bottle cap, silence returned as they both took a swig. This time, however, the silence was comfortable. There was no burning urge to fill it.

"So, um, returning to what you said earlier, "she suddenly said. Unprepared, he almost spat out the beer. His heartbeat began picking up again. She looked so uncomfortable that he had a bad feeling about it. "It's not that I didn't appreciate your offer. I mean, I really, really wanted to get your help-"

"But?"he prompted, unable to bear the suspense much longer.

"I-I just want to keep work and home separate."

"What do you mean?" His heart throbbed harder.

"It's like, we live together. Go back together. Eat together. I don't want work to get between that. I'm not sure if that makes a lot of sense but it's just a strong feeling that I have. I mean, I'm helping Matt with your physical therapist thing but only that. With this agent thing, I want to see how well I can do on my own."

"So you're taking the job?"

"Yeah. I was thinking about it, about what you said. I can somewhat accept the benefits that you mentioned. I mean, this is the best way for me to get out there. Meet more people. Especially since I don't know many people in the city."

"Right, right. Did you tell Matt or Logan?"

"Not yet. I wanted to run this by you first. What do you think?"

"You know what I think. I've told you all about it already. It's a great idea. So is this where I say congrats on the new job?"

All the saliva had dried from his mouth. His head felt like cotton. He was glad but not as much as he had expected. This was what he wanted for her but why did it feel like she was getting further away?

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