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"Hey, sorry to keep you waiting, "Sharon said as she practically dove into the car. She didn't like to keep anyone waiting, much less Cameron who had been so helpful since the moment she'd arrived.Even though he had given her mixed signals with the kiss and subsequent rush to leave. She hadn't been able to see him this morning that she had basically begged Logan to send her. "I had to talk to Matt about Logan."

"I heard."

Pausing in the act of putting on her seatbelt, she glanced at him before resuming. But this time, she felt distinctly uncomfortable. Uncomfortable for a different reason. His tone had been off and there was a definite tenseness about him. Especially around his jaw and shoulders. She had a feeling that this wasn't about the kiss last night. Waiting for him to say something, as he always did, she shifted uneasily when the silence lengthened and became awkward. Deciding the quiet had gone on for long enough, she decided to say something. Unfortunately, she hadn't thought the words through.

"So is there anything in particular that you want to discuss about in particular? Matt had given me an overview but I'd just like to know whether there's any topic in particular you'd like to bring up, "she said, her eyes fixed on the outside. She could see her reflection as she rolled her eyes. She wanted to bang her head against the nearest wall. That was her third "in particular" in a row. That was not going to help the situation.

Bracing herself for his questions as he was wont to do when she was openly nervous, she was nonplussed when he just said, "I'm sure you're going to do fine." She was so tempted to gape at him but forced herself to face the front.

This was new. She had never faced this side of him before. He had always been expressive even in his anger. Maybe this did have something to do with the kiss. Maybe he was telling her that he didn't want her to get the wrong impression. That it meant nothing to him. Well, message received, she thought crossly. She wasn't going to think about the kiss anymore.

The car descended into quiet again. Tension was returning to her muscles. Hoping to cover the awkwardness, she increased the volume of the radio. Music was a welcome relief from the silence. Her lips curved up in a smile when her favourite song came up. Relaxing b

sensed but the ravenous beast that was her stomach decided to announce its presence again. The growling sounded even louder, especially in the big, empty living area - slash - kitchen.

Morosely poking her bowl of chicken stew, she realised that she would have to begin freezing her meals. Something that hadn't been an option with Cameron's presence. Whatever she cooked would inevitably disappear if she left it alone for the night. It had always filled her with pleasure. And now, her source of endorphins was gone.

Blinking her eyes furiously when she realised they were fast filling with tears, she made herself think about what would get better with his absence. Well, she wouldn't be so concerned about her weight. His words all those weeks ago were still ringing in her mind and it was something she heard whenever she planned the menu for the week. That would be a welcome reprieve.

But, a small corner of her mind chimed up, she had gotten used to the healthier version of the dishes she usually indulged in. When she had once craved for butter and cheese and carbs, she was satisfied with what she was cooking now. It wasn't that she didn't like all of them but it was now an infrequent addition to her meals.

Grumbling at her now inability to let his influence go, she tried to think about something else. Anything to push him out of her mind. It didn't help that the phone rang. Trudging to the irritating phone, her mood perked up when she heard who was visiting.

"Sure, let him come up, "she said brightly to the security.

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