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Sharon was not prepared for what had happened.

Seated beside Logan's lawyer, she could just stare in shock after what Matt had just told her. Her mind was blank and she wanted to pinch herself. Please tell her this was a dream. But never in her wildest dream would she have dreamed up of this.

"You've got to be joking, "she blurted out. If this wasn't a dream, let it be a joke. Something to relieve this heavy tension. Laughing awkwardly, she looked around the room. Everyone looked serious. Stiffening up, the laughter faded away. "This is ludicrous. A recipe for disaster. And, and you agreed to this?"

"I understand your reservations, Sharon, but I do believe you would be a good agent. For one thing, you've gained your client's trust. To the point of being requested directly by Logan. Especially with what Kathryn had done to him, "Matt said when she turned to him. "But I'm not putting you to work immediately. You'll work in a team and under someone I trust. Build up your knowledge and skill. In a couple of months, you'll be ready to be on your own."

"But as an agent? Logan's agent to be specific. I mean, how? How can you just agree-"

"Sharon, we will talk about it later, "Matt cut in, with a meaningful glance at the lawyer. That shut her up immediately. She knew it was not good to air out internal company matters in front of their clients but she hadn't been able to think clearly in her disbelief. Biting her lips, she nodded and tried to compose herself.

"As this is my client's request in order to keep this quiet, I hope Miss Ashwood will become proficient at this role. I do not want my client to be mishandled again, "the lawyer said, looking coldly down at her. Her pride was pricked and she returned his cold stare, straightening her back.

For some reason, this guys rubbed her the wrong way. Immaculately dressed in a three-piece suit, his light blonde hair and sharp green eyes gave off a cool feeling. In contrast, in her simple blouse and skirt, she felt out of place in the office. Which was ridiculous because it was perfectly fine for working in the office. But she would have dressed up if she knew she was to be included in this meeting. Not able to stand the scrutiny from him, she returned her attention to Matt.

"I can assure you that Miss Ashwood will be a fitting agent for Mr Carter. As mentioned, we will assign her to a team leader to assist him while we whip her up to task." Hey! She was quite insulted by the term he used. She was not a horse to be whipped.

But what Matt said was true. She needed time to learn the ropes. While she was doing that, Logan couldn't be neglected so an interim agent was needed. Something to help him recover his life and projects.

Wait, did that mean she had agreed to become his agent? What? No. Looking around for an escape, Logan caught her eyes. And in his gaze was apology and entreaty. Did he really want her to be his agent? Wasn't it a wild plan concocted by his lawyer to test the earnestness of Matt? Was this really his request?

She just couldn't wrap her head around this. She was developing a headache. She should stop thinking. Shaking her head, she realised there was not going to be any answers. Not now. Not with that hard-nosed lawyer in the room. She can only ask questions later.

But, in the meantime, she couldn't help but glare at him. He got her into this mess and he'd better have a good explanation.


The meeting was over soon after. Logan left with his lawyer, meaning that Sharon was alone with Matt. Nervously fiddling her fin

"Hey, watch where you are going, stupid bitch, "a brash voice called. That was when the sound of traffic and people penetrated his ears. Don't tell him she was on the streets of New York? With such a volatile state of mind, she was easy picking.

"Share, where are you? Let me get you and we can talk at home."

"Leave me alone. I don't want to see you. I-I just want to think about this and get my mind straight, "she rejected harshly. Thumping the back of his head on the couch, he wondered why she had to be hardheaded now, of all times. Smacking his forehead, he wondered how he could convince her.

"Sharon, come on. I'm worried about you. Let me come to you. We don't have to talk about this. We can talk about something else. Or nothing at all. We can even go get more ice cream. Just tell me where you are."

Without him realising, these words were the most heartfelt he had uttered in his entire life. He had never worried about any other person in his life. Not like this. If anything happened to her- He couldn't even imagine it. Choking up, he had never felt as strong a sense of urgency for any other. Not even for his family.

What if she was mugged? Or raped? Or kidnapped? Or, worse, all three? She was so vulnerable right now that anyone could come up to her and do anything they want to her. His hand curling into a fist, he repeatedly hit his forehead gently.

Was this what love was about, he wondered. Caring and worrying about another person that he was about to tear his hair out? He was ready to drive everywhere around New York, between her office and the apartment just to make sure she was safe.

And that was madness. There were so many roads, alleys, underpasses in New York. She could be on any one of them. He wished he could track her. Deciding that was the first thing he'd do when she got back, he lifted the phone from his ear to check the screen. The call was still on. Why wasn't she saying anything?

He was about to give it his last shot when she spoke. From her voice, it was clear she was still on the fence about this.

"I, I'm going to the diner."

"Great. I'll be there soon." He knew his voice was too cheerful but there was no helping it. He had been ready to start driving around so the relief he felt when she spoke had crashed into him. He wasn't able to regulate his voice.

Ending the call, he rushed to his room.

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