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"What do you mean she's not there? She can't have left. I'm supposed to send her, "Cameron said, confused. Then a thought struck him. Maybe she had regretted the kiss so much that she decided to brave the public commute again and left before he had even woken up. Dread filling him as that was entirely possible, he opened her door and groaned when he saw that it was empty. She had left.

"Don't worry, dude. I got her there on time, definitely early, although traffic was a bitch. I don't know you deal with it everyday, "Logan said as he headed to the washroom. Cameron wasn't sure he was hearing things. Did Logan just said that he had sent Sharon to work? Sharon had willingly gotten into the car with him even though he had behaved like a moron yesterday?

"You sent her to work?"Cameron questioned, unable to hide his disbelief.

"Yeah. She was already preparing to leave when I woke up to take a leak, "Logan replied, shooting him an irritated glare. The look didn't register to Cameron. He was still reeling from the jealousy that was threatening to overwhelm him.

"But you would have left early if you're back by now. And Sharon must have woken up early. She doesn't do that. She likes her sleep-"

"Well, for whatever reason, she was awake and I was in a good mood." Logan must've seen something in Cameron's face because he continued, "I just dropped her off, dude. What is your problem? Anyway, it was a good thing I did."

"What do you mean?" Cameron was momentarily distracted by the grimness in Logan's face. Despite all the games they had gone through during the season, all the close calls they had had, he had never seen that look in his face; he was always the clown of the group, able to cut through the tension with a joke.

"Kathryn filed the contract."

"What contract?"Cameron asked, lost, before it hit him, His eyes widening, his hand tightened around Logan's wrist. "The one you came down to talk to her about? The one you hadn't signed? But how? Why? Did you go back to sign it?"

"No. I was so wasted yesterday, I didn't even wake up for dinner, "Logan refuted hotly, trying to get his hand out of Cameron's grasp, acting very much like a three-year-old. Cameron didn't let go.

"Then why would Kathryn file it then? What? Did she forge your signature?"

the phone. Just as she was on her way out, she recalled something very important. "Um, Matt, what about our meeting?"

"Reschedule with my secretary, "he said, heading back to his office. She couldn't let him go yet. It was difficult enough to get a meeting with him today. She ran to catch up with him. "Now, remember what I told you to do. Don't let him run you roughshod. I have an open line with the clinic director so I will know what's going on."

"Yes, I remember, "she responded. She wasn't able to get a word in edgewise and he was going to wonder why she wasn't leaving. Grabbing his hand, she pulled him to a stop and ignored his frown of disapproval. This was too important for her insecurities. "I need to talk to you, Matt. This affects one of the clients."

"Then why isn't he coming forward and talking to me himself?"

"That's what I want to talk to you about. He won't talk unless I'm there, "she said, forcing herself to sound as confident and forceful as possible. He needed to be convinced. She thought she had blown it when Matt didn't say anything but he nodded sharply with a glint in his eyes.

"I won't be in the office for the rest of the week. Come in Monday morning before everyone else gets here. We'll talk." Sharon nodded effusively and was about to leave but a hand on her arm stopped her. "And, Sharon, I hope this is not what I think it's about."

"We'll talk on Monday, "she responded, not promising anything. But if he was thinking what she was thinking, he wasn't going to like it.

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