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"I think that's all that I can help with. Everything else depends on your meeting with them, "Sharon said, sitting back into her chair. Her back cracked loudly upon hitting the back, startling her. But it was to be expected since they had been discussing over the counter for the past -glancing at the clock closeby and blanching- hour and a half.

Hour and a half? No wonder her body felt stiff and achy. Pulling her arms up to stretch her back, her eyes happened to glance to the side and her back straightened immediately. Her arms by her side, she turned hesitantly to Cameron.

"H-hey, Cameron. Everything alright?"she asked meekly. She knew, she knew, that was not the type of question to ask but nothing else came to mind.

"Alright? Alright?!"he yelled. Leaning back slightly, she awkwardly tapped her thigh. Logan was silent. He was so angry. His brows were furrowed together and he looked so tense that she could almost see his vein throbbing in his neck. "The both of you ignore me for hours and you ask that? Are you kidding me?"

"It-it's not for hours. We were talking for barely an hour and a half-"

"Oh, just an hour. One hour. And, let's not forget, a half. Right, right. Only that long. That's fine. Fine. You know with the food is growing colder by the minute and I was being ignored. But. Again. That's fine. Fine. I mean, I'm sure you're also fine if I do the same to you."

"Well, I'd find something else to do during that time. Like eat. I won't just stay at the side doing nothing, "she returned.

"Ah, maybe you shouldn't have said that- ahem." It was quite a sight to see a grown man cowed into silence. And from a single glare from Cameron. But there was no time to enjoy it.

"Am I wrong for thinking it wouldn't take long?"

"Of course not. But once it passed a certain time, surely you'd see there's no point waiting."

"Really? In that case, I'll be doing other things now. Since there's no point waiting." Then, as if ignoring the bag of food, Cameron stalked off, heading to the exit.

She was flabbergasted. How could he leave without eating? The smell coming from the bag had been tickling and tempting her senses the moment it had arrived. Only her obligation to Logan made her ignore them.

And he had left without his phone and wallet. Was he meeting someone? In that case, she didn't care. He could do his stuff and she would do hers. And since he left without eating, she was going to eat his food.

"Let's eat, "she told Logan, getting to her feet and taking the food out. "What did you order for me?"

"Wait. Aren't you going after him?"Logan asked incredulously.

"Why? He's a grown man. He's free to do whatever he wants. And if he wants to skip dinner, so be it." She couldn't deny that she was concerned but since he had spewed all that vitriol on her, she wasn't going to bother. Why was so angry anyway? Unconsciously slamming the container of bread on the table, she gnashed her teeth.

"Woah, keep it together. But you can't deny that you were a bit harsh there. He waited for you. And what did he get? No appreciation and the implication that he's dumb."

"I didn't imply that he was dumb. He's not dumb. Why would you say that?" Shocked, she was lost. What had she done wrong? She was just presenting her opinion. Why was Logan against her as well? Trying to explain, she continued. "I appreciate him waiting for me but there was no need to torture himself. He could have eaten while waiting-"

"Are you serious? Of course he waited. He obviously wants to eat with you. I mean, seriously, what kind of relationship do the two of you have? Don't all boyfriends want to eat with their girlfriends?"

"W-w-what?"she shrieked. She couldn't help it. She had been feeling bad about her thoughtlessness but this came out of nowhere. Where did Logan get that idea? That-that they were together. Together as in a relationship. "We're not like that."

"Are you sure? He was possessive and all-"

"Isn't that just him? Why-why would he be possessive? And when? That's just ridiculous."

Calm down, Sharon, calm down. She knew her face was red. It felt red. About as red as when she had eaten a chili on accident. Think happy thoughts. Anything to get her face to subside. But she had always been like this. A mention about any type of relationship and emotion. Her mind would go on the fritz.

Usually she would put it to her imagination or simple misperception. This time, though, someone else was telling her this. Then did it mean it was true? Feeling as if she was floating in midair, she was reminded of the situation when a flash of movement caught her eyes.

It was -Logan waving his hand in front of her. Her face heating up again, she straightened her back and took a deep breath.

"Glad to have you back, "Logan said, a teasing note in his voice. She glared at him slightly before looking away. "So I'm wrong? You guys aren't together? Man, Lucky is moving slow."

"Lucky? Who's that?" Latching onto any other topic, she stopped taking things out and waited for Logan ta answer.

"That's Cameron's nickname. The media dubbed him Lucky. Both because he is always lucky in the field and with the ladies. He's not had a major injury until now and women just flock towards him."

Sharon felt her bottom throbbing from the crash back to reality. Of course, women loved Cameron. He had the rough, brash image going for him. There was almost a wild air around him. Something untameable about him. And women loved challenges. She knew all that so why was she so affected?

"I'm surprised that you didn't know this about him."

"Ah, I don't really follow football. Or any sports actually." Her emotions having been on a rollercoaster ride, she needed to collect herself. "Why don't you heat these up again? I'll get him back."

"Sure. But do you know where he is?"

"He's mad so probably at the gym. Just wait up for us. I won't take long."


Ignoring the sweat trickling down his body and the slight twinge from his shoulder, Cameron continued running. The radio blaring in the

gym, he emptied his mind and focused on the run. His muscles were screaming, begging to stop but he still continued. He didn't want to think about why he left when he did.

Whenever his exit came to mind, a sense of disbelief and shame would engulf him. He was not a man to be swayed by his emotions. There were moments when it appeared he was being influenced by his rage or anger, but his mind was always in charge.

But that time, that moment, his sight had been a sea of red. Her words was adding fuel to the fire. The flames growing bigger and bigger that he had to get out of there.

And found himself in the gym when he next aware, warming up and ready to sweat. But no matter what he did, he could never forget his outburst. He wanted the floor to open up and swallow him whole.

Sharon must think that he was an idiot. Not that he cared about her opinion. And they didn't hurt- ah, bother- him so much. Especially not when Logan and Sharon were looking at his tiny phone, being so close together. He didn't want to tear them apart-

He was thinking about this again. Shaking his head, he increased the incline and speed on the treadmill. His mind cleared again while he tackled the new challenge. Stopping after his body was on the verge of giving up on him, he decreased the speed slowly until he was just walking.

"Are you done?" Sharon suddenly appeared beside him. Like a cat confronted with a cucumber, he jumped back in surprise. Nearly stumbling off his feet, he glared at her, her laughter ringing in his ears. Grumbling under his breath and not enjoying her mirth, he took off his shirt to wipe his sweat. The laughter stopped.

Did she leave? Looking at where he last saw her, he scrapped that thought off. She was still there. Only now, she was looking down, playing with her fingers.Her face was slowly turning red. Intrigued, he could slowly see the redness spread across her cheeks to her forehead and chin.

"So are you? Done that is, "she said after a while.

"What do you mean done? I'm still exercising, "he responded gruffly. He was unprepared, mentally and physically, to see her. He had just jumped when she had entered his line of sight. And, right now, he was scrambling for a conversation topic.

"Then you don't want to eat together?" His heartbeat picked up. Was she saying what he thought she was saying? Calm down, Cameron, calm down.

"I thought you said it was stupid, "he mumbled.

"I didn't say that, "she said, exasperatedly throwing her hands up. Marching towards him, she grabbed his shoulders. "Look, I don't talk to people much. So I'm a bit slow with social cues. I can't read between the lines. All these types of perceived perceptions are invisible to me. So I'm sorry if I have hurt you. It's going to happen again, not going to lie, but you have to let me know if it does. With all that being said, can we have dinner now? I think I've recovered enough that my stomach is actually demanding food."

"You sound like a guy. All insensitive and caring about food."

"First off, stereotype much? Not all women are the empathetic, emotional kind. And is it wrong to care about food? Food is life. Food is everything. You're hungry too right?"

He had to laugh. She sounded so reasonable and yet ridiculous at the same time. Was it any wonder that he loved her-

Love? What? When did that come to his head?

He loved her?

No. He had to be wrong. He must be mixing it up with gratitude. Nothing about love.


That's all.

"Why don't you head back first. I have to clean up here." He didn't face her, facing determinedly on the treadmill controls.

"Alright, "she said after a while. Feeling her eyes on him, he saw her narrowing her eyes. "Don't take your own sweet time. You still have to face my wrath, Ice Cream Police."

Laughing and nodding, he waited for her to leave. Then, clutching his chest, he stared blankly into the wall.



A mass of anxiety, Sharon paced around her office. Walking around boxes and files, she was just short of biting her own fingernails.

It was the day for Logan's meeting with Matt. She knew about this and had been perfectly fine the day before. Maybe it was because she was rushing to prepare everything on such short notice.

And it was a rush. The days had passed so quickly. They only had a matter of days. Less than a week. He must have paid a lot for the express service. When she had asked why, he told her it was to prevent getting cold feet.

But even so, having gone through the material and analysis with him, she was sure he was going to do fine. In fact, she knew he was going to crush this.

The moment she had seen him walk in with his lawyer, though, her nerve endings began acting up. It was like electricity coursing through her. She couldn't keep still and calm.

Oh, she could call Cameron-

Her shoulders slumped slightly as she dismissed the idea. She wanted to talk about it with him. He was the only one who would understand her worry and anxiety. But he had been acting different since that day. There was nothing obvious, everything was as usual, but she could feel that he was avoiding her. But there was nothing she could really put her finger on. So it could be a figment of her imagination.

Suddenly, the phone started ringing. The phone? A phone? There was a phone in the room?

Hurrying to where the sound was being heard, she looked under, between, within piles of documents. The phone kept ringing, jarring her nerves so much that she almost caused a paper avalanche. Finally, she found it. Taking a deep breath, she answered.


"Hi, Sharon. Can you come to Matt's office now?"

Matt's office? Her boss' office? What? Why? And what about the meeting with Logan? Was it over? Was the reason he wanted to see her be about that? She was getting antsy.

But she didn't ask those questions out loud. Speaking her accord, she headed to the office immediately.

Flashing a smile at Matt's secretary as she was waved in, Sharon tried to brace herself for what was to come.

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