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Sharon couldn't believe her eyes. Was she in a dream? But not even she could think about what her was assaulting her eyes. She knew her jaw was slackened in shock and that her mouth was wide open but she couldn't do anything about it. Her mind was barely processing what her eyes were seeing.

All the cupboards and drawers were open and all the contents were all over the kitchen. The countertop, the island, the floor. They were all covered with one item or another. Big and small. For such a small kitchen, there was a lot of kitchen utensils. She didn't even know where everything came from. When she'd moved in, the kitchen was almost empty, except for some dishes and glasses. Since she loved cooking, she had bought some cooking utensils, like spatulas, pots and pans. And it was something she bought whenever she went out but she hadn't known she'd collected so many.

Not until Cameron took into his head to bring everything out. And he wasn't looking to stop as he sat in the middle of the kitchen floor, head buried in a cabinet beside the oven

"Cameron, "she cried out again when it seemed like he hadn't heard her the first time. This time she was sure he heard her because she heard the shifting stop. Her arms came together unconsciously while she waited for his head to appear and her mind raced. She had a bad enough evening as it was, she didn't need this. An aggrieved sigh escaped when she realised Cameron was still drunk when his slightly unfocused eyes met hers.

"Oh, hey, Sharon. Are you ready for dinner?"he asked, getting to his feet. She was worried when he swayed slightly but the smirk on his lips caused her aggravation and frustration to crash back.

"Dinner? How can you talk about dinner when my kitchen is a mess?"she demanded, her voice consciously falling short of a shriek. She had never been hysterical in her life but this was pushing it. Especially when he was looking around as if it was the first time he saw what he had done.

"What happened here?"

"I don't know. Maybe some big lug decided that he wanted to redecorate the kitchen but stopped halfway."

"Did I do this? It can't be, "he said, ignoring her. Sh

ght differential. And he had to admit that, for a while in college, he had been fascinated with them, dated them exclusively for a few months. But the fear of injuring them had diminished that fascination and he hadn't wanted to date them since.

So why had that fascination returned?

Maybe you are just attracted to her, a voice in his head whispered. Dismissing it as ludicrous, he resumed the pacing and pondered on the issue further. That was until he glanced at his watch. Doing a double take, he was aghast that the time had gotten the better of him. At this time, Sharon was definitely going to be late.

Rushing out of his room, he hurried to Sharon's room, believing that she must have overslept. That would be the only reason she wasn't ready on time. Hoping he hadn't messed things up and ignoring the fast beatings of his heart, he knocked on her door. Shifting on his feet, his ears strained to pick up any noise from inside. He heard nothing. His brows coming together, he told himself that the rush of blood was interfering and tried to calm himself down. Knocking again, he became more impatient when there was still no answer.

"Yo, Sharon. You're going to be late, "he called out. His scowl deepened when there was still no answer. Was she mad at him? Surely she wouldn't hold the kiss against him. They hadn't even done anything. Hoping he hadn't blown ji, he tried again. "Sharon, open up."

"Sharon's not there."

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