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"My stomach hurts. It hurts so bad, "Sharon moaned miserably on her bed, shifting to a feral position. Her hands clutching her stomach, she briefly glared at him before closing them again. Barely suppressing his smile, Cameron left her to her room while waiting for the other side to pick up.

She had barely managed to hold it in until they had arrived at the apartment. And it had been a close call. She had been curled up, doubling over in the car while he had been at his most reckless, weaving in and out of traffic. Then rushing frantically after her as she'd danced on the spot.

"Ice cream, you are my best friend and my worst enemy today. How can I love you so much when you've hurt me so? Why do you build me up while tearing me down in the same moment? Why do I hate you but can't forget you? Why?" Her cries of despair echoed through the hall.

She was becoming quite the poet while wracked in pain, he observed in amusement. And he would have been laughing out loud if he didn't feel guilty at the same time.

To be fair, he hadn't known her stomach was delicate today. He had just wanted to share a newly discovered ice cream parlor with her. She should have said no if she knew her body couldn't take it. This was why he controlled her ice cream intake.

On the other hand, he knew how irresistible ice cream was to her. It was like flapping a red flag in front of a bull. She was going to charge at it, ignoring everything else. And that was what had happened.

Imagine his shock when she had collapsed right in front of him while heading back to the office. One moment she was happily licking and biting down on her cone and the next, her cone was splattered on the pavement as she leaned heavily into him. Luckily, she hadn't fallen headfirst into the concrete or there would be scrapes and scratches on top of her upset stomach.

"Hello. Colton speaking."

"Oh hey, Matt." Glad that the call connected, he kept an ear out for any noises from Sharon's room.

"Cameron? What's going on? What did you do?"

"Nothing. I didn't do anything." He was offended but now wasn't the time. "I just called to let you know that Sharon won't be coming back this afternoon. She came down with something over lunch and is at home resting."

"She's with you? You ate lunch with her?"

"Yes. Is there something wrong with that?"he asked testily.

"Wha- No! No, nothing wrong at all. You know, abit weird but- Alright, thanks for letting me know. What happened anyway?"

"She just learned the perils of having too much ice cream. But she should be back by tomorrow. I'll keep you updated. Thanks."

"Wait. Cameron. Wait!" Just as he was about to end the call, the cries of his agent was heard. Curiosity made him continue.


"I just got a strange request. From Logan. Do you know why he wants to meet with me this Friday? I know he's been hanging around you a lot."

"What? He's set a meeting with you?" That was fast. Cameron didn't know why he'd want to set one so early but knew be should act dumb.

"Yeah. It's a meeting directly with me. He even asked that Kathryn not be included." That was smart. But he had to have everything done then. Or else Kathryn could sway the decision.

"Will you be meeting him alone?"

"I don't want to. I hate stepping on toes, especially my own employee. But I have to since this is a specific request from him. Do you know what this is about?"

"No idea." Feeling the phone vibrate in his hand, he briefly glanced at the screen before returning to Matt. This was the perfect excuse to end the call. Lying, or misdirecting wasn't his forte. "Hey, I have to go. There's a call coming in."

"Alright, alright. Talk to you soon. Keep me updated on Sharon's status. Maybe she'll lay off the ice cream for a while."

"That's not go

t learned her lesson? Grinning like a loon, he waited. Suddenly, pulling her hair up, she tied it up in a ponytail. The ponytail wasn't special or anything but Cameron found that he couldn't take his eyes off.

Her hair wasn't long, just reaching the middle of her back. So the ends of the ponytail just grazed between the shoulder blades. With tendrils and flyaway hairs fluttering all over her head, the sense of mischief, which had not totally abated, returned with a vengeance. He wanted to tease with those tendrils.

"Can the both of you stop flirting in front of me?"

Logan suddenly turned to the two of them, frowning. Sharon literally jumped out of her chair. If she hadn't jumped in Cameron's direction, she would be sprawled on the ground. He barely held in the laughter as he gently helped her back to her chair.

"Logan, "she cried at the howling man. Her admonishment wasn't that effective and her face slowly reddened to a bright red. "So-so what did you order?"

"It's something good. It's my favourite restaurant in the entire city. You are going to fall in love with it, Sharon." Logan must really like the restaurant. He was gushing over it like a girl gushed over cute things. Cameron was faintly unnerved.

"Ah, great." At her strained voice, he glanced over at her and almost laughed. She was looking at Logan like he had transformed into a cat. Catching his mirthful eyes, she hit him once before turning to Logan again.

His teammate had such a satisfied look that he was tempted to hit him. Just to get the look off his face, not for any other malicious purposes. As if sensing the dangerous mood, Sharon took over the conversation.

"So Logan, why are you here? I mean, I appreciate the ice cream but don't you have other things to do?"

Cameron froze. Those were harsh words. Or it could be interpreted as such. He, himself, heard the concern in her voice. But someone else, someone who was barely coping with a life altering decision, cough Logan cough, could take it the wrong way. Especially when that someone had barely returned to normal.

"I don't really want to see your face again but I need your help." Perking up as if a dog greeting its owner, Logan straightened and leaned over the island. He held out his phone, facing the screen to her. "Look at this and let me know who to choose."

"What is this? Is this inappropriate?" It was funny how Sharon was looking at Logan, suspicion ripe in her eyes. It was so funny that he had the strongest urge to frown. Frown, scowl and growl.

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