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Groaning slightly as she entered the apartment two hours later than usual, Sharon had to admit that she was spoiled. Horribly so. She let out a soft laugh as she recalled how she had berated Cameron for picking her up the past weeks. Now, she wished he had because she was exhausted and was barely swallowing the small bit of bile climbing up her throat due to her disgust.

This was the first time she had to return herself and the experience was bad to say the least. She didn't know whether it was a normal occurrence or she had a particularly unpleasant trip but she wasn't looking forward to using the subway in the near future.

Being from a small town, subways had always seem a curiosity. Something that can only be experienced in the big towns. And since this was her first time in a city or town that had it, she had been itching to try it out. Now, as she trudged past the kitchen, she had to wonder what she was thinking. How naive she had been.

The first thing she had to contend with had been the sheer number of people. She felt like she was in one of the sardine cans. Everyone was walking so fast her short legs couldn't keep up. When had there been an explosion in the New York population? She had been in the city for almost a month and she had never been as engulfed in a crowd of people as she had that evening. It hadn't felt like she was walking; it was more of "Be dragged or Be trampled".

Then she had found herself in the station with no recollection of how she'd gotten there. But that was the least of d her problems. She had, then, been enveloped with the stench of sweat, perfumes and colognes competing with each other for supremacy and something else she did not want to even think about. Shuddering even now as she prepared for a shower, hoping it would help her, her mind returned to getting into the subway car. She couldn't help her gagging.

If the smell had been bad on the platform, it was even worse inside the car. Being in an enclosed, smaller space, the smell had been further concentrated and they were headache inducing. Along with being jostled about as the train move in s

r him.

Nonplussed by how strong she was missing him, she, nonetheless, picked up after him and dropped the shirt in the laundry basket. Still astounded, she forgot about the intruder, too focused on her inner turmoil. Telling herself missing someone after just a few weeks of acquaintance was ridiculous. Even if they spent most of their waking hours together.

Even so, she should still check up on him. He had sounded pretty drunk all those hours ago. And maybe he had sobered up enough that she could talk to him. But she had to do it in a way that wouldn't expose herself even if he had proved to be quite sensitive to her moods.

Almost jumping when she heard something dropping and close enough to hear some mutterings, she realised she should really check that out. But, with regards to Cameron, maybe she could ask about Logan. That would be innocuous enough. Right?

Batting away that moment of insecurity and relieved that she had a plan, she went to the kitchen. Not bothering to hide her approach, she was surprised to realise she recognized that voice. And the person wasn't supposed to be here.

Yet the closer she got, the more certain she became. Puzzled but relieved, she was unconsciously walking faster and a smile was pulling at her lips. The moment she saw who it was, she almost ran forward to hug him. Until she saw what had happened to her kitchen.

"Cameron, what are you doing?"

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