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Letting go of several files and allowing them to land wherever they wanted on the desk, Sharon had a hard time resisting the urge to slam her hand on the table. Anger and frustration was still running high. The one and a half hour was not enough to calm her down. She still had the compulsion to hunt that boy down and just take him out of her misery.

Letting out a soft growl, she was about to push the handle of the hole punch when someone knocked on her door. Surprised and irritated that someone had interrupted her stew, she glanced at the door. It was Kathryn. Logan's agent. What was she doing there?

"Yeah, I'll talk to you later. Babe, later. OK. Love you. Bye, "Kathryn said into her phone as she walked into the room. She was clearly speaking to her significant other- even though Sharon didn't know whether she was married or in a relationship- but her saccharine tone disconcerted her. Kathryn had a reputation for being a shrew in the office but never in front of her clients or Management. And she was one of the most manipulative women in the office. From what information Sharon was able to get, she was not surprised that she had done what she had to Logan.

But that wasn't the reason she continued watching her, the pile of papers forgotten. She was surprised because Kathryn had never been down this hall before. She always had someone bring her documents or called Sharon to get them. Suddenly, a sheaf of paper was shoved into her face.

"Here. I don't know why Matt thinks it's so important to get the filing done but he says that everyone has to bring their stuff to you."

"Uh thanks, "she said, taking it and glancing through.the first page. The first thing that caught her eyes was Logan's name. That ignited her suspicion. The next thing she seeked was the date. And her ignited suspicion turned into a full blaze. Hoping to get more information but seeing that Kathryn was about to reach the door, she blurted out, "Wait, aren't you the agent for that hot guy? You know, the dark one. The one who plays football."

"You mean Logan?"Kathryn asked, turning around from the door. Her onceover clearly indicated that Sharon didn't have a chance in hell of attracting him but she didn't care. She was just glad she had Kathryn's attention.

"Yeah. Him. He's so hot, "she gushed even as she had to hold back the rush of bile. "I thought I saw him just now and wanted to ask him out but he kind of brushed me off. So, maybe, can I have his number?"

"Sorry, honey. Even if I wanted to help a sister out, I can't do that. Client confidentiality is a big thing here, "Kathryn said dismissively. She had clearly brushed her off and was leaving again.

"So, um, why was he h

e, she returned to them and the more she read, the more concerned and confused she got.

Deciding to call Cameron, she wondered whether he was already on his way to pick her up. He was always early despite her numerous protests. Or had he even headed back to the apartment? He had looked like he wanted to talk to Logan so maybe he was still in the area.

Hearing the call being answered, she stood up straighter. "Hello?"she said when all she heard was the news on the other end. "Cameron? Are you there?"

"Hello? Is this the pizza place?"Cameron said, his voice slurring. Not believing her ears, Sharon looked at her phone screen and then placed it back to her ears. "Hello? HEELLLOOO?"

"Cameron, it's Sharon."

"Oh, hi, Sharon. What are you doing? Are you calling because I murdered your ice-cream? I told you I'm sorry, didn't I? And I bought you more ice-cream."

"Dude, you're whipped, "a voice said at the background. The voice sounded like Logan's and sounded slurred too. Sharon's lips tugged up into a smile. They had apparently been drinking. And a lot if they were slurring their words this badly.

"No, I'm not. I'm just learning to be considerate, "Cameron shouted back.

"Cameron, where are you?"

"At home. We came here after your fight."

"My fight?" It was clear that she wouldn't be getting anything coherent from him.

"Yeah. With that woman. It was so hot." Her cheeks blazed when she heard the heat in his voice. Even though she hadn't really hidden her attraction to him- he had caught her ogling him- she had never thought he found her attractive. This was probably an aberration.

"I don't think you are in any condition to pick me up-"

"What? I can-"

"Cam, you're drunk. I'll just take the sub back. Don't worry about me. Take care of yourselves."

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