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The hustle and bustle of the morning was music to Sharon's ears. Especially when the hustle and bustle was accompanied with the smell of cooking bacon, pancakes and coffee. Her saliva was practically overflowing, dripping from her mouth. Her eyes gleaming, she couldn't help but follow every food that passed by. This was heaven.

And hell, her stomach growled again in anger. The reminder hurt so much. Patting for it to calm down, her eyes caught on movement from the other side of the booth. Logan was back to his morose self, slouching on the seat and playing with the salt and pepper shaker.

He hadn't spoken a word since they had left the apartment. And as much as she wanted to get into it with him, her growling stomach would just sour any conversation. Another reason for food to come even faster to the table.

"Aren't you going to talk?"he asked, as if sensing her gaze on him. "About the Kathryn thing." She hadn't expected that. He had been evasive on this subject so the last thing she expected was for him to bring it up first.

"It's not that I don't want to but I don't really know what else to say. I'm sure Cameron have said all he can yesterday. I know he is worried and I am also concerned as well. But if you don't want to do anything, we can't exactly do things behind your back.

"Not to say that I'm not outraged. I do want to get to the bottom of this. And I can. I can investigate this without your permission. But there's no point for me to force feed the result to you. If you don't want it, you don't want it- Oh, the food is here."

The conversation ended the moment the waitress came. She could feel her saliva filling her mouth, almost overflowing as her eyes looked lovingly over the plates that covered the table. There was pancakes, waffles, sausages, eggs, hashbrown, corn beef hash, bacon, the token cherry tomatoes and a lot of cheese. She couldn't wait to dig in.

"Which one is mine?"Logan asked just as she cut into a stack of pancakes. Looking at him askance, she wondered whether she had misheard him.

"What are you talking about?"she asked to be sure.

"I mean, didn't you order for me?"

"No! This is all mine. Order for yourself, "she cried, hunching over her food. Or tried to since her food covered the entire table. Ignoring his look of disgust, she happily began eating. The pancake was so fluffy and delicious. She almost couldn't stop squealing in delight. "Mmmmmmmmmm."

"You're really enjoying this. I'm glad, "Logan remarked suddenly. Abruptly reminded of his presence, shyness overtook her and she sat up straight, trying to emanate an air of refinement. Or at least not look like a barbarian. That would be hard since she had been shoving food into her mouth right in front of him. There was no going back now.

The soft smile on his face made her heart skip until she forcefully reminded herself that he was younger than her. What was she thinking? Making sure to swallow what was in her mouth first, she slowly brought the piece of bacon to her mouth. Glancing at him, she saw that he was just looking at her. Then he sighed. "Do you think it's worth it?"

"Logan, this again?"she whined over her mouthful of waffles. Swallowing, she tried to put her thoughts into words. Different words. "I've told you what I think, my assessment, my opinion. This is on you. You have to make a decision and stick to it. I can't do that for you. This is your life."

"But if I do this, what's next? I'm scared of the consequence. Of what happens next."

"Whatever happens next, I'll be there. Cameron will be there. I'm sure your family will be there. You have to know that you won't be alone. Trust me, trust us." She had no idea where those words came from but knew that those words were the truth. She hoped the sincerity was abl

ogan is making progress on his own. He's already has a lawyer, who looked into the contract stuff, and I'm sure it's easy to find an accountant. I don't want you to exert so much effort for some guy-"

"Hold on. I'm perfectly willing to help Logan, Cameron." Her brows coming together, she wondered where all these was coming from. She wanted to believe that he was concerned about her but that didn't sound right. It was like he was pushing her away from Logan. Did he not want her to help? Or did Logan spoke to him- Her eyes stinging, she blinked furiously. "B-but if L-Logan thinks he d-doesn't need my help-"

"No! No. Nothing of that sort. I just don't want you to overexert yourself. You have your own work to think about. A-and there's my things to think about-"

"Your thing? What thing?" Rubbing her eyes discreetly, she hoped he hadn't seen her tears. It was embarrassing to be on the verge of crying just because of a perceived rejection. She blinked for another reason when his face became as red as a cooked lobster. "Cameron, what thing?"

"Can you not say it like that? At least not so loud, "he hissed, his hand coming up to cover his mouth. She couldn't be sure but she believed that he was grinning. Grinning offensively. Feeling self-conscious, she thought back to what had been said and felt herself becoming red. Had she said that?

"Get your mind out of the gutter, "she whispered in return. "I-I was just asking what you were talking about. Like-like what do you have anything to do with my work. Like that. Cameron, stop that. Stop laughing, damn it."

"S-stop. Stop throwing your f-food. Don-don't play w-with your food" He was laughing at her again. Huffing angrily, why was she the butt of his jokes today? Waiting for him to stop, she rested her chin on her propped arm.

Her glare on him intensified. This was taking too long. Was it that funny? This was ridiculous. He was doubled over the table, his head almost touching his plate. His arms were clutching his midriff.

"Fine. Laugh all you want. I'm going back." Placing some bills on the table, she slid out of the booth. Waving at her waitress, she left and was about to head back to work when an arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her into the other direction. "C-Cameron!"

"Come on. Let me treat you to some ice cream. Something to make up for your lackluster lunch."

"I-I don't want ice cream. And stop stuffing your hand down my bag."

Blatantly ignoring her, he pulled her along and she resigned herself to her fate.

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