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Making his way to the diner, Cameron had a hard time suppressing the need to rush there. He had to tell himself that Sharon was fine; she hadn't sounded scared. Just worried.

So why the hell was he increasing his pace until he was almost jogging?

Cursing under his breath as he consciously slowed down, he wondered why he was so anxious. He had utter confidence that Sharon could handle herself and Logan. And he was sure Logan wasn't going to do anything to hurt her. But he found the longer he was taking to get to her was worsening the anxiety. The time taken to don on a disguise didn't help either.

Scratching the area around his beard, he heaved a breath of relief when the diner came into sight. His heartbeat settled slightly with the knowledge that he was going to see Sharon soon. He had to wonder, though, why he hadn't driven. The fake beard had even been in his car but it hadn't occurred to him then to take it. Shaking his head at his hindsight, he entered and allowed his eyes to adjust to the dimmer interior.

The diner was one Sharon had introduced to him. She had discovered it while walking about during lunch and she had raved about the food. Plus it was a short ten minutes walk from the office building, which he had to admit must have been one of the reason he hadn't drove. While he had been reluctant to try it out - he had been mindful of what he was consuming during season break - he had given in one morning and had breakfast there with her. The food changed his life.

Even though he had been put off by the dingy and rundown interior, the food had more than made up for it. The corned hash was one of the best he had even eaten. Sharon had laughed when she saw his expression when he'd first eaten it. But she hadn't laughed when he had suggested they ate there every morning. She had then set a rule that they could only stop for breakfast twice a week, at most. And nothing he had said could change her mind.

Now, breathing in the delicious aroma and the accompanying acrid sinus burn from the coffee, he tried to find Sharon or Logan. It should be an easy task since the diner wasn't that big. His eyes flitting from booth to booth, his brows furrowed when he couldn't spot them. He began to scowl when Sharon didn't answer his call.

"Hi. I was supposed to meet my friends here for lunch. Have you seen them?"Cameron asked a passing waitress, trying his luck. The one drawback about the diner would be the service. The two times he had been there, the waitresses had been rude and condescending. However, the waitress looked quite young and, hopefully, more friendly.

"Oh, I don't know. I've just started my shift, "she said, her eyes giving him a onceover. Cameron barely suppressed a grimace. She looked too young and sweet for him to ever be inter

s was reminding him of his high school days. And not the good part either. The cat fights his classmates would have could burst his eardrums.

"I didn't know you were deaf and promiscuous-"

"I am not deaf and definitely not promiscuous, whatever the hell that means."

"Uneducated too. I guess that's not surprising with your bad dye job and crooked nose job. I know you won't look it up, just like you didn't look up your plastic surgeon, so I'll let you know what promiscuous means. It means someone who jumps from bed to bed, not caring who thee sleep with. Describes you to a T, doesn't it?"

"What is going on?"Logan suddenly hissed into Cameron's ears, making him jump. Cameron had forgotten about him and his rage. But it had all but disappeared upon witnessing this fight.

"They are fighting. And sorry but Share is definitely winning."

"Why are you apologising?" Surprised by that question, Cameron turned to Logan.

"Isn't that your girlfriend or something?"

"What? No! We just met."

"Then why did she jump in between?"

"I don't know-"

"BITCH!"the woman suddenly shouted. They returned to their surroundings to see the woman storming away. Fortunately, the few passerby barely spared her a look. About to talk to Sharon, Cameron was surprised when she continued walking past them.

"Sharon, wait up."

"What?"she snarled, making him take a step back. She was angry, the angriest he had ever seen her. Her eyes were practically shooting flames.

"What's wrong?"he asked, concerned.

"Why don't you talk to the bonehead behind you? I am so done babysitting him."

"Hey, "Logan cried out, insulted, but Cameron wasn't focused on him.

"Wait. What do you mean-Sharon!" She just waved her hand and continued to the office. Puzzled, he turned to Logan. The distinctly guilty look on his face made him cross his arm. "Talk."

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