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"What the hell, Cameron? I know I let you walk around the office all you want but this? This time? This time has crossed the line. This is too fucking much, "Matt shouted at Cameron, his body vibrating with his anger. Looking at his livid face across the table, Cameron couldn't find anything to say in rebuttal. He could just sink into his seat.

He knew how possessive Matt was, obsessively so in his opinion, so there was no way that he would come out of this unscathed. Even though he hadn't seen anything, having turned around the moment he realised what he had walked in on, Matt wouldn't let this slide.

To be honest, though, he didn't blame the man. If this had been him and his girlfriend, no man would come out of the room alive. As to why Sharon popped up when he talked about girlfriend, he shelved it aside for later consideration.

"Just what is so important that you just had to barge in? Is your life in danger? Anyone in the hospital? Are deaths going to happen if you didn't come in right this minute?" Cameron was barely holding in his wince. Matt was really flailing him with the sharp side of his tongue. Any chance or opportunity to cut in was blocked by his scathing remarks. "Oh, I know. Maybe it's about money. I mean, since your career is in the dumps-"

"Not. Another. Word, "Cameron growled, his own anger flaring into existence. Any guilt or remorse was erased by that attack.

"Or what? You're going to punch me? With your busted shoulder? I'm going to feel that so much, "Matt cried mockingly, leaning over him across the table, his arms braced atop the table. Shooting to his feet, Cameron leaned against the table as well, until their faces were almost touching.

The air in the room was rife with their rage. Even the busy New York traffic was silent, as if not wanting o get into them. Glaring at each other, none of them made a move.

Cameron was aware that Matt was holding himself back. He was as well. But it wasn't for the lack of want. He was aching to rearrange that stupid face, his hands curling into fists on the table edge. He was sure Matt wanted to do the same thing. He saw how tense Matt's forearm was, almost straining against his own skin.

But they both stayed their fists.

For Cameron, as much as he wanted to let his fist fly, he knew that Sharon was going to say something. And the very thought of Sharon looking at him in disappointment drained the urge.He was already here against her wishes. There was no way he was going to add another strike against himself.

But even as he acknowledged this, he didn't know what to do. Looked like his agent was still mad, barely keeping himself back; he was not going to make the first move. And it chafed to even think about being the first. His pride refused to let him do it but-

"Look, "Cameron said, letting out a sigh. It was a cathartic sigh, where he. His muscles lost their tension and he was able to drop into his chair. "I didn't mean to walk in on you and I'm sorry. I would never have crossed that door if I'd known. Like, who needs the sight of your scrawny ass ingrained in their minds? Dude, I have seen a lot of asses and yours is seriously the scrawniest. It is a worry. What will Cindy think? You've got to get you butt game up. Do more squats. Maybe up the weight-"

Cameron was sick about talking about butts. It was worth it, though, when the anger slowly left Matt and his body visibly relaxed. As he continued talking about butt-improvement exercises, Matt took a seat in his own chair and waited for him to stop.

"Are you done?"he asked when Cameron was catching his breath. Meekly nodding, Cameron waited for him to say something. "Putting aside this issue of my scrawny butt, can you tell me why you are here, Cam? Is this about Sharon?"

"Yeah. How did you know?"

"Sharon mentioned it to me this morning." Cameron was surprised. He hadn't expected that. But now that he knew, he was wary for a counterattack. Although he should have prepared for all eventuality. "So what do you want to say about this?"

"I just think that this is not a good use of her capabilities. She can do much more than just admin work. Why don't you get her to try as an agent? I'm sure that'll work out for both of you."

"Well, I'm glad that you are thinking about others. Especially for someone who isn't part of your team or family. It's great growth on your part. Or, more accurately, it's the best time for Sharon to come into your life."

"What are you talking about? I've always been like this. I'm caring and considerate, damn it. So what do you think about my suggestion?" Not wanting to think about that anymore than necessary, Cameron forcefully changed the subject.

"As much as I'd like to consider it, Sharon is just not qualified to be an agent. She knows no sport, she has no network and, most importantly, she want to be an agent. So this is the best scenario for both parties."

"But still-"

"Cameron, this topic is closed." Swallowing his complaints, Cameron knew when to cut his losses. This didn't mean that he wouldn't help Sharon in other ways. "Now, since I have you here, let's talk about your physical therapist. Do you have anyone you are interested in?"

"Um." Not expecting this to come up, Cameron was scrambling to come up with a believable response.

"Great. Since you don't have a preference, Sharon has made a decision on your behalf. The first appointment is next week-"

"Wait, wait, wait. What are you talking about? You've already made an appointment? Where was I during this entire process?"Cameron asked indignantly even as cold sweat ran down his back.

This was not happening.

"Sharon didn't want to do this either but you forced my hand. There's no better time like the presence and you're not getting any younger-"

"I know, "he snarled in response. Matt just spoke over him, as if not hearing what he had said.

"-and the best people are not going to be available forever. We have to strike while the iron is hot. The paps are laying off you now that you are appearing more in the office. I think the entire city knows you're serious about recovering- Cam? Cameron? Cam, are you alright?"

Nothing entered his ears. His fear engulfing him, it was taking all his effort to stay seated. All he could think about was finding Sharon.


Taking a bite of her burger, Sharon kept a close eye on the man across from her. For a big, imposing man, Logan appeared remarkably small and invisible. Even she wouldn't know he was there if she hadn't come in with him.

He wasn't even touching his burger. Having seen him eat with gusto the previous night, she was getting worried. And this burger was even nicer than that night. What was she going to do?

Even though she had received a call from Cameron just moments ago and was more than happy to know he was coming, the worry wouldn't ease. In fact, it had grown. There was just something in his voice that had her antenna popping up and vibrating. Why were the men in her life making it difficult?

Finishing off her meal, she waited for him to say something. Nothing. It was as if he didn't see her. Even when she deliberately slammed her cutleries on her plate. The grating metal on ceramic sound had people from two tables away win

cing and covering their ears.

"Logan, this isn't a game of who can keep quiet the longest. And if it was, I would have failed the moment I asked for the menu. Let me just remind you that I wasn't the one to follow me for lunch. So before I ask for the bill, are you ready to talk?"

"I, I just don't know why she is doing this, "he finally said as she was lifting her arm to call for the waitress. Turning to him, she shook her head when one of the staff headed their way. "I mean, the firm pays her more than enough. In fact, it's higher than the market rate.

"And Matt gave the usual spiel about how this is to ensure the integrity and productivity and blah blah blah. But now that it has turned into this, is it really true? Is Kathryn really out of the norm? Or are they all really like this? The entire company? The entire industry?"

Sharon wanted to sigh out loud. This wasn't a good time for him to ask all these deep, mind-boggling questions. Question why she had not equipped to answer. She with her limited life experience. But his bambi eyes tugged at her heartstrings and she couldn't help but attempt to explain the world to him.

"Before I say anything, you better start eating. Burgers are best eaten hot. Or warm in this case." Directing steely eyes on him, she waited for him to take a couple of bites before beginning.

"I am not going to make any excuses for the woman. What she is doing is clearly wrong and no one would rightfully condone it. Rightfully. But people are greedy. They always want more and more-"

"What does that have anything to do with my question?"

"I'm getting to that." She wanted to stay irritated with him but he just looked so cute with his cheeks bulging from the burger and fries. Was it wrong to label such a huge man cute? "You know that I'm working for Matt. But I'm not coming from a place of loyalty or protecting him. I'm just sharing what I've observed. And from what I've seen, yes, the office is a competitive one. Naturally so with the nature of the work.

"But there are also rules that applies to everyone. No one is exempt from the rules. Not even Matt, the one who came up with all these rules. One of them, the one that is always enforced, is that the contract is absolute. So any additional charges has to be reflected in the contracts or it doesn't apply. This is something that everyone has to obey. Therefore what Kathryn is doing doesn't represent the entire company. Just like you don't represent your entire team."

"I know that but it's difficult to separate the two. And why did it happen to me? Why am I the poor shmuck who has to be the one to be hit by this?" Sharon was surprised by the sudden belligerence emanating from him. It was a change from his previous listlessness. It was as if it was an impenetrable barrier of hostility suddenly erected. And nothing could pierce it. Not sound nor reason.

"Logan, it's not as if she is just targeting you. I'm sure there are others who have been affected too. It's just that you're smart and alert enough to detect this early-"

"That's so great. I'm so smart that I know I'm being cheated and tricked. That's the one thing going for me right now and isn't that just the best?" Sarcasm was rife in his voice. Sarcasm and animosity. He sounded from the depths of an abyss, full of negativity and hopelessness.

She was lost. What could she say to make the situation better? Tears gathering in her eyes, she held back the sniff. There was no way he could see her breaking down. Her strength was needed now.

At this time, it was best to call in backup. Placing some cash to cover the food and tip, she warily eyed him as she slid out of the booth. Relieved that he was just staring morosely at his empty plate, she went out to make a call.

"Hello, Cameron?"


His feet slapping down onto the pavement, Cameron sped past and around pedestrians, cyclists and homeless people, barely keeping his wig and fake beard on him. He faintly wondered why he was running but Sharon's voice overrode that little ball of logic. She had sounded so uncertain and defeated that he was galvanised to be by her side.

Before he got her call, he had been slowly meandering through the crowd, heading to the diner Sharon and Logan was at. After the meeting he'd had, he needed to be away from that building to gather his thoughts and courage. His nerves had been haywire the moment he had stepped out of the office that he didn't know he had even called Sharon until he heard her voice.

They hadn't spoken about anything important or significant but it was enough for him to get his bearings again. And now, after bare minutes after the call, he'd received another call from her and this time she was the one in trouble.

Wondering what could have happened in between, he slowed down upon passing an alley. His ears detected voices and he could have sworn he'd picked up Sharon's voice. Heading back to make sure, imagine his surprise when he indeed saw her in there. Along with Logan and another woman.

Relieved to see that she was fine, he was about to call out a greeting when Logan suddenly pushed Sharon so hard that she was falling. Were his eyes playing a trick on him? Did Logan just do that?

Watching Sharon catch herself on the wall, he determined that his eyes were working just fine. A burst of outrage igniting within his chest, he ran to them. But his feet slowed to a stop when he neared, unable to decipher what was happening.

He could see that Sharon was unhappy and arguing loudly with Logan. He could hear her voice from the outside so her voice was plenty loud. It was more like berating him since Logan was not responding, a one-sided conversation. He was just listening, a sullen air around him. It was unlike a rebellious teenager listening to their parents' scolding.

"You've just met this woman today and you're going to listen to her? You're just going to ignore everything that I said, things that you specifically asked me, just for this hussy-"

"Hey, who are you calling a hussy?"the woman cried, insulted. Reminded of her presence, Cameron was surprised by her outfit. For a chilly weather, even in the afternoon, her skin was remarkably exposed. Clad in a thin black jacket, white tank top that was stretched out by her huge chest and a tiny mini skirt, he wondered how she was frozen to an icicle, much less not shivering yet. "Am I a hussy just because I get men's looks? His looks?"

Suddenly realising that she had spotted him when she fluttered her lashes in his direction, Cameron hurried to Sharon. He was scrambling to come up with an excuse. He didn't want her to think he was attracted to this strange woman. It was just a case of absurdity. As in she was so absurd that he couldn't help but look.

"Um, what are you guys doing here?"he asked, looking nervously down at Sharon. Her silence made him expect the worst. Was she holding in tears? Why else wouldn't she say anything? Or was she so angry she couldn't say anything?

Looking at Logan for help, he was surprised to see his teammate making out with the woman. They were really going at it, the woman's legs hooking around his waist and his hand digging under her tank top, obviously squeezing her breasts.

What was going on?

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