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"What the hell, Cameron? I know that I let you have free rein in the office; you come and go at your discretion. But this is too much, "Matt shouted at Cameron, his body practically vibrating with his burning anger. Standing at the other side of the table, Cameron barely held back a wince.

He had been dreading this confrontation ever since he realised that he had walked into a midday tryst. He hadn't seen anything, having turned back to face the door when he heard the feminine gasp, but he knew how protective and possessive Matt was with his wife. And, if he was being honest with himself, he would be a raging idiot if anyone caught his girlfriend in the nude. For some reason, his mind shot to Sharon and he shook his head in surprise.

"What is so bloody important that you have to barge in? Is it life threatening? Will you die in an empty pit if you don't see me?"Matt asked, pacing along the wall behind the desk, flailing his arms about. "Oh, will you lose a lot of money instead? You know, since your career is in the dumps and you're not doing anything about it-"

"I suggest you stop talking out of your ass, "Cameron growled angrily, "or I'll make sure you eat out of your ass for the rest of your damn life." Matt had stopped pacing when he had cut in and he was scowling fiercely by the time he had stopped. Cameron knew he was going to lose his agent if he didn't start saying something to mend the fences. And a part of him didn't want that. But the shot from the dark had affected him even worse than he had expected. It was taking all his effort to stop from jumping over the desk.

"I'd like to see you try, "Matt snarled, his blazing blue eyes connecting with Cameron's. The challenge was almost more than he could stand. And, with the amount of rage that was fuelling him, a fight would have already broken out. Cameron could almost feel Matt's hair in his hand while he slammed his face in the floor. But for some reason, he was able to think through the red haze that was blinding him.

For some reason, he could see Sharon frowning at him in disappointment when he found himself moving towards the desk. In his mind, she was shaking her head while sighing out his name exasperatedly. Some part of him was deflating when he heard that and that was able to pull him back from irrevocably damaging his relationshi

e had practically had to force him to pick up his burger, pushing his fingers around them. Even then, he hadn't eaten. He had looked dispiritedly at the table and, then, out the window. She was at wits' end.

Suddenly her phone vibrated. And, for once, she was happy to see Cameron's name flashing at the screen.

"Where are you?"

"At the diner, "she said, ignoring his irritated growl. She was surprised that he had escaped Matt so soon but she pushed that away. She was just grateful that someone could talk through Logan's thick skull. "I'm having lunch."

"Lunch? It's four. Why are you having lunch now?" She was beginning to sink into her seat, melting at the concern in his voice. But she gathered herself when Logan shifted slightly in his seat, reminding her of his presence

"Can you meet us here?"she asked, her worry overwhelming her joy.

"Us? Who are you with? Are you on a date? You asking me to crash your date? Is he a bad date?"

"Cameron, just come here, "she hissed, her eyes shooting to Logan and a mixture of concern and relief filling her when Logan didn't seem to have heard. Lowering the volume of her voice even further, she revealed, "I'm with Logan. And he's worrying me."

"What do you mean?" She was glad when he sounded more alert.

"He's not talking, he's not eating, I don't think he even knows where we are. It's like he's retreated to his own world."

"I'll be right there."

Feeling reassured, she turned back to Logan. And was surprised when a woman blinked at her from his lap.

When did that happen?

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