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Entering the reception area, Cameron couldn't believe how hard his heart was beating. He wasn't doing anything overtly wrong. He was just coming to talk to Matt. That was his prerogative as Matt's client. He had some things to clear up. Yeah, about some contracts and his plans. That was why he was there.

So why was his palm so sweaty?

Ignoring that pesky voice in his head, he nodded at Jenna when she waved at him. He was relieved that she was busy on the phone. She had the bad habit of announcing his presence by flirting loudly with him. Usually he didn't mind that. But not today.

Why? Are you avoiding someone?

Nearly growling aloud at the mocking voice, he forced his lips into a smile when someone walked by. Absently recognising the flirtatious smile, he was able to let out a breath when he saw that this wasn't a certain redhead that he was hoping to stay clear of.

Why can't you admit that you're scared of Sharon?

His hands clenching into a fist, he barely held back the urge to physically bat away the voice. Which would look weird since he would only waving his hand around his head. His brows coming together in a scowl, he wondered why he had been riddled with this unseen companion the moment he had woken up.

He could admit, to himself, that he was meeting Matt behind her back. Even though she had explicitly told him that she would talk to Matt, going so far as to warn him away when he had sent her to work, he wanted to clear the air himself. He was the one who had landed her in hot water. So he had to be the one to rectify the issue.

Then why did you lie to yourself? Meeting Matt for a contract?

Barely withholding the wince, he had to admit that he was feeling very nervous when he had entered the office. He had been a blubbering mess, preparing an answer to any question when his progress had been unimpeded so far. And why would anyone question his presence in the first place? It was a known fact that he was the only client who, pretty much, have free rein in the office. If it was anyone else, he knew they'd have been escorted to one of the meeting rooms

Flexing his fingers, his eyes shot to the cubicles and he cursed the high walls. Knowing how short she was, he wasn't able to track her movement. And many of the women were basically flirting with him, hailing him down and reaching out to touch him. He wanted them to stop. This was increasing his chances of getting caught. He didn't want to get caught.

Sharon had explicitly told him to let her talk to Matt. She had even gone so far as to threaten his with gastronomic harm right when he had sent her to work. But, even though that threat had made him hesitate, he knew he had to be the one to talk to Matt. He had been the one who had besmirched her credentials so he had to be the one to rectify it. That didn't mean that he was going to advertise his actions. He was not dumb, even though he had gone on at Sharon about the perceived stupidity of athletes.

Keeping his eyes peeled for any approaching redhead, he caught movements at the corner of his eyes and, sensing something familiar, he turned to look down the hall. Imagine his surprise when he saw Logan coming out of a meeting room. His eyes narro

carried, she waited for his response. That's when she realised that he had come out of the same hallway that Cameron had run out from. "Wait, did he tell you to distract me?"

"What are you talking about?"he asked, looking at her with wide eyes. She didn't buy it. His voice had gone up two octaves.

"I knew it. That man is such a meddler. I told him that I'll talk to Matt. And what was the first thing he did? He goes behind my back to talk to Matt. He makes me so angry, "she growled, gripping the papers tightly to her chest. Not wanting to make Logan feel even worse than he already did, she directed her glare to the ground. And that was when she saw the papers in his hand. Her anger dissipating, she read what she could and felt her eyes widen in shock. "Is that a contract?"

"What? No, "Logan said defensively even as he tried to hide it. When she looked at him, he tried to play it off, leaning nonchalantly against the wall. "I mean, Kathryn just gave this for me to look over. It's nothing serious."

"That explains her stomping around. She wanted you to sign it immediately, right?"she said drily. At his look of surprise, she nodded sagely. "I've figured her out. Know how she works. I'd suggest that you let a lawyer take a look at it and any papers she gives you."

"I thought, maybe, you can look at it? Since you are looking into everything else."

Nonplussed by vulnerability in his eyes, she was viscerally reminded of his age. He was barely out of his teen and someone was already trying to take advantage of his youth. Feeling so old beside him, she, nonetheless, felt that she should guide him. Taking a look at her watch, she nodded decisively.

"Alright. How about this? I'll be going out for lunch in ten minutes. Meet me downstairs and we can talk, "she offered as they made their way to the exit. That meant that they had to pass the busy office area and she could feel many eyes on them but she didn't care. She only wanted to help him. At his nod, she smiled

"Wait, what about Cameron? Shouldn't he join us as well?"Logan said just as she was about to leave him.

"Um, I think he's going to be occupied."

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