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Something was wrong, Cameron decided as he dried himself.

He didn't know what exactly was wrong. Sharon was quiet as she usually was after work. She said the same thing about being tired when he commented on it. He could understand that. He even felt a bit guilty since he was the reason she was staying back.

Knowing her, he knew she would stay till the end of time if that was how long it'd take to get to the bottom of this. So he had not been happy to receive the call from her. He had even been on the verge of dragging her out but she managed to convince him about the merits. He hadn't even known why he agreed but hearing the delight in her voice made him back off. As a result, he had spent the next three hours in his car or walking around the block, waiting for her.

He let out a breath as he got out of the bathroom. He was surprised he'd waited that long. In hindsight, it astonished him. He hadn't even entertained the thought of going back to the apartment. It was as if Sharon had consumed his mind. He hadn't even minded the first hour passing. The second hour made him wonder about what she was doing. It had been during the last hour that he had finally had enough. He had nearly gone to the office to grab her but something made him give her a call. Luckily, she was done with whatever she wanted to do. Although she had been noticeably withdrawn and quiet.

Now that he had time to think about it, he had to wonder about her quiet. She was usually quite chatty during the drive back. Not talkative in the normal convention but she would introduce a random topic and they'd discuss about it while stuck in traffic. Even though he might be unfamiliar with some of the topics, their discussions would be lively and a welcome distraction from the honking and glares of other drivers. He had a feeling that this was one way she would unwind and he found he liked it.

Tonight, it felt like she was mulling over something. She hadn't spoken a peep during the drive back and he felt, strangely, rejected. As if he had done something wrong. He tried to draw her out, asking her about what she had found. When that didn't work, he tried to talk about a news article he had come across earlier that day. In the end, she had told him she was tired and closed her eyes for the rest of the ride back. He knew she hadn't been asleep since she kept fidgeting, playing with the straps of her bag and shifting in her seat.

He tried to talk to her after the ride but she had gone to her room the moment they'd stepped into the penthouse. The slam of her door was a clear "DO NOT DISTURB" sign and, as much as he wanted to barge in, he had respected it. He had to admit that this was the most effort he had exerted getting a woman to talk and he was frustrated that she wouldn't.

Walking out of his room in his sweatpants,

You told me how much work there was that when he asked me about it, the words just escaped me. I'll talk to Matt about it-"

"No!"she cried out, her hands coming up to his chest and pushing him slightly. He looked down at her, startled. Patting him awkwardly, she repeated in a more controlled voice. "No. Let me talk to him about it. It's my job, you know."

"What is this about?" His narrowed eyes made her look away. "Why are you being so weird about it? I know it's your job-"

"Exactly. It's my job. He hired me because of this so I have to show him that I can do this."

"Did he threaten you?" From the dangerous undertone in his voice, she knew he was about to blow this out of proportion. Scrambling for the right words, she tried to explain.

"It's not that. All my life, my capabilities are my strongest assets. So, I'll admit, that it hurt when it's being questioned. I feel like that I have to show him that I can do this. That means that I have to do this." From his furrowed brows, she knew he didn't understand.

"Why would you feel like that?"he asked curiously.

"It's just how I feel, alright, "she snapped. Then she realised how close they were. She was almost in his arms. It will only take one step and she could pull his arms around her. Surprised by where her thoughts were going, she took a step back. She missed his hands on her when he let her go. "Now, that that's done, dinner?" Laughing at the grumble of his stomach. "Alright, Mr Loud. I'll set everything up."

"Let me go for an ice cream run, "he said as he started to head back to his room.

"What? Cameron, there's no need. I can survive one night without it-"

"I'm going, Sharon. I can't stand being labelled a murderer." She flushed at his wink and frowned when she heard his laugh.

Oh, why did he have to be so sweet?she thought as her heart melted against her firm instructions.

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