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"So what did you want to talk about?"Sharon asked as she prepared dinner. She was still embarrassed about her crying jag in the car and had been avoiding him the entire afternoon. But the approaching evening as well as her loud stomach made her venture out of her room. Cameron had joined her a few minutes after she had decided on what to cook. That was when she had remembered his sudden sombreness over the phone earlier this afternoon.

"What?"he asked, his voice muffled from the big bite of the apple he had just taken. He looked so cute when he was confused, she noticed with a smile, even as she reminded him of the conversation that they had had over the phone in the supermarket. She was surprised when a sad and angry look entered his eyes even as they hardened. She had seen him angry before but it had been a more fiery. This was different. This was a colder type of anger, something she wouldn't want to be directed to her.

"Are you alright?"she asked, pausing in her chopping of the bell peppers. He nodded and took another bite of the apple but she wasn't convinced. It was clear that whatever he wanted to talk about was eating up at him. But she knew that she couldn't push him. Unless he was ready to talk about it, any pestering would just make him clam up more. So, consciously pushing her curiosity and concern away, she continued in her meal preparations. Since it was a simple spaghetti with tomato arrabbiata sauce, fried chicken cutlet with some salad, it didn't take long.

Taking out her pre-made tomato sauce, she began to start with the cooking when Cameron spoke. "Logan told me that his agent is stealing from him." She was shocked. Shutting of the electric stove, she turned her full attention to him. He was leaning against the island, facing her, and staring on the ground. He didn't even react when she turned fully to him, waiting for him. From his silence, she had to wonder whether she had imagined what she had heard so she waited for him to continue. When he didn't say anything else, she reluctantly returned to the stove. This time she didn't even have time to do anything before he continued.

"He said that it had only been small, easily-overlooked amounts in the beginning but more recently, the differences are very noticeable." Turning back to him, Sharon found her brows furrowing. She thought back to what she knew about such deals and contracts.

"Isn't the amount agreed upon before he even signs the contract?"she asked.

"They are."

"Then why do you say that she is stealing-"

"He gets emails about some other costs that has to be covered like makeup and outfits and whatever, "he said angrily, the remains of the apple in his hand making squishing sounds as he tightened his grip on it. That cheered her slightly since she was beginning to get worried from his monotonous voice. Cameron was always full of life so she was not used to him shutting down. Even when he was not doing anything, he exuded a certain liveliness.

But she didn't have time to revel in his show in life because he suddenly threw the apple into the bin and, even though he clearly missed, she could tell that he was truly seeing what was happening in the present. His mind was still focused on the subject at hand, which further fueled her worry.

"That's impossible. The contract clearly states what is to be used for what purpose and Matt's company does not bear the cost the makeup and outfit. It is all borne by the company, "she said as she delved further into what she recalled and had accidentally read when she had been filing. And by accidentally, she meant she had totally meant to read it. In doing so, she gained a bit more insight into the sports world and was becoming too fascinated with it.

"Then why is he so sure that he's being cheated?"he shouted as he slammed his fist on the island. The suddenness made her jump and, as much as she knew he wouldn't truly hit her, she couldn't help the fear that filled her. She found herself folding her arms and leaning slightly away from him. She knew he couldn't see her since he was facing the living room, eyes blinded in his anger. But, even as a part of her questioned her conviction, her arms were itching to hold him. This was clearly something he was struggling to comprehend, absorb. It was telling how hard he was taking it since he had the better part of the day to handle it and, clearly, he was not taking it well.

"Look, I don't know what exactly is going on but shouting at me is not going to help, "she finally said into the silence.

"Then what will? Are you going to tell me he's wrong because he's a dumb jock? Are you going to tell me that just because his agent is a woman, he's wrong? Because that will definitely not help-"

"Cameron!"she cried, hurt that he was flinging accusations at her just because she asked a few questions. And none of her questions had even been about Logan being an athlete or the gender of his agent. This unexpected attack reminded her of her ex and how he would suddenly flare up and start going on about her flaws or things that annoyed him. She hated the reminder and tried to keep the pain out of her voice but clearly, he heard it because he turned to her and immediately pulled her into his chest.

"God, I'm sorry. I-I just don't know what to think. I was the one who recommended Matt to Logan. I was the one who encouraged him to leave his old agent. And for what? For this to happen? I just don't know how I can even face

him after I set everything right, "he said into her ears. She didn't know how to absorb what was happening.

She was in Cameron's arms.

And he was explaining things to her.

This was foreign territory to her. For one, she had not had much physical contact with the opposite sex. Her ex had been scarce with his shows of affections and even during their moments of intimacy, he had only touched her where it was needed to get his rocks off. And he had never explained himself to her. He had barely apologized for tearing into her. He had just went about the day as per normal and the one time she had brought it up, he had torn her down even more. Bringing up her weight and the fact that he was the only person who would even have her.

She found tears stinging her eyes. She saw this as a show of respect and something she had never been given freely before. She had had to fight for every scrap of respect she had gotten and even then, it had been grudging. So for it to be given so freely, it astounded her.

"Oh God, I've made you cry again, "he groaned, making her smile. She heard the anger he was directing at himself and couldn't help but find it cute. Pushing against him, wanting to talk more about what was happening with Logan, she frowned when he wouldn't release her. "Wait. I'm thinking about how to make up to you."

"Cameron, I'm fine. See, no more tears, "she said, looking up at him. He allowed her to move back slightly and studied her face. She knew her nose was slightly red and her eyes swollen but she wasn't lying when she said that there were no more tears. Her eyes connecting with his, she showed him that she was fine and he reluctantly released her. But he kept her close.

"Well, I still have to make it up to you, "he said as he took a hold of her hand.

"I'm sure you can think of something, "she said with a laugh. "But about Logan-"

"You don't have to worry about it. I know I'll have to talk to Matt about it but I was just blindsided to the fact that this could even happen. I-I just needed to talk to someone about it, "he said in a rush.

"Well, you could do that but I was going to suggest that maybe I can look into it and see whether it was a just a miscommunication or it was a deliberate action on his agent's end. It would be best if there were facts to back up his claims, "she suggested calmly even though she was celebrating on the inside. He trusted her to talk about this. He trusted her. This was so much more than she had ever received from a guy. She might have been showered in gifts and material things but this, respect and trust, was so much more important to her.

"Can you do that?"he asked, his brows furrowing. She could see that the constant frowning was beginning to etch lines into his forehead and wanted to smooth it over. Her hand was even heading up to his head when his eyes met hers. Her hand changed direction and ran over her head. The laughter in his eyes made cheeks flush but there was no sting of humiliation that always colored her ex's amusement with her.

"Yup. When I file things, my eyes happen to skim over the documents and, you know, I manage to see things-"

"So, basically, you read all the contracts while you're filing. Isn't that illegal?"he asked as his thumb smoothed over the back of her hand, distracting her. Her eyes darting to their joined hands and then to his face, she realised that this was an unconscious action. Since she liked the feeling, she didn't say anything.

"I don't exactly know the legality of it but I'm sure Matt will ask for a thorough investigation when you talk to him about it. So this is just a preemptive measure, "she said with a shrug. "And it's not like you're going to use what I find when you talk to Matt." Cameron was silent, which worried her slightly. However, he didn't stop playing with her hand so she allowed him his silence.

"Alright. You do that but I'm still going to find out more about the legality of everything, "he said, his eyes boring into her. She beamed up at him.

"Thank you so much for your permission, Mr Ballard. I am so glad that you agreed, "she said brightly but made sure that the sarcasm shone true. From the way his face darkened, she was sure he caught it.

"Hey, I can tell Matt what's going on before you do anything." Sharon just laughed. She didn't know why but his anger, his threats didn't scare her. Not even his scowl made her pause.

"Alright, alright. Duly noted, Mr Ballard, "she said once she stopped laughing. She was suddenly aware of the setting sun shining into the room and the ingredients on the island and stove. She had been so into their conversation that she had forgotten about dinner. And her stomach was protesting loudly about her forgetfulness. Tugging her hand out of his, she pressed her hands on her stomach in embarrassment. "Oh, God. I'm so loud." Her cheeks flushed even hotter when she realised how dirty it sounded. Cameron's uproarious laugh didn't help. "Cameron."

"Thanks for that, "he said while wiping his eyes. She scowled up at him.

"Why don't you get out the kitchen and set the table?"she said hotly. She was still flushing.

"Yeah. Sure. Wouldn't want you to become so loud, "he said while laughing. Sharon couldn't help the giggle that escaped her; his laughter was just so contagious. The smile he threw her made her heart skip a beat.

And she couldn't help sighing over the domestic picture he was setting.

That man was really something.

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