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Tapping on his steering wheel, Cameron wondered how much longer Sharon was going to take. It had been half an hour since he had arrived and ten minutes since he had found a parking space. And within that time, she was still not done. She had told him that the queue was long when he had last called her. With it being a Saturday, he could believe her. But he was impatient.

Logan had dropped a bomb on him last night, or early this morning. He was still processing and absorbing. Not that he was even close to absorbing everything. He didn't even know whether he believed his teammate but the accusations were serious. So serious that he was considering calling his lawyers and pay their exorbitant consultation fees. But before he did anything, he wanted to talk to Sharon.

He didn't know why she was the only person he wanted to talk with about this. He was violently reminded of their short acquaintance, barely into their third week of knowing each other. And yet, despite all that, she was first person he had thought of when he wanted a second opinion. He had almost woken her up when he had returned this morning but, even in his inebriated state, he knew that was not appropriate. Which was why he had forced himself to sleep and wait until a more socially acceptable time.

However, when he had woken up, he had been livid to find her gone. All the uncertainty and repressed worry had morphed into rage. He had been ready to tear a strip off her when she had answered the phone. But she had defused his anger with her use of logic. His mind had been diverted from the anger when she had presented a perfectly rational reason, effectively derailing his anger and disconcerting him.

Roughly running his hand over his face, Cameron was officially tired of waiting. And he was not a patient person in the first place. Grabbing his phone, he got out and was about to head to the entrance when he noticed her heading his way with her full cart. He leaned against his door, waiting for her to reach him when he noticed someone, a man, tailing her. Putting on his sunglasses, he stood up straight and eyed the man. He was slight, visible even with the coat he was wearing, and quite short, half a feet taller than Sharon at most. His brown hair was covered with a beanie and his eyes seemed to be fastened on Sharon's butt.

Eyes narrowing, he spared Sharon a smile when she greeted him and moved to the trunk, preparing to deck the man if he began to move faster or acted in any way more suspicious. He was so focused on the man that he was shocked when Sharon began talking to him as she unloaded the cart.

Did she know him?

Stunned, he was rooted to the ground, watching the man help her. But it was when Sharon began to laugh that he moved. Stalking to the back, he roughly took the bag out of the man's hands and stowed it away. His irritation grew when Sharon continued talking to man, allowing him to touch her hand and shoulder. They seemed to be having a rousing discussion about types of vegetables and fruits and their seasons. Mentally scoffing while he made sure everything was placed properly, he had to wonder at the man's flirting skills. Turning back to Sharon after he closed the trunk door, he frowned.

Why was the man still here? Clearly, he was no longer needed. All the groceries had been stowed away, not that he had been of much help since he'd just thrown the items everywhere. Sharon was even heading to her side of the car, indi

I am. I'm so trusting. And he was so easy to talk to. Even though I didn't tell him who you are, I didn't even think of the implications of him following me to the car. What you said just made me realise something bad could have happened if I was alone. Which reminded me of my ex-boyfriend and how he hurt me. How it was all my fault. And-"

Cameron waited for her to continue but it seemed that she had come to the end of the sharing session. Honestly, it had not been helpful. He was so confused. How did women's brains work?

"Um, I didn't say anything about you. I was only focused on the guy-"

"Gabriel, "she supplied with a small smile. He wasn't going to even utter that name but her smile made him feel that he was helping so he forced himself to say it.

"Yeah, Gabriel. So I don't know how this led to you being dumb. N-not that I'm saying you are. Out of all the women I know, you're the least dumb person. So that puts you in the same category as my mom and sisters. Well, most of them. The verdict is still out on the youngest. But I digress. What I'm trying to say is that I'm confused." He didn't know where that verbal vomit came from. He, who was so protective of his family and always trying to keep them out of the limelight, just volunteered information about them. And he was surprisingly fine about that. What worried him was the ease of sharing the information with her.

"Thanks, I guess, "she said, mirth replacing the anger and hatred. That made his worry evaporate. Then her eyes darkened slightly, sadness vying with the mirth. "It's just the comfort with Gabriel made me think of my ex. All the feelings that connected with him came back. And after not thinking about him for so long, it was just… a shock."

"So it had nothing to do with what I said?"he asked, still unsure. Her laughter reassured him and he could relax.

"I'm sure it did but you're not the reason why I cried. Don't worry." She patted his hand and that was when he was reminded that he was still holding her hand all this while. Startled, he let her go with an apology, making her laugh again which made him smile. "So, can we finally leave the car? It's starting to smell and I really need to get my ice cream into the fridge."

That made him roll his eyes even as he had to agree about the smell.

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