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Sharon was rethinking the grocery shopping trip when she had to skip an aisle again. It had slipped her mind that it was a Saturday so there was quite a crowd that morning. And she was steadily growing frustrated with all the people blocking all the aisles. She wished Cameron was there so that he could distract her but, knowing that he had returned late into the night, or early in the morning, she knew he had to be tired. Now she was cursing her altruism as she entered a relatively empty aisle. Looking around, she had to repress a sigh and grabbed the first pasta sauce she saw. She almost put it back as it was her least favourite sauce but she couldn't muster the energy to care.

It felt weird not feeling his warmth beside her. She would have thought that she would enjoy this moment alone. But she would find herself looking for him at every corner and every unguarded moment. Surely she was not that attached to him. It had taken her at least two months before she missed her previous boyfriend. And she had went out with him expecting to get into a relationship.

Her brows furrowing together as she walked aimlessly, she wondered why she was feeling Cameron's absence so keenly. They had only known each other for, at most, ten days. And even though it was true that they had been in each other's presence every morning and evening, surely she didn't really miss him. It was just the human company that she missed. Almost cursing when the wheel of a cart behind her ran into her, she corrected herself. She missed the personal connection between herself and another human.

Seeing the frozen food aisle up ahead, her lips tugged up as she remembered Cameron's whining last week. Pausing in front of a fridge filled with frozen pizza, she was debating whether she should get one for him. It would be something nice to do for him, to show her appreciation for his help in getting her the position and being her chauffeur even though she had repeatedly told him she was perfectly happy commuting on her own.

Her lips tugged up when she recalled the morning Cameron had foiled her plan to join the early morning commute on her second day of work. She had woken up an extra hour early to get ready and prepare dinner. Since she had prepared the ingredients for dinner the night before and only had to toss them into the crock pot, she had taken an extra fifteen minutes with her hair and makeup. Then she had hurried to the fridge only to find it empty. Totally empty. There was nothing in the crisper, nothing in the fridge apart from the frozen food and her defrosting beef. Everything else was gone.

She had been puzzling over her missing ingredients when it had occurred to her that Cameron could have been responsible. Mad that sh

was just whether she would want to call him out on it. "I'm the type who remembers while walking around the shop. I'm sorry I'm not as organised as some people."

"Yeah. I believe that, "she muttered doubtfully.

"Well, I am, "he returned, making her laugh.

"The lady doth protests too much, methinks, "she quoted, her voice rife with amusement. "Or, in this case, the lord."

"What are you talking about? And where are you? I'm coming to get you."

The laughter that had been bubbling on her lips vanished. As much as she appreciate his ready offer of assistance, she was starting to realise how she had come to expect and enjoy his presence. And, seeing as she had just got out of a bad relationship, she was realising how unhealthy it was. She had barely shaken off the tethers of her last relationship so being entangled with another man, no matter how platonic, was not wise.

Thus, seeing it as a good opportunity to exert her newfound independence, she said, "I can get back on my own. I still have the card Scott gave me so transportation is not a problem-"

"I need to talk to you, "he cut in, sounding serious which gave her pause. For the length of time she had known him, as short as it was, she had never heard him sounding this severe. Not even during the time he told her about his need for a physical therapist. He had been serious but not sombre. Not as sombre as now. Fighting over her need to exert her independence and her natural inclination to help, it was his next words that decided it. "Please."

Sighing, she accepted that it had to be serious for this proud man to stoop to pleading and answered his question on her whereabouts. She wondered whether it was a good idea as she rested her forehead on the cool doors but knew the die had been cast.

And she could not do anything about it.

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