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Heaving a sigh of relief as she exited the elevator, Sharon was glad that the work week was over and her first week at her new job. And she was glad that Cameron had kept his word. He didn't say anything when he dropped her off. He just wished her a good day and left soon after. She didn't know what he did the rest of the day but he always picked her up at the end of the day even though she had repeatedly told him that she could get around herself. The one time she didn't wait for him, he had found her before she got to the subway station and practically dragged her to his car. There had not been much of a crowd then. She was just lucky that the paparazzis were no longer paying attention to him.

Now, as she waited for him in front of a cafe around the corner from work, the place they had agreed to meet, having learned her lesson, her mind returned to work. Honestly, she didn't mind the job, as she had repeatedly told Cameron when he had slipped. Yeah, it was backbreaking work as her workplace was a small room by the restrooms that had been cleared in the last minute and she had to collect documents, contracts and other miscellaneous papers to be filed from all the people in the office. Yeah, she had shitty colleagues who either ignored her, cursed at her, shouted at her or any combination of the three. And yeah, she had her requests for more files and shelved looked over by the purchasing department. But she was starting to like it.

It was fun peeking into business side of the sports world that most people didn't get to know about. The percentages that the agents get. The exact worth of the athletes themselves. The exact terms of the contracts. It's not that she sits about all day and read them but as she files them, she was able to skim them through and they caught her attention. She was, truthfully, fascinated by them. And she had tried to find Cameron's contract but since he was managed by the head honcho himself and Matt was definitely more organised than his employees, she was not able to get her hands on them. Which, surprisingly, disappointed her.

Leaning against the wall of the cafe, she was not surprised to find that her mind was on him again. That man occupied too much of her time. From the moment she woke up, she thought about him, about what he would want for dinner since she had taken it upon herself to prepare dinner for the both of them. It was not a formal arrangement, like the one where he sends her to and from work. No words had been exchanged about it. It was just one of the unspoken arrangements. And she felt that it was a fair repayment for his chauffeuring services.

Then he came to her mind while she was using the gym. The words he had thrown at her still echoed in her mind and they still hurt her. But she found that the level of hurt decreased each day. Maybe it was because he had not repeated those words again. Or that he had not looked at her derisively or in disgust. Not even that night, she realised, her brows furrowing.

That had to be wrong. Why would he say those hurtful things if he didn't feel disgusted by her appearance? Her ex had said all those words, throwing even worse and devastating words, and he had looked so angry and disgusted. He hadn't even looked at her while tearing her down. So why hadn't Cameron?

"Sorry I'm so late. Traffic was a bitch."

Startled out of her thoughts, Sharon suddenly found Cameron by her side. He looked as hot as ever, even with the ballcap on his head and the beard. She had a near uncontrollable urge to take off his beard but she knew it was necessary. Even with the paparazzis moving onto bigger and juicier preys, Cameron's fans were still a consideration. The one time he hadn't gone out with any disguise, he was stopped every few minute for a picture, an autograph and even a offer to have sex. She had witnessed it from her office building and understood his near neurotic need to disguise himself

"Sharon, are you alright?"

"Yeah. Just wondering whether to believe you or not, "she teased and smiled when he grumbled under his breath. Covering her cheeks with her hands, not realising how cold it was becoming, she asked, "What's the real reason you're so late?"

"I told you traffic, "he said indignantly. At her raised brows, he folded his arms. Her eyes noted this movement and knew he was going to lie again. "This is New York. You're working near Manhattan. Why won't there be traffic?"

"Why are you answering my question with a question?"she asked archly.

"Why are you?"he shot back and she had to, grudgingly, give him props to that. But before she could retort, he said, "Anyway, my friend is going to join us for dinner. Hope you don't mind."

"Cameron, we're going grocery shopping after. Is he going to join that as well?"she asked, sounding put out. But, internally, she was panicking. Meeting his friend felt like a big thing. She knew most people met their friend's friend all the time but this felt like they were entering anot

"You're lucky that was all I did. If I could have reached for my pepper spray, you will still be rolling around in pain, "she responded. "What were you thinking anyway? You weren't thinking, were you? I knew it."

"Well, if you had just told me you were leaving, I wouldn't have done that, "he nearly shouted for lack of anything else to say. He was feeling quite silly for the trick he had played. And he had been sorely punished for it, barely holding suppress the wince. The look she levelled on him made him feel even more foolish.

"Cameron, Logan wants to talk to you. He can't do that if I'm in the way. Be glad I'm not holding you to the promise of going grocery shopping tonight." She made it sound so reasonable but he didn't want that.

"That still doesn't explain why you would just walk out, at night mind you, alone."

"Clearly, I could defend myself-"

"Um, guys?"

That was when he recalled Logan's presence. Heads snapping to look at him, the young man took a step back when he was confronted by the angry expressions on Cameron and Sharon's faces. Sharon, letting out a breath, visibly composed herself.

"Sorry about that Logan. I didn't expect that to happen, "she said with a small smile. Cameron's scowl worsened. Just seconds ago, she was frowning up at him. And now, she was gracing this two-bit man a smile? He was not happy about this. Especially not the way Logan relaxed when bestowed the smile.

"No worries, Sharon. I, actually, expected worse when I saw him grab you."

"Who's side are you on?"Cameron demanded, taking a step towards him. Logan, seeing something in his expression, took a step back and held up his hand.

"No one's, "he hastily said. Cameron frowned at Logan, making him visibly uncomfortable, much to his satisfaction, but turned to Sharon when he felt someone hit his stomach.

"Stop it. He was clearly on the side of common sense. Which you are clearly lacking, "she said as she made to stand between him and Logan. Her hands propped on her hips, she glared up at him. "You're lucky there wasn't much people when you played this ill-conceived trick."

Pursing his lips, Cameron refrained from adding oil to flame. He wanted to continue this argument further but didn't want to carry it out in front of Logan. He had been humiliated enough for one night.

"You want to head back?"he asked instead. She looked startled, her arms coming down to her sides.

"Yeah. I'm tired and Logan clearly wants to talk to you, "she said, looking up at him uncertainly. He nodded and then grabbed her hand, tugging her back to the sidewalk. "Cameron, I'd gladly take the subway-"

"No! Not this late at night, "he said harshly as he flagged down a cab. Luckily, one stopped right in front of them. Informing the cab driver of the address and giving him some twenties to cover the fare, he turned back to Sharon who was glaring at him. Ignoring her glare, he opened the door for her. "Call me when you've arrived."

"I can pay for my own cab, "she grumbled before turning to Logan. "It was nice to meet you. Hope you have a good talk with My Grumpy Pants."

"Get in the fucking cab, Sharon, "Cameron growled, not liking the way she was warming up to Logan. Just an hour ago they had been having the most strained conversation.

"Bye, Mr Grumpy Pants. See you tomorrow."

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