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Cameron eyed Sharon's door as he sat at the island and ate the last spoonful of surprisingly delicious chicken soup. She had been in there for the past one hour and he hadn't heard a peep. He was still puzzled by her anger. He had spent the whole dinner going over what he had said and found nothing objectionable. Maybe he shouldn't have shouted but he was getting frustrated by her reluctance to go back to Garnet Corp. Why couldn't she believe that he had her best interest in mind?

Dropping the spoon onto the bowl, the sound of the metal hitting ceramic clanging loudly in the quiet apartment. He didn't like it. He wanted the dinner they had had last night. Even though he had been trying hard to push her away, she had been less on guard and actually listened to him. Now, he couldn't speak. Every word was taken as an attack.

Which was what he wanted, right? Yet, why was he so angry, frustrated and sad? He should be rejoicing the successful outcome of his plan. Even if their interactions become more friendlier, she wouldn't try to get any closer to him. He knew his words had cut her deep, judging from what she had thrown at him earlier. Which was why he had not had high hopes for the soup or stew or whatever the delicious concoction was. He had been pleasantly surprised that he had enjoyed the meal.

Even as he debated getting another bowl, he knew he would never be able to enjoy his food if he didn't check on Sharon. She had been quite mad when she had left the kitchen and he was hoping that she wasn't doing anything that she, or he, would regret. He knew she would never take a permanent, lifeless solution but she had been alone with her phone. Knowing her, he knew she could be planning to leave and he didn't want that. He didn't care if he ran foul with Scott for chasing her away. He just wanted to take care of her. And he couldn't do that if she was somewhere he couldn't access.

Shelving the unexpected protectiveness to be looked into on another day, he let out a breath and walked into the hallway. Pausing when he reached her door, he hoped she wouldn't kill him for entering her room uninvited as he pushed it open. Luckily, it was unlocked. Puzzled when there was no screech of outrage, he hesitantly entered. And relaxed against the doorway when he saw her in her bed. From the lack of reaction, he could tell that she was asleep.

Putting his hands in his pockets, he wondered whether he should wake her up. He still had to convince her to consider the offer from Garnet Corporation. Having looked them up after they'd returned to the apartment, he was astounded by the prestige of working in the organisation. It was one of the top ten employers across several job sites and states. He hadn't known that Scott's company was that sought after. It made him more determined to make sure that Sharon worked in his company.

But, watching her shift in her sleep, moving to a more comfortable position, he sighed and knew he should let her sleep. Her sudden, intense workout this morning must have shocked her body. Her body needed the time to recover. That would also leave him time to cover his bases and come up with a foolproof argument. He might have, admittedly, been a bit hasty in bringing up the topic. For their next skirmish, he needed a more well thought out points that would convince her.

Having decided on a course of action, he got off the doorway and walked over to her bed. He wanted to cover her since she seemed to have fallen asleep without any cover. He was just so considerate like that. Looking down at her as he billo

ff her-


She looked down askance at the navy blue blanket on her. Where had this come from? There was only one other occupant in the apartment. If she was following her own brand of logic, and ruled out the supernatural, she had to accept that Cameron was up. The smell of coffee supported the supposition. And hearing his door open made her panic.

She was trying to avoid him!

What was she going to do? She couldn't hide. There was no way she would be fast enough to find a hiding place in the time it took him to get to the common area. By that same logic, she couldn't go to her room. Not able to think about anything else and hearing his footsteps coming closer, she laid back on the couch and threw the blanket over her.

Hoping he would be quick about whatever he was doing and leave, she waited, her muscles tensing up in anticipation. She heard him pouring the coffee and… Was he leaving?

"Sharon, I know you're awake."

What? How did he know? Was he bluffing?

She didn't do anything. Suddenly, she felt a force on her shoulder and was tumbled off the couch. Surprised, she let out a short shriek. Luckily, the blanket softened the drop but she was still pissed. Shoving the blanket off her, she looked up and glared at Cameron who was looking too amused for her liking.

"What was that for?"she asked angrily. She ignored the cup of coffee he extended and got to her feet. She stalked to the kitchen, hoping he would just go.

"You were ignoring me, "he said, placing the cup of coffee on the island and settling onto the stools.

Feeling his gaze on her, she felt her shoulder tense up and come up. Ladling herself some soup, she turned back to the island. She was avoid his gaze and took a seat across from him.

"Do you want some?"she asked.

"Nah. I'm going out."

She was surprised to hear that and when she looked at him, she saw that he was dressed to go out.

"Oh. Ok, "she responded, pushing aside the twinge of hurt. An awkward silence descended between them.

"So I was thinking about what I brought about last night. And, I guess, I don't really have much say on what you do. I'm sorry if I hurt you, "he said. Before she had time to respond, he got up. "I have to go now. See you whenever."

She was just able to watch his back as he walked off. She was surprised to get what she wanted.

So why did she not feel happy?

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