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Settling into the chair beside Sharon, Cameron was almost to the end of his patience with her. Eyeing her from the side of his eyes, he wondered why she was so cold and angry with him. She was quiet during the entire trip and any question he asked, she'd answer in monosyllables. She wouldn't even look at him and he didn't like it.

He wanted, no needed, to know why but reluctance kept his mouth shut. As much as he was concerned about her, a part of him needed the distance between them. It was the only thing that was keeping him sane. Because his mind and body were working against him. He had been shocked to realise he had been dreaming about her in that small pink towel when he woke up.

He had been dreaming about getting that towel off. But she kept evading his grasp. Laughing, his dream Sharon would tease him by lifting the edges up, showing more of her thighs but stopped before it showed the more interesting parts. Then she'd appear in another part of the room. It both frustrated and tantalised him. It wasn't a surprise when he woke hard and aching.

Shifting in his seat, he cursed under his breath as his body reacted to his thoughts. Turning slightly away from Sharon, he waited, and willed, his body to calm down.

"Are you alright?"

Hearing the concern in Sharon's voice, he couldn't help the burst of joy which he had a hard time not showing on his face. When he managed to get his emotions in order and turned to her, she looked as she did in the car. Eyes cold, face expressionless, her face resolutely facing the window across the table. Disappointment filled him and he didn't even try to fight it. As his eyes studied the profile she presented to him, he was starting to accept that he cared about her feelings.

"Yeah. I'm fine, "he said gruffly. Sharon was not a small woman. Not by anyone's imagination. Not a slim one either. She was wide and padded all over, her figure and lush curves obscured by her baggy clothes. And usually, he wouldn't even notice her. But for some reason, maybe it had something to do with their proximity, he was starting to like them. Like her. And he didn't know whether he liked this change.

But what he did know was that he didn't like hurting her as he'd done last night. He knew weight was a sensitive subject for most women. It was definitely one for Sharon, based on how she'd acted last night. He had also heard her after she'd come back from the gym, cursing him and whoever had invented all those gym equipments. He knew she thought she was quiet but, with the penthouse being so high up, in a silent apartment, sound travelled. So he knew how she had taken his words to heart.

He found that, as he heard her make her way to her room, he didn't want that. As he had admitted to himself that he liked the way she looked, he also didn't want her to change. Not if it was not her choice. He wanted to know the person she was starting to show behind the polite facade. Her exhaustion last night had been a peek and he wanted more. But he knew he had to get past this icy reserve before she would even open the doors to him again.

"Thank yo

sistant role Matt's made for you is right. I mean, with your qualifications, you could work as an agent."

"Well, I could except for the fact that I know nothing about any sports and do not find a need to do so, "she pointed out. She was puzzled. Why was he bringing this up? She would have thought that he was worried about what people would say about him getting the job for her but, from what he had said, she had a feeling it had more to do with her position itself. Hoping to ease his mind, she said, "Cameron, I am perfectly happy working as the office admin. I know Matt won't need me forever so this is the perfect opportunity to get to know the city better."

"I am not happy about you wasting your talents as an office admin. Just like I'm not happy that you're working out without me, "he shouted, slamming his hand on the table. She jumped and cringed slightly. She couldn't help the reflex. Blinking up at Cameron's contrite face, anger replaced the brief fear.

"What do you have against me?"she shouted, rising to her feet so fast that her chair fell.

"Sharon, I don't have anything against you-"

"From where I am looking, I can see that you definitely have something against me. First, you brought up my weight. Fine. So now, I am doing something about it. Like giving up my cheese and fats and flavor. And what do you do when I actually listen to you? I can tell you what you did. You further twist the knife by wanting to witness my humiliation."

"Shar, I don't want to humiliate you. I just want to make sure you're using the equipments properly. I can see that you're in pain from the workout-"

"And now, you tell me that I can't decide, for myself, what is good for me? Who are you to tell me what to do? I may be inexperienced and naive but I'm not an idiot. And I don't appreciate your implications otherwise."

Dinner conveniently forgotten, she stormed to her room. She had managed to keep a strong, albeit angry, front with Cameron. But now that she was alone, she couldn't stop the tears from falling.

Why could he hurt her so much?

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