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Looking at the plastic bag full of chinese food, Cameron knew he had to call Sharon out. This was her dinner as well as his but he felt a reluctance. An anxiety that he had never felt with a woman since adolescence. He might have felt nervous, a sense of uncertainty with women after high school. But once he knew that woman liked how he looked and his chosen profession, that had gone away. This gut-wrenching, sweat-inducing apprehension was new.

A flash of creamy white expanse of thigh, full breasts and he shook his head. He knew who it was and when he had seen it but he still couldn't believe the strength of his attraction to her. He who had been "The model-killer" by his teammates and friends. His distinctive preference of models and women who could have been models had been noted by the press and every person who followed football. Even those who didn't follow football knew he only dated women with a certain physique. He liked their sleek body, their height and their sexual drive. Blond, brunette, redhair, none of that mattered.

So why was a short, fat woman making his dick twitch?

Groaning, he knew he was being unfair to Sharon but he was trying to get his dick to behave. He couldn't believe that a brief glimpse was changing his preferences. And yet, his mind was not willing to let it go. It didn't help that he couldn't seem to remember any of the other women either.

"Why didn't you call me when the food arrived? I'm starving."

He was surprised to hear her voice. She was walking towards him and the dining table. And he was still hard. Panicking, he turned his body towards the dining table, making sure his hardon was not noticeable. He, then, hurriedly took out the food.

"I wanted to get everything ready before I called you. You know, to apologise for, you know, just now, "he said as he opened the boxes. Realising what he just said, he almost crushed a box of chow mein. Why did he have to bring it up? Now, she was sure to know that his mind had been on her. In the towel. She must be thinking he wanted her. Which he didn't. Not in the slightest. He wasn't even thinking about her.

"I'm sure you must be used to walking in on women in lesser cover than me, "she said with a blush as she set the plates and cutleries on the dining table. Blushing? His eyes were fixed on her red cheeks and widened when they turned brighter under his gaze. "Cameron, is everything alright?"

"Ye-yeah, "he said, taking a seat across her. She began serving herself some fried rice and pork but his mind was light years away from dinner. He was having an internal breakdown. He was horrified to realise that he was delighted about her interest. No, no, no. He didn't want her to like him. He had to do something. "So, Sharon, what's your opinion about exercising?"

"Not a big fan of it. Why?"she asked as she shoved a heaping spoonful of rice into her mouth. Like a glutton, he hurriedly tacked on in his mind. Her cheeks were bulging with the amount of food she was eating. He should be disgusted. He liked the refined manners of his dates. Their elegance and grace. Thus watching Sharon's ungainly enjoyment of the food should be a turn off. He shouldn't be liking the way she taking delight in her food.

"Cameron, are you sure you're alright? Your staring is starting to creep me out."

Startled out of his thoughts, he realised he'd been looking at her and commenced eating. What was wrong with him? Even though

xpected the voice, she stopped right beside the kitchen island and her eyes turned to seat that faced the hallway. She was surprised to see Cameron dressed to head out. And he looked so hot with his messy hair and golden stubble covering his jaw and chin. He was wearing a leather jacket, covering his shirt which were stretched over his wide shoulders. She didn't know how he could so put together since she knew he'd taken less than ten minutes to get ready when she still felt like a kid playing dress up even though she'd taken at least half an hour to put on her makeup and do her hair.

Scowling, she demanded, "Where are you going?" She refused to move when he stood up and moved towards her. She tried not to stare at the long expanse of leg that were tightly encased in a pair of dark blue jeans.

"I'm going out and since I'm going out, I can drop you off at the office, "he said, resting his fists on his hips. She folded her arms.

"Well, thank you but I don't want to inconvenience you. So I'll be going there myself. I have to learn how to get there for my morning commute, "she tacked on, her brain having supplied that at the very last minute. That was inspired and true. But it seemed that Cameron was not accepting that. His brows were drawn together and his head was shaking.

"What? With all the weird people and rats? I don't think so. I'll send you to work. And I'll send you to the meeting with Matt. So come on." When she just stood there, still scowling at him, she was surprised when he grabbed her arm. She was even more surprised when he leveled determined eyes on her. "You can come with me of your own free will or I can drag you to my car. Take your pick."

She was confused. She knew she'd read him right last night. He wanted to distance himself from her. Why else would he say those hurtful things? He, who knew women, must know that a woman's weight was a sensitive subject.

But the way he was acting now was saying something else. It was as if he was trying to erase the distance he'd created last night. And she didn't know how to react. But facing his implacable face, she knew she didn't have a chance to reject his offer.

So with a fierce scowl, she nodded her head and was further bewildered when she thought she saw his shoulders relax in relief.

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