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Stepping into her room, Sharon could feel weights pushing down on her shoulders. It had been such an exhausting day. Dropping her bag by the door, she shed her blazer and dropped, facedown, on her bed. Mentally and physically exhausted. She didn't want to move. Unfortunately, as she felt the bed dipped, indicating a weight pressing onto the bed, the other occupant of the apartment had other ideas.

"Are you awake?"Cameron asked. She felt the bed bounce again and opened her eyes slightly. He had dropped to his back, staring up at her ceiling, his hands behind his head.

"Don't you have your own room?"she murmured irritably as she, too, turned to her back. "I don't want to talk about it, Cameron."

"But why? This would be a good place for you to work. And you can keep an eye on my recovery since you're so worried about it."

"Cameron, "she sighed wearily. She didn't want to hear anymore on the topic. The car trip back had been a trial as it was. "We've been through this. I do not want to rehash this again. Please leave."

"But you haven't heard some of the new benefits I've thought of." She looked at him in disbelief. He turned to look at her and nodded gravely. She thought it was gravely. The size of his bicep almost obscured his face. She could only see the top half of his face.

"You're saying that the trip on the elevator had been long enough for you to formulate new benefits that I'd reap if I accept the offered position?"she asked incredulously. Well, she tried to sound dubious but her rapidly draining energy sapped the incredulity out of her voice. She had a sudden problem in keeping her eyes open too. She knew, then, that she had had enough. She didn't give him the opportunity to present his "benefits". "Stop. I don't want to talk about this anymore. At least not tonight. Can you please let me rest and recharge before you try to convince me again?" She could see that he wanted to argue but when she pled silently with him, he sighed and sat up. She followed him and almost gave him a hug.

"I'll talk to you tomorrow, "he said, getting to his feet and stretching. Her eyes took the opportunity to appreciate his long body. Despite her fatigue, she definitely saw that he was a fine specimen of the male species. Her body started growing warm, startling her. Averting her eyes as she dealt with the heat, she was surprised when he wasn't heading to the door. Instead, as she was looking at his feet, she saw him turning towards her. "Are you going to prepare dinner tonight?"

"No. I'm not hungry-" At the mention of dinner, her stomach decided to protest and announce the fact that it had not been filled since before her interview. She could feel her face heat up, a very different kind of heat than before. "I guess I'm hungry." She couldn't lift


"What? You can't learn something new? This is Scott's company we're talking about. And the economy isn't looking too good. When else would you get another opportunity?" Amelia's response made her feel bad, guilty for squandering such a wonderful prospect, but, then, she heard Cameron's voice. He had adamantly defended her decision. As he'd said, an interview was a two-way street. It was not only the interviewer who was studying the interviewee. The interviewee was also deciding whether the culture and the job fit with his needs. She couldn't help but to gain courage from the memory. And it gave her the strength to argue with Amelia.

"Look, Amelia. I know what was at stake. I was even seriously considering it but I knew I'd never be happy. And that's all I'm considering. Anyway, I was offered a position in Cameron's agent's company. So how's LA?" She'd hoped to change the subject but her sister was not feeling particularly cooperative.

"How does working with that two-bit wannabe athlete compare with working in my husband's prestigious company? Tell me how that'll help you."

Sharon was, frankly, getting pissed off with her sister. She had tried to have a cordial conversation with her closest family member. Apparently that was not to be. And, for some reason, maybe it was the fatigue or a hidden resentment, she did something she immediately regret.

"Maybe it's because they won't be sucking my ass everywhere I turn. But thanks for saying that. You have made the decision so much easier for me. Thank me, Amelia, because I will be working with Matt from tomorrow onwards, "she snapped and ended the call. Then she realised what she'd done. But she didn't have time to absorb or process it because Cameron, then, barged in.

"You're going to accept his offer?"

Sharon just groaned and covered her face with her hands.

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