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Sharon followed Cameron into a plush reception area. The receptionist was sitting behind a semi-circle black, tall reception table. The walls were a dark, stormy gray with a white ceiling. The navy blue carpet was the softest she had stepped on, second only to the carpet in the apartment. There was a painting on the wall above the burgundy couch and chairs that consisted of waiting area. It had the outline of a football player about to thrown the ball in his hand but instead of the features painted in, colors from the rainbow were splashed within and around the figure. It was nice, tasteful and announced that the office was one which took care of athletes. The ceiling-to-floor window facing the waiting area brought in much needed light into the otherwise masculine and dark reception area. In all, she felt quite comfortable in the room.

"Hey, Jenna. Is Matt in?"Cameron asked, leaning his arms on the counter. Sharon could feel his eyes following her as she migrated to the waiting area and looked through the magazines. It was no surprise that all the magazines were sports magazine.

"Hey, Cammy. It didn't take long for you to visit us again. Did you miss me?"

Sharon could feel herself stiffening when she heard the interest in the receptionist's voice. A rush of hot, angry emotions filled her and it was quickly replaced with horror. She couldn't possibly be jealous that some woman was flirting with Cameron. For one, she just got out of a relationship. A bad one. And secondly, she'd only met him the day before. So she didn't have any claim on him.

Letting out a breath, she returned to her perusal of the magazines, forcing herself to ignore Cameron and Jenna. Putting all her attention in reading an article, she was getting so engrossed that she jumped when someone tapped her shoulder. From the laughter behind her, she knew it was Cameron.

"You can stop now, "she said drily when she faced him. He was laughing so hard that he was clutching his stomach and bending slightly. Realising Jenna's attention was on them, she hit his shoulder, hoping it would make him stop laughing. "Cameron."

"Alright, alright. I'm stopping. But it was just so funny." He was about to start again but her glare managed to keep it under control. With a deep breath, he indicated a hallway to the right of the reception. "Come on. He's free."

"I'm coming along?"

"Of course. Now come on."

She was lost. Why was she attending the meeting with him? She had been planning to make herself comfortable in the waiting room while he met with his agent. She didn't know what she was doing as she trailed him into a brightly lit hallway in catnap gray. She wanted to talk to him, to demand an explanation from him but they passed doors and she heard voices inside. She didn't want to disrupt anyone and was sure any discussion she had with him was going to get out of hand. Resigning herself to being present during the meeting, she studied the photographs on the walls. It featured the photographs of different athletes in different poses of their chosen sport. There were swimmers, football players, basketball players. The list goes on. She believed they were all clients of the agency. She entertained herself with trying to find a photo of Cameron and was disappointed she couldn't find it.

When they entered the office area, she was surprised at women on the floor. There was an almost equal split between the genders but the women were all, to a tee, were gorgeous. They were all tall. Some were voluptuous while others rocked the willowy look. Their makeup was flawless. Their clothes were both fashionable and office appropriate, making her feel disheveled and dumpy in comparison. And all their eyes were on Cameron the moment he entered. Some were blatant while the rest tried to be more discreet. Interest and appreciation shone from their eyes. Now that he had shed his disguise, Sharon could share their appreciation even thou

with other men sniffing around the woman he was going out. He cared now. He didn't know whether Sharon found Matt's narrow face, equally narrow, aquiline nose, large, round blue eyes and full lips attractive. And he didn't want to find out. He wanted to cart her out but when she turned her bright green eyes on him, expectant, he performed the introduction. Balefully.

"Matt, meet my roommate, Sharon Ashwood. Sharon meet my agent, Matt."

"Roommate? I thought she was your-"

"She wants to make sure that I actually do it. That's why she's here, "he quickly said, knowing what Matt was about to say. And, though a part of him wanted to label her as such, they had only known each other for two days.

Yet you have slept with women with an even shorter meeting. The shortest had been an hour, right?his conscience chimed, making him frown.

"I don't even know why I'm here, "Sharon said, glowering at him.

"Right, "Matt said, his eyes moving between them. Then he got to business. "Brad won't be able to help since he will be out of the country for the next month or so. That's why I have several physical therapists lined up."

"Good. Send me the name and I'll check them out." Cameron just wanted out of the office. He didn't want to talk about it anymore. Why was he even in this room? Wait, he was the one who'd brought up a bargain. He must be dumb.

"To make sure you actually meet them, I'll be coming along, "Matt added, heaping insult to injury. Cameron scowled at him.

"Like hell. Aren't you busy or something? I don't need a bloody babysitter, "he growled, making Matt sigh.

"Cam, if it weren't for Miss Ashwood, you'd still be avoiding me. Now, I know you don't want to meet them, I really do, but I have to make sure my cashcow is in good condition."

"I knew you only liked me for my money, "Cameron murmured but his anger soon overwhelmed his good humor. "I'm a fucking adult. I know what to do."

"Well, I don't trust you. Not with this. Maybe I'd believe you if Miss Ashwood went along-"

Their eyes connected before turning to Sharon who was watching them with wide eyes. When she realised their attention was on her and why, she shook her head.

"If you're thinking about what I think you are, my answer is no. I have no wish to act the jailer to this prisoner. Like he said, he's an adult, "she said.

"Actually, I said that I was a fucking adult-" He stopped when she shot him a glare.

"Plus, I'm currently looking for a job. I can't just tell the company that I need to leave for some afternoons or mornings because of Cameron."

"That's easily rectified. You can work for me."

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