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Hearing her phone ringing, Sharon was forced to grapple for it from the bedside table. She knew it was quite late in the day but she had slept much later than she had expected. After receiving confirmation from Scott about Cameron's identity- and laughing internally at his reaction - she had spent a couple of hours to calm down before falling asleep. She had been wrestling with the fact that she had a roommate. At least for the next few days. And a gorgeous one to be exact.

When she had said goodnight to him in the hallway, the light had revealed the utter handsomeness that was his face. His high cheekbones and sharp, aquiline nose. His big, hooded silvery gray eyes were warm and light, helping her overcome her embarrassment and slight hysteria when she had felt something against her thigh. She had been extremely aware of his wide shoulders and lean hips even as she conversed with him. And she was sure he was conscious of her awareness but he was friendly although slightly amused.

What she had been struggling with was the fact that this was the first time she was going to share a living space with a person of the opposite gender. She had not stayed in dorms when she had gone to college. Having chosen a college near to home, she had not had to worry about her accommodations as she would return home after class. So she wasn't sure what to do or whether she should do anything. She was not worried about him being attracted to her despite his hardon. She was sure that had been a fluke and with his good looks, she was sure he had had the company of women who were more beautiful than her. She was just overthinking her behavior and the common space, like the kitchen and living room. After finally wrestling her mind into submission, she was finally able to sleep.

Until her phone woke her up.

Finally grabbing it, she sleepily brought it to her ear and was surprised to hear Amelia's voice. Awake now, she sat up, trying to make sense about what her sister was saying. She was talking too fast and there was note of wildness in her voice that worried her.

"Ames, slow down. I don't understand. What are you trying to say?"she finally said, cutting into the one-sided conversation Amelia was having. "Breathe, woman."

"Alright. I am breathing, "Amelia said after she had loudly taken in a big breath.

"Good. So what were you talking about?"Sharon asked as she leaned back onto the headboard.

"I was apologising, you idiot. I can't believe you didn't catch that, "Amelia said peevishly. Sharon was shocked. It was not often that her sister admitted her fault and it was even rarer for her to apologise. Even so, Sharon was not sure what she was apologising for.

"Hold up. I think there's something wrong with my hearing. Are you apologising? Why? Not that there are not a long list of things you should say sorry for but nothing is coming to mind at the moment, "Sharon said, running her hand through her hair.

"I am saying sorry for abandoning you at the last minute. I know I said I was going to be there for you but, I guess, I have been working towards this meeting for so long that I kinda forgot about you." Sharon felt her eyes softening. She knew what a workaholic her sister was and Amelia worked hard as a model. She didn't wait for her agent to find projects for her. She would use her extensive connections, even tapping on some of Scott's, to get the best jobs for herself. Sharon could foresee that she would not be content working for someone else. But for the situation at hand-

"I understand. Well, I didn't yesterday but you'll have to excuse me. I had just gotten off a three hour flight after an hour's car ride. I think I was entitled to a hissy fit. But I guess what I am trying to say is sorry for my tantrum, "Sharon said, remorse stirring in her. Ever since they were young, Sharon had been the agreeable sister/daughter. She was the one who went with the flow and if something happened that she didn't like, she would let it roll her back and just changed her plans. She had never expressed her feelings, not as vehemently as she had yesterday. And she was embarrassed at her outburst. Which reminded her of her unanswered texts. "Wait. Why didn't you answer my texts yesterday? I thinked I spammed your phone."

"I was still mad at you. You've never shouted at me before, "Amelia said accusingly.

"I was distraught."

"Well, I complained to Scott about it and he may have mentioned that you were justified in your feeling. I had the night to sleep on it and maybe you were right." The way she practically spat out the words made Sharon's lips tug up. Amelia didn't have much practice in admitting she was wrong. She made it a practice to not admit anything that could bite her back in future. So this was a pleasant surprise. But, deciding not to torment her sister further, she moved onto another topic.

"Alright. I can accept that. Maybe, as punishment, you can talk to Scott about naming a figure for rent. I really don't feel comfortable just staying here."

"What? You don't even have a job. How are you supposed to pay rent?"

"I'm going to find one." Amelia was silent and

Sharon knew she had won. She felt like congratulating herself. She had truly thought on her feet. For someone who was usually a few seconds late in every social situation, she felt like she had nailed this.

Until Amelia spoke.

"Alright. I'll talk to him. But since you are feeling so bad about shouting at me, I think you should be punished too."

"What? No. I don't feel bad-"

"I know you, baby sis. It'll be eating up at you. This will be a good outlet. So as punishment, you will have to charge at least a hundred dollars on the black card before I will agree to even talk to Scott. Buy all the kitchen stuff that you need. And some clothes. You have until five in the afternoon, LA time, or this entire exercise is void. I'll require a proof of purchase. Have fun. Bye."

"Wait. Amelia-"

Sharon put down the phone when she realised she was talking to thin air, mouth tugging downwards. She knew she had been outmaneuvered by an expert. She shouldn't have been celebrating so early. Now she was being forced to spend money that was not hers.


Having just woken up a few minutes ago, Cameron was walking into the kitchen to grab a glass of milk when he spotted Sharon sitting on the barstool, staring at something on the island. She was dressed to go out with her bright red long-sleeved shirt and black boots on her feet. But she was looking decidedly gloomy. Skirting around her, he grabbed a glass and opened the fridge door. He spared her one more glance before he looked into the fridge and stifled a groan when he saw that it was empty. He'd forgotten that since Scott didn't use this often, it was not stocked up apart from the ever present bottles of water. Grumbling, he grabbed one. Finally, he turned back to Sharon, still puzzling over her mood and the fact that she hadn't acknowledged him in the slightest.

She had not moved since he had entered the kitchen. Her eyes were practically boring holes in the island. He wasn't sure she had even blinked. Curious, he examined the card further and noticed that it was one of the most prestigious credit cards, commonly known as the black card, with her name on it. He was sure it was something Scott had arranged for her. Most women would be jumping with joy but Sharon seemed to be regarding it like one does a slug.

"What did the card do to you?"he asked, taking a seat opposite her. She spared him a glance before her eyes returned to the card.

"It existed, "she said morosely. "It's a reminder that I don't have my life together and I will always be under the care of my sister. That I will never escape her shadow. That she will always run my life. Do you need more?"

"That is a bit more gloominess than I need so early in the day."

"It's already noon. Not so early." Her monotonous tone was starting to grate on him. For some reason, he wanted to do something about it. Make her laugh or at least smile. Anything to get her out of her funk. But he feared that he would drive her further into her sullenness. The only thing he could think of doing was getting to the root of her problem.

"Hey, I slept at two so this is early. So you're mad at Amelia?"he ventured and she directed a glare at him, her shoulders practically vibrating with her anger. That answered his question.

"What do you think? I got her call like an hour ago and she's forcing me to use this bloody card and spend a hundred bucks, "she said, sounding so aggrieved. That stumped him.

"Don't women like to shop?"he asked hesitantly. She folded her arms on the table and laid her chin on the juncture.

"Well, kinda. I like shopping well enough when I'm looking for something but it's always been with my money. I've never shopped with anyone else's money since I began working. And it's galling to use Amelia's money." He barely stopped himself from correcting her perception. He was pretty sure it was Scott's. To his knowledge, Amelia had not had the chance to own her own black card. "I know that my life is a mess but this is a new low."

"Why do you even have to use the card?"he asked, still puzzled by her anguish.

"We made a bargain. She would talk to Scott about setting a number for the rent but only if I spend a hundred dollars on this card. And I have to send her some proof. Maybe a picture. Which is so ridiculous. What is stopping me from talking to Scott directly about the rent?"she ranted, waving her hand around.

"How about the fact that he would shoot you down before you even say anything?"he pointed out and she seemed to deflate right in front of him.


"Why don't I come along?"he suggested, hating her unhappiness. He felt a sense of satisfaction when she lit up. But then, some of the light began to dim.

"But I thought you didn't want to be out until the heat died down. I don't want you to do anything that would jeopardise that, "she said earnestly but she was unable to hide her disappointment. So even though she brought up a valid point, his mind was thinking of ways to get around that problem. And he believed he had hit on the perfect solution.

"I will just wear a disguise. No one will recognise me."

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