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Tossing and turning in her chosen bed, Sharon wondered whether Amelia was still angry with her. After reading the note, she had decided to settle into a room and freshen up. Then she had taken a tub of her love and slowly ate it as she constructed an apology text. She'd tried to call Ames but her call was rejected. It was possible that she was busy in a meeting but she had never ignored Sharon's texts. She would, usually, reply within the hour even when she was in a meeting. Sharon was fairly certain she was angry since she had not replied to any of the twenty, or thirty, or fifty, messages she had sent in the last eight hours.

Sitting up, Sharon punched her pillow for the fifth time in two hours before she dropped back to her back. She wondered whether she should call Scott and ask his opinion. But the last they had fought, he had decreed that he was not going to be involved again. She didn't have anyone else to turn to, though. She had cut ties from her hometown and her mother was of no help. Mouth downturning, she turned to her side, eyes set on the wall.

Deciding to worry about it in the morning, she tried to sleep. Only her mind was too active. It was not letting go of her worries and problems. She was even remembering that time in fifth grade when she had fallen down and her skirt had ridden up, exposing her underwear and embarrassing her. Slapping her forehead, she sat up and got out of bed. Maybe a glass of milk- Strike that, the fridge was empty. Maybe just water would help. It would definitely distract her.

Slowly ambling down the hall, she was busy trying to get her mind off that moment in fifth grade when she heard a noise. Halting, she tried to push it off as a figment of her imagination. She succeeded and resumed walking when she heard it again. It sounded like words. A voice? Stopping and trying to listen closely, her brows furrowed as she confirmed that it was a voice. A strong, deep male voice. She was too far to make out the words and was reluctant to go closer but something about the voice called her. Made her want to find out who it was.

Stopping, having not realised she had taken a few steps towards him, she shook her head vigorously. What was she thinking? She was a woman, alone. She was in no state to confront that man. Or whatever her mind was thinking about doing to the man when she finally met him face-to-face. How did she even know he was alone? He could very well have an accomplice.

But he sounds like he's alone, a part of her mind chimed but she ruthlessly silenced it. She had to be smart. Take precautions. She silently went back to her room and tried to find a weapon. Something that she could brandish and do some damage if her trusting side was wrong. Hurriedly going through her room and suitcase, she stilled when her eyes detected light. She had switched off all the lights in the penthouse when she had gone to sleep, being quite comfortable in walking about in the dark. This meant that he had switched on the light in the hallway. He was a confident robber.

Crawling to the small side table placed by the entrance of her room, she brought her knees to her chin and took whatever was on the table, which happened to be a small vase, while her eyes were fixed on the slight opening of the door. She could see the man. He was a tall man, a bit on the lean side. His golden blonde hair was long and hanging around his face, hiding his features, but what she had been able to see, along with his chiseled, stubbled jaw, allowed her to categorise him as hot. Handsome even. Her eyes transfixed on his face, she was surprised to see a duffle in his hand when he passed by.

He really was a burglar, her stunned mind supplied. The vase slipped from her slackened grip and it made a loud noise when it hit the ground. Luckily, it didn't break but it caught the attention of the robber. His steps faltered and she could see his legs as it paused by her room. She grabbed the vase, giving herself some courage, a sense of security. She knew she had to find another spot but her limbs refused to move. She hoped he would move away but- No. He pushed open her door.

It was a matter of time before he saw her. Since he was here to rob the place, he was not going to be happy to see her. He was going to kill her. She was sure of it. Her heart beating so fast and loud that it drowned out any other sound, she knew she had to do something. Why hadn't she grabbed her phone from the side table? Stifling a groan at her stupidity, she waited for him to move in, move past her. Her muscles were tense, ready to move at her command. She thanked her lucky star that he didn't switch on the light, giving her the element of surprise.

Her muscles tensing further when he stepped in, moving even closer to her. It didn't occur to her then that he might go the other way but he made it easy for her and turned to her direction. Just a few more steps. Her muscles hurting from how tense they were, she sprung to her feet and threw the vase to his head.

It missed since she had miscalculated his height but it gave him pause. It was enough for her to run past him and to her phone. Cursing her level of unfitness, she managed a few steps, her phone almost in her grasp when she felt herself flying, something pushing her off her feet, and she bounced on the bed. The man was on her momentarily after. She had reflexively placed her hands on his chest, pushing him away. His weight forced her legs to part and he was cradled indecently between them. Eyes wide, she began to ramble and blubber.

"You can take anything. My wallet, my card. J-just don't hurt me-"

"Sharon, it's fine, "the man said, amusement rich in his voice. She blinked blankly at him. He knew her name? Why would he know her name? She was sure burglars knew whose house or apartment they were targeting but she had only arrived that afternoon.

"What?"she said, her eyes wide. A smile flirted at the edge of his lips. Nice lips, moist and inviting. And it was moving. He was talking. Talking! Paying attention to him again, she was shocked by his words.

"I'm Cameron Ballard. I'm Scott's friend."


"Scott's friend?"the woman below Cameron said, her voice rich in doubt. Cameron couldn't help the smile that bloomed on his face. She looked so cute even in the darkness, all confused with her auburn hair all over the place. It had been amusing to recall her running for her phone but he hadn't known who she was then. He had just been attacked by a plastic vase and had erred on the side of caution

when he had tackled her to the bed. He had been thinking she was reaching for another, deadlier weapon. But now, he was entertained by her bewilderment and gaping mouth. If he wasn't afraid to offend her further, he knew he would be rolling around the bed, laughing.

He wouldn't have thought he would even be smiling tonight. He had gone to the one spot the paparazzis didn't know and one of his havens in the city. After the game that had busted his shoulder and the way he had been acting since, he wasn't surprised to be hounded by the press. And the pressure by his agent and coach to go to physical therapy was making him want to lash out. Making him act wilder. Which brought even more attention on him. It was only when his mother began to put the pressure on him that he knew he needed some time away.

Which brought him to Scott's apartment. He still had the card/key that Scott had passed him when he first got the place. Scott was his closest friend, having met him during college. Scott was pretty wild before he'd settled down so this had been one of the places he used to hook up. He didn't like bringing them to the penthouse he used most often. Now that he was married, this place was not used often. He was also a generous man. When he had heard about the press hounding Cameron, he had offered the apartment as refuge. Although Cameron had refused then, he had still added his name to the list. As he had been passing through the area, trying to shake the dogs from his heels, he had been grateful that he had this hidey-hole.

It was when he had called Scott to let him know about using the apartment that he had been informed about Sharon. He had been pissed off that his sanctuary had been invaded but he'd kept his displeasure to himself when Scott had explained her situation. Not that he had heard anything. But now that he had the lush bundle that was Sharon Ashwood beneath him, despite her baggy shirt and sweatpants, he wasn't as displeased as before. Especially since she was wiggling quite delectably against him. Suddenly, she stilled.

"W-what is that?"she asked, her bright emerald eyes widening. He sent her roguish grin as Cam Jr awoken, liking the pillowy softness that was her thighs. He allowed the heat that was developing enter his eyes, making her squeal and try to push him away. "Get off, you lug!"

Laughing, he levered himself off her and got to his feet, his grin widening as he watched her scramble around the bed and under the cover. Resting his arms on his hips, he couldn't help but notice her unfettered breasts. They bounced gently under her shirt but was eventually covered by the duvet. Hiding his disappointment, his eyes travelled to her face and her angry eyes.

"How do I know you're really Scott's friend? All I have is your word, "she snapped, arms folded over the cover. She had a point. And he wouldn't like any of his sisters staying with a guy they had never met before. He was puzzled, though, that she didn't recognise him. That was something to ponder on later. Sighing, he took out his phone, amusement replacing the put upon feeling when he noticed her eyes lingering on his legs. He had to admit it was quite muscular. Then he tossed the phone to her, allowing it to bounce on the bed and landing near her feet.

"Why don't you give him a call? His number is listed under "Scott" on my phone, "he offered, watching her suspiciously eye his phone. Then she grabbed it. He heard the sound that meant the call was being connected and realised she had put it on speaker.

"For all I know, you could have listed any other number under this name, "she commented as they waited for the phone to be answered.

"Why would I give you my phone if I can't backup my story?"he asked dryly. That made her glare at him.

"Cam. Is there anything else you want from me?" Scott's voice was heard and Cameron sent Sharon a smug look, making her stick her tongue out. He had to stifle another laugh.

Maybe having her there was not such a bad thing.


Cameron was less than enthused about her presence when she demanded another photograph. Unfortunately, she had not taken Scott's word. Instead she had proposed sending Scott some photographs of Cameron so that he could verify it. She had sent more than five photos and Scott kept rejecting them. Cameron knew he was pulling his leg and he was becoming increasingly pissed off. But every time he tried to grab the phone, Sharon would glare at him and he would find himself posing for her again.

Finally, she returned the phone to him. And grinned impishly up at him.

"Are you satisfied?"Cameron asked crossly as he looked through his phone, deleting the photos of himself. It fairly embarrassed him to see that he had been flexing in some of the photos. He didn't remember doing that. Maybe it had been a subconscious need to impress a female.

"Actually, Scott corroborated your claims at the first photograph, "she said with a giggle. He shot her a glare. Her giggling intensified and she had a hard time stopping despite his fulminating look. He couldn't believe he had been tricked by this unassuming woman. But he wasn't able to sustain his anger in the face of her laughter. From what he had been able to garner from Scott, she had been through a rough time and was starting over in New York. It was nice to know he could get her mind off of it. And she looked so pretty when she laughed, her face lighting up.

Shaking his head slightly, he was sure his fatigue was hampering his eyesight. Despite his brief moment of arousal, she was not the type of woman he usually went for. He was definitely tired. Moving to the door, he grabbed his duffel. Time to get some sleep.

"So how long are you going to stay for?"Sharon asked as she followed him. Leaning against the doorway, she waited for his reply. Her hair flowing all about her face distracted him for a moment before he remembered her question. What was wrong with him? All the running about the city must have fired his libido.

"Just for a few days. Until the heat dies down, "he answered. He was certain she didn't attract him so why did the look of relief that passed her face offend him? Forcing his mind off, he added, "I definitely have to leave by end of May when training camp starts."

"End of May? That's like two months. That's much more than a few days, "she cried in shock and he had to hide a smile. For some reason, he liked pushing her buttons. He didn't say anything but bade her goodnight and went to his room. Leaving her sputtering by her door.

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