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   Chapter 39 Epilogue

Accidental Babies By Saiyidah Rahman Characters: 11699

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April opened her arms and Tanner and Daphne toddled into her arms, squealing in happiness, wrapping her arms around them, hugging them close. They had grown so much since her week's stay in the hospital. Even though they had visited her often, she hadn't been able to witness their progress in walking. Now, they were both able to walk on their own. And that saddened her slightly.

Paul had to have a longer stay. There had been a slight infection and they were still keeping him under observation. He and Jason had discussed about his care when he's released and decided on a live-in caretaker. But April was determined to change their minds. Most importantly, Jason's. Paul needed family around him, people who cared for him. With the revelation of his wife's betrayal and the media's attention on him, he needed them even more.

'You could have changed before greeting them, 'Joan said as she watched from the kitchen. Softly admonishing her even as she smiled tearfully at her daughter. Letting her bundle go, April went to greet her mother. If she felt a drop of what April did when the twins were in the hospital, she was sorry for inflicting such worry on her mother.

'Hey, Mom. How are you?'she asked, picking Tanner up with her uninjured arm. He had been the most affected by her stay in the hospital. Having thrown a tantrum every time they had to leave. The had to wait for him to exhaust himself and fall asleep before the twins could leave. Smoothing a hand over his hair and bouncing him, she whispered assurances to him as he laid his head on her shoulder. Daphne had also joined them but she preferred to stand beside them, wrapping her arms around April's leg.

'Alright. These are all your medicine, 'Jason said as he put down a bag on the counter before Joan could answer. 'There's your vitamins, anti-nausea, iron. Some supplements I picked up to help with the development. And yes, you have to eat it. It's non-negotiable-'

'Wait. Those sound like pregnancy medicine, 'Mrs Salvador said as she wiped her hand, having been busy cooking. With both she and Joan sending them puzzled looks and the couple sharing an excited look, Joan was the first to figure it out.

'You're pregnant!'she shrieked, throwing her arms around April. Tanner whined at the disruption. Mrs Salvador was beaming at them. Busy with reassuring Tanner, April let Jason answer them.

'Yes. Just shy of a month, 'he announced proudly, making April rolled her eyes. He looked and sounded so proud but she knew it was the calm before the storm. Before long, she knew he'd start going overboard with his overprotectiveness. But she knew the perfect way to change his mind.

Hiding her smile in Tanner's head, her eyes travelled around the room. Who'd have thought she'd find a family when she accepted the job? And that Jason would grow to be one of the most important persons in her life? She had truly been blessed when she had decided to go after the twins.

Her twins.


Jason sat back in his new office in his new house. Situated quite near to Cameron's, the estate took up close to 20000 square feet and he had the option of expanding. April had protested the, to her, extravagant and unnecessary space but he'd overruled her. He didn't have a hard time doing so when she saw the kitchen. The very reason he chose the house. Well, not the main selling point but one he knew April would enjoy.

And the twins were enjoying the place, especially the pool. They demanded t

's laughter more often now. There was no more danger, hidden or otherwise. And they were all together.

What more could he ask?


Gingerly lowering herself onto a sofa, April heaved a sigh of relief when her bottom touched the seat. Exhaustion was demanding she went to bed but she was still high from the party. The twins had loved it but her enjoyment was unexpected. Even Paul had made an appearance before Joan herded him back to his room. Citing that he was still not well enough to stay long. April saw something more developing between them but decided to leave it aside for the twins.

She joined the twins in almost every game, Jason would also join for games that needed two adults. Of course, with her being hampered by the sudden shift in her centre of gravity, they didn't win most games but they laughed a lot. And, during the times they'd won, she was a crying mess. Dang her hormones.

Hearing the doorbell ringing, she debated answering. Joan and Mrs Salvador were busy with the caterers and cleaning crew. Paul was already in bed, his energy still easily depleted.Jason was putting the twins to bed. While April... She was busy resting. The doorbell kept ringing. It was starting to irritate her. Why wouldn't they go away?

Unable to bear the doorbell any longer, she sighed and got up, making her way to the door. She still couldn't believe what a difference a few extra pounds in front of her changed her gait and the way she brought herself. How the physical proof of the life inside of her brought out even more tears. Generally, she just cried a lot.

'I'm coming, 'she called out over the ringing of the doorbell. Still it rang. 'Sheesh, give it a break- Harry? Hey, where were you? The party's over but you can still come in for some food if you're hungry. Come on. Mom saved some, in case I get hungry. And you know her. She'd save enough for an army-'

'Elena's pregnant, 'Harry said woodenly from a impassive, stricken face. Having taken a hold of his hand, April had been in the process of bringing him to the kitchen while rambling about everything and nothing when he'd made the pronouncement. Stopping, she looked at him, surprised.

'Say what?'she said breathily. His face didn't change but his grip tightened.

'Elena's pregnant. And I'm going to be a father.'

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