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Jason had never prayed so hard in his life as he did on the way to the hospital. April only had a grazed arm but she was still unconscious. In his alarm, he'd seen more blood than there actually was. The paramedics had treated her arm and were transporting her to the hospital for observation. They wouldn't allow him to ride with her, claiming he wasn't a relative. He wanted to argue but it would only take, away time needed to treat April; the ambulance with Paul had screeched out much earlier.

Instead, he glared at them and watched them leave. Then he jumped into his car. But he couldn't seem to start it. His hand was, surprisingly, trembling, unable to hold still long enough to shift gears. His breathing fast and choppy. Hoping to calm himself down, chanting reassurances to himself regarding April, his children and even his, until recently estranged, father. He told himself no one in his family would ever be in danger again. The threat was gone. It was finally over.

Eventually, he stopped shaking and his breathing evened out. Driving out of the parking lot, he contacted everyone he could think of and headed to the hospital.


Sitting outside of the operating theater, he found that he had a harder time dealing with everything alone. He missed April, felt incomplete without her. Luckily, the doctor told him, after he had loudly demanded to see her, that she was fine even though she had still not woken up. They had moved her to a room but wouldn't allow him entry.

Unfortunately, for his father, it had been touch-and-go for a moment. He'd lost too much blood but they were able to replenish it and he was in a much more stable now. Luckily, he'd rallied and they were working on him even now. They'd gotten the bullet, which had entered just shy of his left lung and heart, out and were patching up any internal injuries. He'd been inform that his father would be brought to another room within the hour. Relief coursed through him.

His relatives had trickled in throughout the operation. Joan wasn't able to make it because she had the twins to care for. With April not being there, they were very fractious and cranky. She had put them to bed but they wouldn't allow her to leave. So she had brought them to her room. As much as he wanted her to come, so that he could finally look in on April, the needs of the twins overrode his.

Cameron and Sharon occupied a bench near him. Sharon was sleeping against Cameron's shoulder, refusing anyone who suggested she rested in her hotel room. Cameron had almost carried her out but she'd turned her teary eyes on him and he'd relented. Reluctantly. And only after extracting a promise from her that they'd leave if she ever felt too uncomfortable. An amusing sight that would have normally made Jason smile. He could, now, barely muster amusement.

Harry was pacing the hallway, probably the entire hospital. He kept appearing and disappearing from view. Sometimes, he'd carry bad coffee that everyone, but Sharon, forced down. Others, he'd only scowl and move along. Jason knew April and he were getting close, closer than she was with Cameron and saw a glimmer of the boy he knew when they were together. He hoped he'd stay.

Surprisingly, the police didn't require much of a statement from him. Apparently, April had called them once his mother had appeared and their operator had heard everything. Which helped since the cameras in and near that room had, mysteriously, stopped working at that time along with all the employees disappearing. She'd probably told them to leave, diminishing the possibility of witnesses to zero. Goes to show how intelligence and unfettered greed were a dangerous pairing.

Jason had not been extremely surprised when his mother had been the mastermind behind such an extensive and convoluted plot. The investigations had pointed to his parents, or one of them,

'She's stubborn. But means well. I just hope her baby will be alright.'

Suddenly, Jason sat on her bed and hugged her, burying his face into the crook of her shoulder. Surprised, she made to ask what was wrong but felt wetness where his head was. Realising it was an outpouring of his relief, she just wrapped her arms around him, absently watching Harry leave with with a last look of what looked to be envy.

A sudden coldness around her finger distracted her, brought her attention back to Jason. Looking down, all the breath left her lungs when she saw the ring on her fourth finger on her left hand. Her other hand came up to cover her mouth, she brought her ring-laden hand up to eye-level, making sure she wasn't dreaming.

"J-Jason. What is this about?"she asked, unable to tear her eyes away.

"This is a promise, "Jason said, his hands taking hold of her hands and looking into her eyes. She was taken aback at the intensity in his eyes. "April, when I thought I've lost you, I realised that we hadn't done everything I want to do with you. Like that date that we've never had. Our relationship is so topsy-turvy that we haven't spent time away, not for ourselves."

"Y-you don't have to give me a ring just for a date, "she said softly, her mind still not processing what was going on. A ring? Like an engagement ring? No, that couldn't be it. He's not even talking about marriage, much less an engagement.

"It's not just for date. I want all that time, all your time, for the rest of my life. Our lives. Just so you're aware, I come with two adorable baggages that won't let you have any time for yourself and will probably make you want to tear your hair off your head-"

"Stop, "she admonished with a wet laugh. "They aren't that bad."

"I think you haven't seen their true colors yet, "Jason returned with a responding laugh. The two of them enjoyed the lightened atmosphere between them, a brief respite from the stress and strain of the past few days. But the glint from the ring returned her attention to it.

"So this is like a promise ring?"she asked uncertainly. "It's quite expensive to be a promise ring. Although I know you can afford it but still-"

"No. It's a promise that I will take care of you for the rest of our lives. It's a promise that I will love you from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part." Her ears still ringing from his words, she hadn't realised she was crying and covering her face until he reclaimed her hands again. "April, will you marry me?"


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