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April tightened her hand around Jason's. Even though he showed an impassive face, she knew how much it must have hurt to realise such a betrayal. She had had to go through it when she realised her father was a mean drunk and started beating her mother. The hurt never really goes away.

They marched to his father's office, his eyes remaining focused on the door. She tried to emulate him but her curiosity got the best of her. Her eyes roamed the floor and found it... lacking. In color and personality.

Even though Jason's offices had the cubicles and such, at least the walls were painted in bright colors, interspersed with soothing colors in the halls. Paintings or wall hangings helping to brighten the place as well. The office she was walking through had bland grey walls, empty walls, with a sad plant at almost every corner. It was depressing just being there.

And the workers. They were utterly focused on their work. No one overtly looked up. She could feel stares boring into her back so she knew they weren't that unaware of their presence. But their entire beings were turned to their desks and, thus, work. It unnerved her.

Finally, they reached the office, ignoring the assistant, and barged in. Well, Jason did. Since her hand was in his, she followed as well. She had a brief impression that it was big before her eyes were drawn to the man behind the desk.

Jason looked exactly like him. But, instead of blonde hair and green eyes, the man had brown hair sprinkled with gray and dark, black eyes. He kept in shape, with no obvious bulges. And he was tall. Slightly taller than Jason by an inch. Or maybe that could be attributed to his shoes and not his true height. He cut a commanding presence.

And he seemed to be delighted to see Jason. She didn't know how she knew that but believed it had something to do with her familiarity with Jason. His demeanor had brightened, somewhat, when his eyes encountered his son. And it softened her impression of him.

Keep you head in the game, Saunders, she scolded herself and shook his head.

Keeping close to Jason, she waited for their first words.

'Jason, 'Mr Halloway said, his voice a rich tenor.

'Father, 'was Jason's reply. Her head moved, back and forth, between them. It felt like a play in action but the tension was getting to her.

'What can I do for you today? From my recollection, you've never been to my office before.'

'I just want to tell you that I know what you're doing and I won't ever let it happen again. I'll press charges on the obvious players, that being my assistants, Carrie and Connor. But I will stay my hand on you for now. If you press, though, I will press charges, parents or not. And I have more than enough evidence to win, 'Jason fairly growled, his hand tightening on the file. April, feeling that he needed it, wrapped her arms around the arm in her possession. It couldn't have been easy to tell your parent that you'd throw them in jail. She believed it echoed that of parents who struggle with the deciding to throw their own children to jail through their own actions. No one wants to be the reason their loved ones suffered. Or, in this case, blood relations.

Thinking their deed done, she was surprised when she was greeted with Mr Halloway's bewildered face. He could either be a good actor or he truly didn't know what was going on. Which was preposterous as all evidence pointed to his company. Being the owner and CEO, it automatically proved his guilt.

'What are you talking about? I have not done anything that would throw me in jail. And why would i care about your assistants and this Carrie and Connor?'

'Stop the act. We know and have proof of their actions and the link to you. It's pretty damning to say the least. Im sure the police will have a great time with the evidence I'll be giving them.'

'I don't kn

elp for both his father and them then. He just had to keep his mother preoccupied. April was shaking slightly but didn't make a sound, following his every step without question. He was so proud of her.

'Yes, that stupid guard. Carrie got him for me, sleeping with him, making him love her. He was loyal. Stupidly loyal. And an opportunist. After years of discretion, he just had to sell the information to the next highest bidder. Making that damn information worthless, 'she screeched, eyes still locked on him. He was almost there. Just a bit more.

'But why did you come after my children?'he asked, muscles screaming from having to move at such a snail pace.

'For distraction, of course.' She sent him a smile. One that made his hair rise. This person was not sane. Not anymore. 'You're weak, like your father. Swayed by your feelings. Your responsibility. Carrie was to focus your attention away from your company, from any discrepancies that may occur from employing my new mole. Only she veered off course because of jealousy as well. Dumb woman. So, tell me, is your dick made of gold? What about you makes you so desirable that so many women want you? So much so that they forget their objectives. Their plans.'

'You'll have to ask them about it, 'he said, surprised at his cool expression.

'Enough chitchat, 'she said, stalking towards them. Luckily, they were already at the table and April was trying to unobtrusively get under it. Unfortunately, the she-devil saw her and began rushing forward, gun trained on her.

Hoping April was safe, Jason shot forward and grappled for her gun. For such a slight woman, she put up quite a fight. She wouldn't give in. He tried to push her hand away from his beloved but another shot rang out. He didn't have the chance to check on April. Hannah was turning the gun to him next, her wrists turning.

Managing to keep the muzzle away from him, he was surprised when her weight was gone. Stumbling to a halt, he braced himself for a shot but, instead, saw a police official prying the gun out of her hand while several others pinned her to the ground.

April must have managed to call them. Relief filled him, almost making him collapse. Paramedics rushed past him, heading for his father. He was glad that he would be able to spend more time with his sire. From the revelations today, he was sure they had some common ground-

Wait, why were there two stretchers?

Turning to the table, his heart almost stopped when he saw a pool of blood around April.

Why was there blood? And why was she unconscious?

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