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'I'm sorry, baby, 'Jason suddenly said as April was about to lay her head on his chest. Sitting up, she sent him a puzzled look.

'What? Why?'she asked as she sent Daphne a smile. They were in their living room, the twins having been released a few hours earlier. Much to their delight. However, the twins hadn't been asleep when they were given the release papers. So, now, being in a familiar environment, it would be impossible to get them back to sleep. With it being eleven, April resigned herself to a late night.

'I kind of brushed aside your comment about the leak and Carrie being linked. But when Harry told me that Connor was there at his auction, I immediately got my investigators on it, 'he rushed to assure her but she just smiled.

'You don't have to tell me that. Sometimes, I, too, brush your dictates aside. That doesn't mean I love you any less, 'she told him, laughing at his bewildered expression. She knew he wanted to know what she brushed aside and saw when he decided to let it go. For now.

'That's what Harry told me but I wanted honesty between us.' He sent her an apologetic look, going to Daphne when she demanded he help her walk. 'So what did you learn at the hospital?' Distracted slightly when Jason started lifting Daphne, with his fingers in her hands, she was startled when Tanner demanded the same of her.

'Well, the official is not really an official but a W-H-O-R-E, 'she said, spelling out the words in light of the presence of the twins. Ignoring Jason's laugh, she continued. 'And she is an expensive escort. Very expensive. Suspiciously expensive.'

'Money offered for her services?'Jason suggested as he helped Daphne kick Tanner. Laughing with Daphne when she scored a hit. 'Be careful, baby.'

'Jason, 'she scolded as she pulled Tanner away. Daphne cried out angrily but got distracted by a toy. Her drum, in fact. Demanding to be released, she immediately started bangin

ly, they were alone. His heart sped up. He hadn't truly seen his parents, for the sake of seeing them, since he was twelve. It was going to be interesting how he'd feel and act once they met. Hopefully he wouldn't embarrass himself.

He hadn't been surprised when the investigators presented their findings. He was just surprised at the extent of their involvement. It had started from the beginning. From his first assistant up to Janice. They'd all been in his parents' pockets. Even the agency he used to get his assistants. All under their thumbs.

His other employees were legitimate, all working solely for him. But his assistants, all of them handling sensitive company information, had been the spies. All helping his parents to keep just ahead of him. Their revenues had always been more than his. He didn't mind because he knew their costs had often been much more, reducing their profit margins substantially.

Still, it hurt him to know the people who was a part of him would practice such underhanded tactics. If they'd ask, he knew he'd help. Maybe not expose all his plans and secrets but enough for them to make their own decisions, decisions in line to their own goals. But now, in light of all their trickery, he had no mercy.

Time for them to face the music.

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