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Jason looked at the person in what was usually the security break room and felt satisfaction fill him. He'd been wanting to have something against this man for the longest time ever. Ever since he'd first hit on April, in fact. Usually, he didn't take note of the men and women working in Security but he'd been keeping a close eye on this man. But maybe it hadn't been close enough.

'What do you know about him?'Jason asked his head of security, Bradley Michaelson. He sneered.

'That he's a ladies man. And a fucking dick. No one likes him but he's never stepped out of line. Well, not that he's been caught, that is. Until now, 'he informed Jason, his voice echoing his own satisfaction.

'He's loaded, too, 'Bradley's second added. 'He has this watch that's worth at least five grand. There's diamonds, real diamonds, around it. It fell out of his bag in the changing room once but he acted nonchalant about it. As if he could buy more if that watch stopped working. Which is weird, considering the pay for a lowly security guard is quite low.'

'Has he said anything?'Jason asked, crossing his arms. That provided further proof of his guilt. Someone must be paying him off. Someone as wealthy as Croesus.

'Not much. Keeps repeating the same words over and over again. I think it's just a ploy to keep us off guard, 'Bradley said angrily. Nodding, Jason turned back to the man who'd unknowingly kickstarted his relationship with April.

He didn't like how relaxed he was. From the glass by the door, Jason saw him whistling. Didn't he know he'd been caught? He was facing at least a lawsuit from his company. If the authorities found that anyone had arbitrarily profited from the released information, he'd be charged with insider trading and faced jail time. So why was he so composed?

Not able to take it anymore, Jason decided to confront him.

Connor looked up when he heard the door open and just smiled. Further inciting Jason's anger.

'Mr Johnson, I hope you're aware of the severity of your situation. The only reason you're not with the cops is because we haven't called them yet. So do you have anything to say that could possibly help you?'Jason asked coolly. As much as he wanted to punch his aloof face, Jason needed information more.

'I'm not going to jail, 'was his only response before he relaxed in his seat again.

'Mr Johnson-'

'Save it, Mr Halloway, 'Bradley interrupted by the door. Jason, leashing his anger, turned to him. 'We've tried. He won't give it up.' Curling his fingers into his palm, Jason stopped trying to get more out of him. It was clear that, even with his experienced head of security, THAT MAN wasn't going to spill anything.

'Then let's bring the cops here, shall we? Maybe a few nights would loosen his tongue.'


'Are you sure this is a good idea?'Cameron asked warily as he accompanied April to the nurse's station on their floor. April barely suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. He'd been asking the same question for the past hour. Ever since she'd shared her suspicions with the men when they'd arrived.

'The answer is the same every time you ask me this question. It's not going to change. Not unless we find something good, 'April told him, hidi

her less of a threat and more approachable than you. The same reason Cameron is with her and I'm here. With the advent of his kids, people see him in a more friendly light.'

'What am I supposed to do?' Jason dropped back into his couch, splaying out.

'Well, maybe I can help.' Harry sat back in the chair. To which Jason sent him an annoyed glare.

'You know that's my chair right?'

'Is it? I think I better suit this chair than you.' Jason raised a brow. He hadn't expected Harry's teasing words. It's been years since Harry had teased anyone.

'You're different. Did something happen? With Elena?' He meant that to be a joke but realised there was some truths to his words when Harry sat up suddenly, causing the chair to topple backwards. Rushing to him in concern, he decided to shelf his line of query for now. 'Man, are you alright?'

'Yeah, yeah, 'Harry responded, not meeting eyes with Jason. Also, his cheeks looked quite red. He was definitely bringing it up on a later date. 'As I was saying, I believe the guy you were interviewing knows Carrie.'

'What? How? Carrie is definitely picky with who she associates herself, from acquaintances to lovers. She'd never lower herself to sleep with a security guard. No matter how hot he is. Don't say it, 'Jason warned when Harry caught his description of Connor. Harry sent him a wicked smile but decided to let it go.

'I'm not sure how they know each other but he was definitely the one who left with Carrie at the auction. I'd recognise that voice and hair anywhere.'

'Maybe there is some connection between the leak and the custody battle after all, 'Jason speculated, recalling April's words. He had been hard pressed to believe her, seeing as there had been no obvious link between them then. But he believed he owed his wonderful girlfriend an apology. 'Let's go to the hospital. I have some grovelling to do.'

'I just came from there, 'Harry whined but getting up just the same. Jason just raised his brow. He had not heard that note on his voice for over a decade. Definitely worth bringing up on a later date. 'At least grovel in a public setting. Let me have some entertainment.'

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