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'What the hell are you doing here?'April growled as she stood in front of the closed door. She'd only had time to close it before Carrie descended upon her. How she wished she wasn't alone. In the face of her hostility, Carrie just looked at her, face impassive but eyes burning a hole in her.

'What do you think I'm doing? I'm visiting my children. Why didn't you tell me that they're sick? I would have been here much faster, 'Carrie cried, face contorting to show sadness and worry. Puzzled, April looked around the hallway and noticed that everyone was paying attention to them, both covertly and openly.

'Well seeing as they got sick on your watch, and by your hands, I don't see any reason for you to be here, 'April shot back angrily. She didn't like how Carrie was always manipulating her image. She was frankly sick of it. And of her use of the twins.

'What? How could you accuse me-'

'How was the Protective Services visit? I heard they were rather brutal, 'April taunted. Carrie didn't take it well, her face showing her anger before wrestling it back into submission. 'And I heard you were in LA during the weekend. So who was taking care of my babies while you were away?'

'LA? Why would I be at LA when I have my bundles of joy with me? Seriously, you have to get your ears checked, 'she retorted, showing the correct mixture of disbelief and happiness, making April's accusations sound ludicrous. April internally snorted. 'Now, let me see my babies. They're waking up and will be calling for me soon.'

'No. What I want to know is how you got their room number. Your name is not on the list of people who are allowed to see them. In fact, we've told the hospital to not let you within ten feet radius of MY babies, 'April said as she folded in front of her.

'They won't listen to you.' She took a step forward, hissing those words right into her face.

'Jason told them, witch.' Taken aback from the sudden nearness, April forced herself to stand still. Moving back would only weaken her stance.

'What the hell are you doing here?'Joan demanded angrily as she returned from the cafeteria. She stood beside April, showing her support. 'And what are you doing invading our personal space? Move back, you witch.'

'Lookie here. Little April is hiding behind her Mommy. If you're still in the leading strings, how can you take care of my babies properly?'

Before April could say anything else, one of the hospital officials came to them.

'May I know what is going on here?'she asked haughtily, looking down her nose to April. She was beautiful, wonderfully put together in an ensemble that was, usually, above her pay grade. Very far above. Narrowing her eye

er than she could process them.

It was just strange that Carrie had been so sure of entrance. Maybe she had a plan or ploy. But approaching when knowing everyone was on high alert for her seemed a bit too brazen. And she also didn't have enough time to even loosely plan something. The duration between her recent appearance on television and her presence in the hospital was too small for her to have even contacted that female official, much less recruit her.

And that woman. April doubted she was a friend of Carrie's. Much less an acquaintance. The speed at which she'd left, practically abandoning Carrie, made it clear there was no loyalty between them. It also brought into question whether they knew each other or not. And from the way she departed and her final words, she couldn't have much power in the hospital. Maybe more than those working on the floor but definitely not enough to subvert the director's, and thus Jason's, express instructions.

Which brought her to her last hunch. Maybe the twins weren't the target after all. Maybe it's all about Jason and his company. The twins could have only been the distractions, moving his attentions away from the real focus. The fanfare and attention with regards to the custody battle was at odds with how they were treated when Carrie got part of her demands. Surely she would know that they'd see the marks on their skin? It's not as if it was hidden. They were right in plain sight. Which begs the question of why fight for them in the first place?

She felt that she was in the right track. Carrie was too confident, too full of herself. She didn't fear the authorities too much, looking quite assured. This indicated to someone powerful who had an interest in Jason's company.

Now, how could she confirm her suspicions?

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