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Storming through the building, making his way to the man who'd inadvertently traumatised his children, Jason absently marvelled at the anger coursing through him. He'd never felt such atomic levels before. It made it difficult to think. To plan. He was at his most primitive at that moment. He wanted very much to beat the man into the pull. But he knew he couldn't. And it rankled. Because, as much as he wanted to, he knew he couldn't be thrown into jail. Who'd protect his family then?

'Are you sure this is a good idea?'Cameron asked as he easily kept up with Jason's strides. He had been with Jason when his lawyers delivered the bad news. He'd been too dumbfounded that he wasn't fast enough to stop Jason. He only hoped his cousin wasn't going to do something rash. Like get thrown in jail. 'I mean, you don't exactly have an appointment. I don't think they'll let you pass.'

'Who says I'm going to ask for permission?'Jason countered, elation filling him as they rounded the final corner. The man was just past that door. Ignoring the frantic cries of the assistant, he slammed open the door.

His prey was behind his desk, looking innocuously up from his work. Jason didn't trust that man, much less that look. Barely suppressing the urge to wrap his hands around his beautifully vulnerable throat, Jason walked with measured steps to the desk.

'Can I know why you refuse to protect my children?'Jason growled. He moved to place his hands on the desk but, in a fit of anger, his hands slammed into it with a force that made the coffee cup jump and spill some coffee. The judge was unperturbed.

'I believe you do not have an appointment, Mr Halloway, 'Judge Walter said coolly. Ice blue eyes met fiery verdant eyes. Both unwilling to look away. From his peripheral, Jason smirked when Cameron backing away from the tension surrounding the table.

'And I can not believe that, having young grandchildren of your own, you'd subject my defenseless children to that woman. Would you leave your granddaughter alone with her?'Jason demanded and was unsurprised when Judge Walter's eyes slid away from him, some strong emotion shimmering behind it.

From all accounts, the judge was a family man. Everyone in his family loved him and vice versa. Especially his grandchildren. So it boggled Jason's mind that he was willing to let that viper have any power over Jason's babies. There must be something he was not seeing.

'Of course not, Mr Halloway. But the evidence does not show Ms Carter inflicted them on your children. And the video is not conclusive evidence. How do I know you didn't create that video just to incriminate Ms Carter? In this day and age, rhag is something I have to take into account. It's just not enough to deprive a parent of their child. Or children in Ms Carter's case, 'he said frostily. However, he refused to lock eyes with Jason. Instead, he shuffled some papers around his desk.

'Even so, surely you can suspend her rights while Protective Services investigate, 'Cameron spoke for the first time since they'd entered. And Jason was grateful at him for bringing it up. He couldn't trust himself. If he spoke to that man again, he was liable to get kicked out of the office.

'I can't do that just because another parent has something against the other parent. It's not fair to the parent

uling out of him. I've informed my investigators of the new angle. I'm sure we'll be getting some information soon.'

'Most importantly, though, why our babies? Why not other cases? This is not random. Maybe it has something to do with you. Do you know of anyone who'd want to target you?' Before he could answer, she rambled on. 'And I've been thinking. The timing of the mole and the custody battle seems a bit too coincidental. They happened right after the other. First Carrie and then the mole. Maybe they're linked. Maybe it's the same person behind all this, 'she shared.

Jason's mind was moving at lightning speed. April had verbalise what he had been feeling for a while now. But he hadn't been able to put into words what it was. Now, with April's words still reverberating in his brain, Jason felt he had a more solid road to travel on.

'Thank you, sweetheart. I know what I have to do now, 'he told her, sensing that everything easy finally coming together. He just hoped none of his loved ones would be hurt while he settled everything.

'Well, let me know about it once you have something more certain, 'she said with a chuckle. Suddenly, he felt a change in her. 'Why the heck is she here- Jason, I'll call you back.'

'April? April!'Jason said into the phone but she'd already hung up. Shooting to his feet, with Cameron looking at him with concern, Jason was about to make his way to the hospital when his phone rang. It was his head of security. As much as he wanted to ignore it, he knew he couldn't.

Barking into the phone, a smile of satisfaction graced his face. Another breakthrough. 'Thank you. I'll be there soon, 'he said.

'Who's that? What happened?'Cameron demanded. Before Jason could say anything, Harry walked in, looking decidedly concerned. What is it with him and getting interrupted today?

'Sorry. I didn't hear about the twins until this morning. I got here as soon as possible, 'he said.

'It's alright. You can accompany Cam to the hospital. Check on the twins. April says they've woken up, 'Jason said as he got ready to leave. Cameron narrowed his eyes.

'And what are you going to do while we go check on your kids?'

'I'm going to question a security guard.'

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