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Not believing his eyes, Jason read the text again. It couldn't be. Joan was a huge help around the office. Her attitude was similar to Mrs Salvador, except she exercised it around the office. Things had become more efficient and work satisfaction had increased. Which was mind boggling to him. She'd done soo much. Why would she release sensitive corporate information?

Wanting to get to the bottom of this but not wanting to worry April, Jason waited outside for Joan. Having just returned from a smoke break, she was surprised to see him. He couldn't detect any nervousness, as if she was hiding something. All he could see was worry and anxiety for those she'd considered as her own grandchildren.

'Have they woke up?'she asked, eyes bright with hope. Jason wanted to reassure her but he needed to get this done and over with.

'Why did you release company information?'he asked bluntly. He saw no other way to bring it up. Or maybe exhaustion was clouding his diplomatic skills. Looking taken aback, anger replaced the hope.

'What are you talking about? You think just because I'm poor I'll do something so shady and deplorable? Let me tell you, Mr Billionaire, I still have my dignity and I will never do something like that, 'she said heatedly. Jason sighed, wanting to massage the headache that was forming.

'I know. I'm sorry but with everything that's been going on, I'm just not thinking clearly. I know you won't do it. I know that. But the IT department found that the information had been sent to an competitor email and it came from your computer, 'he told her, hoping his honesty would appease her. How wrong he was.

'And you immediately accused me? What kind of person are you? Don't you know it's innocent until proven guilty? Or something along that line? To think, I live with you. And my daughter's dating you, 'she mumbled angrily. Jason didn't know what else to do. He didn't want to anger her further but he needed to resolve this issue.

'Mom, what's going on? Why are you so angry?'April asked from the doorway. Jason's heart sank. He was going to get it now.

'Can you believe this man is accusing me of being the leak? Can you? After all that's happened, you'd think he'd know me better, 'she told April. April just sent him a look and he told her everything.

'Mom, did you change the password?'April asked once he was done. Password? His mind was too tired to grasp her meaning. 'The windows password. I know everything had been a rush and you have yet to get your own id but surely you aren't using the same password under Janice's id. Right?'

'You can change the password?'Joan asked in a small voice. Jason just sighed. He couldn't believe he didn't think of that. They both knew that they'd erred. Jason with his lack of tact and Joan with her internal angst. Now to mend their bond.

'I should've told you about it. It's an unforgivable oversight, 'April said with a grimace.

'No. It's not your fault. It's mine for letting my exhaustion from wording my query better. I hope you'll accept my apology, 'Jason said to Joan wit

dia to mount a hunt for that bitch.

As much as she wanted to enjoy her suffering, she also wanted to know how the media received knowledge of their ingestion of alcohol. Only four parties knew. The clinic. Jason's contact. The hospital. And them. So, seeing as the hospital had the most loose ends, April had talked with one of the hospital officials. She realised just a mention of Jason was enough for her to do April's bidding. Which was to search for the snitch. That done, she'd returned to the twins.

They were still sleepy, most likely the aftereffects of the alcohol still left in their bodies. Drowsily playing with each other, they soon drifted off to sleep. But not before fiercely gripping on her finger. One on each side.

April contented herself with just looking at them. She felt so grateful that they hadn't been more seriously harmed from the alcohol. She'd had the time to look into the matter while waiting for them to wake up and it scared her how grave the effects of alcohol were on toddlers. It could have been fatal. If the doctor hadn't suspected it, she didn't know what could have happened to them. She also was grateful for their resilience. If the twins had been any weaker, she believed they'd be arranging their funeral this day.

Her thoughts turned to Jason then. He was having a hard day. The statement release must have brought in another deluge of frenzied media reporting. His voice mail didn't have enough space for another message as it was. Then he had to deal with the search for the rogue security guard. Or guards. His security and IT had narrowed the time frames for both incidences. It was just a matter of time before they found him.

Finally, he had to deal with the judge. His lawyers had presented the numerous evidences against Carrie to the man. They were all damning. Even if Carrie's lawyers argued she didn't inflict them, it was proof of negligence. Which was enough to suspend her rights until a thorough investigation was carried out.

Surely the judge would be on their side. Right?

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