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Jason was shocked. He was horrified. Why would anyone hurt his children like this? Why? He'd been surprised when April demanded they go to a doctor but acceded to it, thinking she needed to assure herself that the twins were alright. Now, he was glad she'd done that. They were hammering another nail into Carrie's coffin.

But that was the businessman in him talking. The father in him was shocked. And angry. Rage flamed in him and he wanted to knock down the bitch's door and do the same thing she'd done to his children. Her gender would not save her from his fury.

Currently, they were waiting for the doctor as he carried out his examinations. They were able to see him, seeing as he was about to close the clinic, only because April had shown the bruises. His children had barely made a sound, just some whimpers, while he prodded their bruises. And it was starting to worry him. And April. Her hand was squeezing his hard. After a few more minutes, the doctor talked to them at his desk. They'd decided to let the twins rest on the bed of the doctor's office. It was less disruptive that way.

'So? What do you make of the bruises?'April asked worriedly.

'From the redness and blackness of some of it, I'd say they happened one to two days ago. And from the quantity, I have some suspicions that it's abuse. I hope the both of you know I'll have to report this to Child Protective Services, 'the doctor, a jolly-looking middle-aged man, told them, looking at them with suspicious eyes.

'We just took them from their mother. She and I are not together so she has visitation rights. It's been barely an hour since we left her house, 'Jason explained through gritted teeth. Abuse? He hadn't expected Carrie to stoop that far. She'd had them for six months prior. Why would she start abusing them now? Did she not think they'd notice?

The doctor frowned. 'I still have to report this. They'll investigate your claims and work from there.' April nodded her understanding. She looked soo broken. Jason wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer. Thinking that was all, they were surprised by the doctor's next query. 'Can I know if your children are heavy sleepers? Just out of curiosity.' Jason had a bad feeling.

'Not really. I can barely put them down for a nap for half an hour, much less an hour. They'll just play in their cot when they believe I'm not there, 'she related with a teary smile. 'Can I ask why you're asking?'

'I don't want to alarm you just yet but I'm asking permission to take a blood sample from them, 'the doctor said. His vagueness was fanning Jason's anger. Realising how volatile Jason was, he rushed to assure them. In a not soo reassuring manner. 'I truly don't want to conclude anything. Maybe they're just extremely tired. Or don't want to wake up-'

'Just tell me, damn it, 'Jason roared, slamming his fist on the table. The doctor jumped in his seat while April wrapped an arm around him, hoping to calm him down. What alarmed him, and also April, was the fact the twins didn't react. They were still asleep

hadn't eaten since lunch. If they wanted to take care of the twins, they had to take care of themselves first.

'Come on, baby. We have to eat something. We need to keep our strengths up in order to take care of them, 'he said softly, slipping his hand into hers.

She rejected his hold. Turning to him, fury bright in her eyes, her fisted hands slammed into his chest. 'I don't want to do anything but wait. Why do you think I can do anything else when my babies are lying there, so pale and vulnerable? I can't and I won't, 'she said through gritted teeth before turning back to the cots.

Jason wasn't surprised by her outburst. She'd slowly retreated into herself as time ticked by. Refusing to do anything other than look at them. It broke another part of him, a part in which April had a hold of. Seeing his loved ones suffer made him wish he could do anything to change it but he was only human. Waiting was his only option too.

But he couldn't let her waste away when he could do something about it.

'You have to eat. You won't be of much help to them if you're too weak to hold them, 'he told her, a hint of steel in his voice that cut through her hurt and anger. He didn't want to hurt her any more but some things just needed to be done. 'Look, I'm not saying we go out and eat. I'll just order in and we'll eat here. You can still look after them but get some sustenance as well.'

Her eyes glazed with tears, she nodded and tentatively slid her hand into his. He recognised an apology when he saw one and drew her into his arms.

'I'm not angry, sweetheart. This has been an arduous night. For all of us. I just don't want you to keep everything in, 'he said into her hair.

'I'm sorry for being a bitch, 'she said, her voice muffled into his shoulder. He laughed, his voice slightly wet with tears of his own. Letting her go, he took out his phone to place the order when a text message caught his eyes. It was from his head of IT. They'd traced the leak. And he couldn't believe who it was.

Joan was the leak?

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