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Accidental Babies By Saiyidah Rahman Characters: 11578

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April tried to slap whoever was trying to shake her awake.

'5 more minutes, 'she mumbled as she turned over. Or tried to. Consciousness slowly returning to her, her neck started to shoot shards of pain and her body was inclined in an uncomfortable angle. Brows drawing together, she slowly opened her eyes and slapped away the hand that was shaking her.

Finding herself looking at Jason, she remembered where they were. And, stupidly, only one thought filled her mind. Be it commercial or private, airplane seats were forever uncomfortable. Especially for someone of her height. Shaking her head, both to clear the cobwebs of sleep and drive that irrelevant thought away, she stretched her arms up and looked sleepily up at Jason.

'Hey, are we reaching?'she asked around a yawn. He smiled and shook his head, making her frown. 'Then why did you wake me up?'

'Because you look soo cramped and painful. Why didn't you sleep in the bedroom?'he asked as he pulled her up. Her muscles still not fully awake, she let him direct her to said room. And was instantly awake.

The room was big. And spacious. And big. Did she mention big? It was soo big that it could fit five of the king size bed that was currently occupying the centre of the room. It had bare essentials. Just a drawer, a door probably leading to the bathroom and a dresser. Still, her eyes were focused on the bed. The big, soft, bouncy bed.

'I'll let you go back to sleep then, 'Jason said with a chuckle, turning to leave. But April grabbed his hand. She could see his laptop still open and a stack of papers and files occupying the table the laptop was on. She also saw the dark circles forming and his complexion was paler than usual. Signs of exhaustion for him.

'How much longer is the flight?'she asked as she tugged him to the bed. It was a confirmation of his tiredness that he allowed her to do so.

'Another 2 and half to three hours, 'he replied. When she tried to get him on to the bed, however, he resisted. 'Baby, I can't rest just yet. I still have to find whoever is leaking information and the babies. I've sent the video to some lawyers and I'm waiting to hear back from them.'

'And they can still contact you later. You'd be no good to us if you become sick again. You're well on your way there now. I don't think the twins can cope with you being sick now. Especially after being with Carrie for the weekend. Please. Rest, 'she pleaded, staring deeply into his eyes. Relating her worry. Finally he sighed.

'Fine. Let me just keep everything in the safe, 'he said, relenting. Barely able to stop celebrating, she just smiled and allowed him to leave.

'Ten minutes, 'she called as she made herself more comfortable. Cursing herself for deciding to wear jeans on the flight, she struggled to get her legs out of her unresponsive legs. Sighing in frustration, she waddled to a nearby chair and finally managed to get the offensive piece of clothing off.

'What are you wearing?'Jason said, his voice caught in his throat, from the doorway. Jumping slightly, April tried to cover her legs with her jeans. She'd thought he'd take longer but maybe she's the one who'd taken longer.

'Um, why don't you go to the bed and I'll join you-'

'Are you wearing the purple set?'he cut in, shutting the door. She thought he might have locked it but her eyes were trained on his tense face. His eyes, a bright green, fairly burning as he raked her body. 'My favourite one?

just happy to see them.

'Hey, babies, 'she whispered as she ran her hand down their body, face, hair. Basically anywhere she could touch. Smoothing Daphne's hair away from her face, the long hair that was starting to irritate the little baby, April found a slight discoloration to the skin just before her hairline. There was a slight bump too.

Frowning, April untangled them and turned Daphne to her back. She barely made a sound. If April hadn't seen her chest move, she'd be worried. Even so, worry was forming when she saw the injury on her baby's head. Wanting to make sure, she lifted up her shirt and was horrified to see bruises littered all over her torso. Like she had been pinched. Turning her to her front, April's heart broke, with tears welling in her eyes, when her suspicion were confirmed and she saw more bruises. Who would do such a thing?

She inspected Tanner as well and tears began streaming when she saw the same thing on Tanner. How had this happened? Why? They had only been in the witch's hands for barely more than two days. How could she have let this happen? That witch had them for slyghtly more than six months and there was no show of abuse. This was rather alarming. Maybe it's her nanny? Even so, surely she shouldn't have allowed it to continue. The bruises were a mixture of old and newer, less than a few hours.

Drying her tears when she heard someone pounding on the door, April started packing all their stuff. Stuff that she'd sent to that monster as a sign of goodwill. Now she wished she'd fought harder to keep them from her grasp. Hearing Jason shouting, April hurried out and was barely surprised when she saw Carrie, in just her underwear set, clinging to Jason.

'Jase, we have to go, ' were her only words. Jason, seeing how distraught she was, managed to tear himself away and followed her. When he tried to talk to her, she just said, 'We'll talk in the car.'

Sending her a worried look, he shouldered the bag and took Tanner. With a warning glare to Carrie, they left that house of horrors. And, if April had a say, they were never coming back.


Once they were all strapped in the car and their bodyguards in their own car, Jason started for home but stopped when April told him woodenly, 'Bring us to the nearest clinic.'

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